Serra – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – The Cornered Rat Bites the Cat

After that.

After that, I managed to calm down from that, and I gave Olivia and Gillian a general explanation.

All of a sudden, there was a coup d’état, in which Commander Elena was assassinated, the simultaneous emergence of Undying in various places, the encounter with Meena in the town, and losing myself to the murderous urge.

“…… It’s hard to believe.”

That was the first thing she said as soon as the explanation was over.

It’s only reasonable. It’s unrealistic to be immortal, and one of them, Meena, is actually dead. If I stab my heart now, it will be proven, but if I am overwhelmed by my impulse again as a result, it would all be for nothing.

“Well, okay. You don’t seem to be lying, so I’ll believe you for the time being…… I think we’re the ones who created the tough situation.”

“……? What did you do, Olivia?”

Gillian tilts her head and asks Olivia, who awkwardly looks away.

In response to the question, Olivia blushed and began to mutter.

I was wondering what was going on, and she dropped a ridiculous bomb.

“The story of General Elena being assassinated……I am the culprit.”

“………… What?”

“Senior, this person. Let’s capture her quickly!”

My thoughts stopped at unexpected words, and Gillian approached me with a change of air.

After hearing the scream, Olivia instantly wrestled Gillian’s body to the ground, shut her mouth and silenced her.

“Hey, Olivia!?”

“Huh! Wouldn’t it be bad if someone asked me!? Sure, I tried to assassinate her, but I failed before that!”

“That’s right!? I mean, you’re loud enough to reveal big information!”

To my point, Olivia looked all around, blushed and shut herself up.

Gillian, who had her mouth closed, going ‘Mmmmm’ as she resisted, also remained silent and stared at Olivia.

Blushing as she couldn’t stand her gaze, Olivia stood up, clearing his throat.

“…Shall we change location and talk for now?”



The deafening laughter of the nun echoed.

She approached Karen, who had fallen unconscious, while taking pleasant steps just like a girl of her age, and stomped her head mercilessly.

“Kuh, kuhihi, kuhihihihihihihihi! Ah, how, how uncouth! For such a loud boast, it reached such a disappointing end!”


Hildle called Cecilia, who happily stomped Karen’s head, but she doesn’t seem to notice.

Over and over again, relentlessly stomping on Karen’s head.

It seemed as if she was venting her daily resentment. In fact, contrary to her joyous attitude, her facial expression made it seem like she was cornered.


A heartbreaking cry is raised.

It was Iris’s voice. Watching as she was hurt, and she couldn’t bear her being trampled upon whilst unconscious, and screamed unintentionally.

Iris herself has no combat experience. However, she was trained to handle guns.

That was the moment she pulled out a handgun from her bosom and aimed the muzzle at Cecilia, to at least give one retribution.

“Don’t move.”


Immediately afterwards, a sharp pain shot through Iris’s right cheek.

When she touched something, it made a very neat thin cut and there was bleeding.

Then, he finally catches the true form of ‘that’ which cut her cheek by the blood which adhered to it.

Ten piano wires. It was encircled around Iris and wrapped around Cecilia’s finger.

At a distance that will cut into soft skin if she tilts her center of gravity a little. Her body becomes stiff.

“That’s right. That’s fine. Our goal is only Celestia Valentine. So let’s quickly be rid of this woman and leave.”


Hildle once again shouts.

Cecilia turned her face to her in a panic.

“What have you been up to? Now, I begin the ritual to condemn this woman to death. Naturally, it’s an insult to ‘God’ to interfere――――”

“She’s still awake.”


At the moment Cecilia tilted her head to Hildle’s words.

Cecilia’s left leg was instantly cut off.


Cecilia was surprised by the sudden event, but her center of gravity had already collapsed and she fell to the ground.

Looking up, she noticed as Karen stood up with two Marine Swords(Cutlasses) in her hands.

She bled from her head, her right elbow was clearly facing an unnatural direction. Her legs trembled as she seemed barely able to stand, let alone fight.

However, she glared at Hildle while breathing roughly, and even a floated smile. Involuntarily, Hildle also smiled at the sight.

“That’s right. Woman, are you still going to fight?”

“…Hah, huh… I’m sure… I… I still… I won’t back down.”

“Huh. What a foolish person. But I don’t hate it.”

Their line of sight intersects. Embracing each other with hostility, fighting spirit, murderous intent, and joy.

After staring at each other for a while, Hildle whispered.

“Let’s go, woman.”


And then, the two clashed once more―――― or they were supposed to.

“Yes, that’s enough ✩”

All movements stopped.

As if time had stopped. Iris, Cecilia, Karen and Hildle.

Suddenly, then and there, they all stopped moving.

(……!? )

Karen is confused by the abnormal phenomenon.

Though her thoughts are clear, her body would not listen to anything.

It’s as if only the soul was separated from the world.

“It’s awful of me, especially in the middle of all this excitement, but I’m sorry ✩ I really just have an errand for you to handle.”

A girl appeared out of nowhere while saying so.

Blood red-black eyes and crimson semi-long hair. The girl with such a distinctive appearance is accompanied by another girl in a wheelchair ――――by Commander Elena, approached Karen.

―――― Elena should have been killed, right?

Karen is completely puzzled by the unusual situation.

“I can tell even if the expression doesn’t change at all. Why is Elena here? That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it? Talking unilaterally makes me lonely, so I’ll let you go, you know.”

Then the girl snapped her finger.

Immediately after, freedom returned to the body, and Karen lost her balance and collapsed. She stood up right away, held on to her Marine Sword(Cutlass) and became alert.

“Who are you?”

“Sakura. To be frank, the mastermind of this incident ✩”

Sakura. Karen, who was familiar with the name, traced her memory and realized the identity of the girl in front of her.

“The incident in Uls… you kidnapped Hazel Radford?”

“Such a terrible word, kidnapping. Sakura merely guided her choice.”

“…… Why is Commander Elena here?”

“I’m so glad you asked!”

Sakura gleefully answered Karen’s question.

“Well~. To tell you the truth, little Elana here, she’s not human.

“……What did you say?”

She raised her eyebrow instinctively at Sakura’s astounding remark.

Going ‘Nfufufu’ at her state, Sakura eloquently speaks, looking pleased with herself.

“It’s called a homunculus. To put it plainly, an artificial human. This is one of the dolls that Sakura made. Have you heard of it?”


She’s heard rumors that the nation was researching to build up an army and weapons to replace humans. It is said that the plans were canceled due to abnormalities in the mental structure of most bodies.

“Well, I thought that using this Homunculus would be quicker than recruiting them all one by one. In the end, only a few were successful.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t be in a rush.”

She returned Karen’s timid words with an aloof attitude.

“Well, each Undying is given the cheat ability, ‘Dominion’, but in this child’s case, it’s parasitic. She can freely override her soul with another body.”

“…… no way”

As she said that. a chill ran down Karen’s spine.

Why was Commander Elena’s abilities being explained just now? The answer is simple.

“Congratulations, Karen Dashwood. You’ve found yourself worthy of being a new vessel! From today, you’re Elena Tuberose! Your body will increase! You did it, Elena!”

Don’t play around, Karen tried to raise her voice.

However, at that time, her body had already stopped moving.

Sitting in a wheelchair, Elena’s silent eyes opened quietly.

Void red eyes that reflect nothing.

She leaned forward and wrapped Karen’s cheeks with her hands.

Her body didn’t listen to her anymore, but at least Karen glared at Elena with all her might in resistance.

Seeing this, Elena gave a bewitching smile.

Immediately after, Karen’s and her lips overlapped.


Immediately after, a scent, too strong and sweet, stimulated the nasal cavity.

Her head went hazy as though her thoughts were melting, and she was drowning in the sensual, pungent, and dangerous scent.

At the same time, a revolving light emerged inside Karen’s brain.

Her memories were changing. A girl with silver hair and red eyes — all which was Karen changing into Elena. Eroded. Her existence overwritten.

(Iris… Serra…… I’m sorry.)

At the end of the murmur, Karen’s consciousness disappeared.


“ah, ahh… no more, stop…. I’m sorry, forgive me….

After being caught by Alice and tied to a chair.

Three of Riko’s fingers had already been broken.

Her spirit had long broken, and Riko was weakened enough to reveal information without hesitation that she might beg for her release.

Riko’s hair was grabbed, as she reached such a limit.

Drawing close before her eyes, Alice says.

“Look here. This is not torture.”


“I’m sorry, forgive me, or whatever. It’s no use saying such a thing. I’m not trying to make you spit out anything.”

“Ah, ah…………No, no………”

What Alice is going to say. Her purpose.

Riko’s face, who had guessed at this, begins to turn into despair.

Alice nodded with satisfaction when she saw that expression, and began to reach for Riko’s finger.

I do it because I want to. That’s all there is to it.”

“Aaaaaaaah!! No, Stop,aaaaaaaaaaaah! Serra, Serraaaaaaaaa, help!!”

“Okay, 10 minutes have passed”

Immediately after.

With a snap, Riko’s ring finger was bent in the opposite direction.

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