Forbidden Master – Part 2/Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 – Heart

In my training with Tre’ainar, rather than fist fighting, what we worked on the most was footwork.

My leg movements, trained with the Magical Ladder training, stumbled even Rebal, a leading swordsman.

Hit & Run, centered on the left Jab, may be the fighting style that offers me the least risk.

But now I’m not running away.

I commence infighting.

Unlike Shinobu and others, it seems Mr. Aka has the power to crush the whole body with only a single blow.

Reckless, even if I say so myself.

But I felt that this range was the right choice between me and Mr. Aka.


So, he dodged this fist…eh!

“Still, somewhat within expectation!?”

“Gaaaah! Gugaaah!! Gaaaah!!!”

“Hey, no, just, time out! C’mon, wait!”

After all, it’s too scary!

Although I was putting on airs with bold words until a while ago, I will actually die if I eat even one shot.

A fist fight between friends.

Don’t evade the opponent’s attack, dare to accept it, and then strike back.

I think it’s the coolest thing, but if you take one shot, you’ll die.

Therefore, I’m reluctant to receive it, so I avoid it.

“Graaah! Ugaaaaah!! Graaaaaaah!!!”

“Gah, tch ah, Nnh, soi”

Strong and fast. However, because it is a full swing punch, I can somehow look ahead to the trajectory and avoid it, but Mr. Aka, who has lost himself, won’t stop.

I can only avoid direct hits during infights, by moving my legs in small increments, twisting my neck, or deflecting my upper body.

『Hah, not very dexterous. Tis pretty hard to defend and evade, is it not? Rather, the anxiety and withdrawal…… are you getting cold feet?』

“I, I know! Shit, aah~, damnit”

『Are you saying you will accept it then? If not, you would simply irritate the ogre, would you not?』

Mr. Aka threw a counter shot a little while ago. If I tried to swing my fists around then, the timing wouldn’t be right at all, at the time, the risk of failure was too high.

At the very least, I can’t do anything if I don’t observe Mr. Aka’s punches a little more.


“Hey, what are you doing? Kuh, I’ll soon……”

“Ha, do not make a move, Shinobuuuuuuu!”

“…… Eh?”

Even though I can’t do anything, I don’t want unnecessary interruptions.

I’m that stubborn, too.

“Th-This is not the situation to say…”

“Now is the time to say that! If you can’t even read the mood of the situation, you guys should leave!”

This is not a battle. It’s not for the sake of survival.

It is about hitting each other.

So, that’s why I have to hit him.

Don’t be scared. Put out your fists and hit each other!

『Tis so. Do not be timid. Tis easier than a spar, is it not?』

Well, if you actually fight, I think Tre’ainar would be stronger.

However, it is still different from the phantom spar and spar with 【Vier】.

It crossed my mind that if I get hit, I’ll really die.

『You said that, did you not? Tis a scuffle. Then, what do you think is the minimum requirement for such a fight?』

What is required? Technique? Physical ability? Experience? Intellect? Pride? Guts?


Tre’ainar who always explains things and convinces me with technical theories and reasoning came here and told me something invisible.

However, in my mind, I admitted that it was the correct answer.

『If this is neither a battle nor a match, it matters not whether you win or lose. What is important is to deliver your words. You may fall. Do not flee. If so, your feelings will reach him.』

Right. It’s okay to lose. Do not run.


With a snarl, Mr. Aka threw an upper.

If I get hit by this, my face will be blown off!

“What are you doing, you’ve been doing that for a while! You showed me such a super-grade thought process when we played Go, but why are you fighting with the Ogre at that distance?”

That’s why it’s so annoying!!

“Will you ‘use your head’ more!!”

Daaaaaaaaaah!!! Damnit! Whatsit, use my head?

I muster my heart, so it’s fine to use my head, right?

“Damn, it, let’s goooooooooooooo!!!”

For Aka’s upper, I avoided it by shifting the upper body…… No!

Rather step forward!

The body which tried to shift, rather recoiled and stepped forward.

I’m going to hit you.

I’ll do it.

Even if it bares desperation!



Against Aka’s upper, I pushed my face out with a lot of momentum.

As a result, Aka’s fist was thrust against my forehead, and the sound of ‘Gusha’ was heard.

“M… My goodness …. that’s not the way to use your heeeeaad!!”

I can hear Shinobu’s surprised voice…. I can hear?

If I can hear, then I’m not dead yet.

『No… does not seem so. That is the right way to use your head!』

And I can hear Tre’ainar voice. Then I …

“Tsu, Itsuuuuuuu!?”

It hurts, like my skull was crushed… But the pain means that I’m still alive.

But, just now, I heard something crack.

Then, the one that broke….


Mr. Aka roars. But then I saw it.

Aka’s fist, which hit me, was swollen.


『My goodness. Accepting an opponent’s fist with a firm forehead is one of the advanced techniques in fist fighting defense. Of course, receiving it takes its toll, but…… in the confrontation of the head butt and the fist with the whole body’s weight behind it…… you simply received your share.』

Take it by the forehead, not the face?

『Tis the Advanced technique… 【Great Demon Head-Butt!】』

I didn’t aim for it.

It was just annoyed by Shinobu’s voice.

Or, the contents of my head are pretty good…. but…… if this happens…

『A slight deviation from the forehead, and your face will be destroyed. Therefore…… what you require is excellent dynamic vision. However, on its own, tis not enough. What you most require is to thrust yourself out without fear…. heart.』

If you just avoid Aka’s fist, you’ll just irritate him.

But what about this?

Can I take it a little more… I wonder?



Aka attacks me again with the other undamaged fist.

Now, consciously, intentionally, muster the heart, and head-butt again!

“Uga!? Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!”

“Kuh, b-broken… huh…… but…… what’s going on?”

The field of view is bright red. I don’t know if my eyes exploded or if my head was cracked open and splattered covered my view.

However, that hasn’t happened yet.

Then, Mr. Aka, who should have lost his sense of self, looked at his fist for a moment, seeming puzzled by the situation.

But from there!

“I took two shots, right? Akaaaaaaaa!!”



Thrust the body and drive the upper. There is feedback. A definite rattle on the liver and jaw……


“Tsu, 【Great Demon Head-Butt!!】”

Even though my attack landed, Aka did not look frightened, and instead hit me with his broken fist without hesitation.

Therefore, I did not hesitate to thrust out my forehead.

“Wh, at… what, are we…… looking at.”

“This…I don’t…”

Shinobu seems to be dumbfounded.

Fuuma and the others look at us with dying bodies…. well, it doesn’t matter!

I hope you don’t get in the way!

Now is the time for me and Mr. Aka!

“I’ll give you one more shot, Mr. Aka! Fly to the end! 【Special Move • Heavenly Comet ―――”

And now it’s my turn. A punch with the right fist positioned between the hook and the upper, and thrown straight out from there.

It’s a smash.

My technique name is 【Heavenly Comet • Supreme Annihilation Fist 】.

However, now I don’t care about such a thing.

It’s not that the skill name is cool or terrible.

No, it’s not the time to be cool. Isn’t that right? Tre’ainar!

『Yes, tis now the time to shout!』

Therefore, I do not shout the skill name that was screaming halfway, but rather the true technique name taught by the master.

“【Great Demon Smash!!】”


At that moment, I felt like my heart was set free. I don’t care about the public eye or the impressions of the people.

If I can shout magnificently, I’ll flourish!

“How’s it going, Mr. Aka?”

With my whole body smash, Aka’s chin jumps up.

Completely defenseless…… Then, one more shot!

“Next time I’ll give you an extra punch, Aka! I’m prepared—”



However, Mr. Aka quickly repositions himself.

With an expression like an enraged wild beast, he raises one leg, swings it further, and then strikes me like he throws his fist.

My fist won’t stop.

Then ……

“That’s right, so… I guess you’re saying it’s my turn too!!”

Then I’ll take advantage of that powerful punch.

I push my fist forward and take one step further.

Me and Aka’s fist cross.

『Indeed. Go!』

I heard Tre’ainar shout in a rare fit of excitement….

“【Great Demon Cross Counteeeeeeeeeeeeer!!】”

The counter jumps into the opponent’s linear attack and strikes his fist to intersect.

If it’s true, it’s not so easy to pull off.

But I was confident that I could do it.

I didn’t blink at Aka’s fist, and I took it with my forehead flawlessly. My eyes are already in good enough shape to see everything, even if the view is dyed red.

The sensation in my fist, as I punched Mr. Aka in the face. His nose and teeth may have been broken.

『Fuhahahahaha … splendid. And….. fuhahahaha, that girl, and those shinobi are already taking their hats off. Yes, burn it in your memory, foolish. narrow humans! The world. That there is my disciple! And this is the fight!』

I can see that my heart is pounding.

I hit my friend in the face with all my might.

But now it’s Mr. Aka’s turn to hit me.

“Come on… your turn…… Mr. Aka…. Come on… Yes.”

“Guru… Garrl…… Ugoa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

Although he is a wounded beast, Aka still swings his fist several times.

Then, I’ll just….

“【Great Demon Head Bu… guo!!??”

My neck’s bent!? 

『No….. child』

Not good. To avoid being pushed by Aka’s power, I put a lot of force around my neck to perform a head-butt.

But then, I’ve been receiving Aka’s power so far…. now…… how many times?

“It’s no use. Your body is already…”

“No wonder… that physique disparity….”

My neck muscles and my head are already at their limits, and my body is in pain…. Ah …. not good… I can’t think of anything…. No!

“Thinking… Do I need to do that? All I need is heart! Even if my neck is bent, my heart won’t break! Not one crack!!”


“Even if everything is gone… From there, power will spring again!”

I naturally clenched my fists. From there, twist the fist like a drill, use the shoulders, elbows and wrists.

“Re, Really impossible. Limit. Stop it!”

Can you hear me? Limit? Don’t be stupid… After all……

“Where is written as ‘the limit’, I read ‘Start here!'”

I can’t open my eyes too much anymore, so I just punched it out.

“Even if I get irreparable wounds… Rather that than irreparable regrets!”

Instead of jumping and hitting Aka’s face…

“【Great Demon Corkscrew Heartbreeeeeeeak!!】”


I hit Aka’s left chest, in the heart.

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