Without Showing this Wound 2

Author: Mametanuki 豆狸


Because I retained memories of my successes, I was able to obtain more effective research results faster than before.

The signs of winter approaching sound in my earlobe, but both the Earl and Viscount’s food warehouses are barren.

By planting the seeds I produced and pouring magic into them, you will have enough food to get through the winter before the land is covered by the snow.

I nearly killed myself by pouring too much magic on the previous occasion. Far from being able to survive winter, the excess food was sold to the royal family and other territories at a high price, and it enriched the coffers of the Earl and the Viscount territory, yet the medicine brought to me while in my sickbed was procured by the servants and the people of the fief from their scarce income, even though they shouldn’t have had to.





My fiancé is visiting today.

Maybe it’s for the sake of meeting my sister, but he’ll be asking me for help again. Just as with the sales of flowers I made from my magic research saved the Earl’s family from collapse due to debt a few years ago… while laughing, scorning the one who might help.

Not only those two, but also my parents are present today. I was also instructed to attend. Order…… Yes, it’s an order. I guess I’m not their family.

“My Lady…”

The maid firmly clenched her fist and nodded.

Instead of a new dress that would not be complimented no matter how enriched the Viscount and Earl households become, I stepped out to the tea party in the courtyard wearing an old dress left to me by my deceased grandmother who always praised my magical power and passion for magic research.

Because the maid and other servants took particular care of it, the design never withered and it does not smell of mold despite its age.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”


The expression of the four people became distorted.

You don’t even want to see my face.

However, there is no other way. The only thing that could save the Earl and Viscount is my magic research. After the bland greeting, I opened my mouth.

“Your territory seems to be in trouble.”


Four people had dubious expressions.

My reserved tone brought up a sense of discomfort it seems.

Usually my fiancé and family address me with scornful laughter. The more I seek their love, the more they trampled on me. I raised an objection before, degrading others couldn’t be the only way to get pleasure.

“You wish for something like the flower seed I delivered to the Earl a few years ago.”


Excited, my fiancé stood up right after as my sister stared beside him.

The value of those flowers has declined in recent years, as the Earl household got carried away and expanded their sales channels, making them available in other territories.

In addition, this year’s harvest is poor. You want a golden tree as soon as possible it seems.

“I wanted to make something useful with my magic research, but it was impossible this year.”


For a moment they showed expressions of relief, afterwards their faces became furious.

Yes, they were relieved for a moment.

I want to make use of my magic research, but I don’t want to reveal the fruits of my labor. I refuse to watch as they completely devour what I’ve created by themselves. But this is a matter of life and death. Before their dread at my inabilities turned to all manner of abusive language, I smiled.

“There was no information from His Majesty the Emperor of the Southern Empire.”

“What did you say?”

Apart from my sister, the complexion of the others changed.

There were suspicions about the flower which had been given to the Earl household. It is a little more magical, and a young girl of the Viscount household couldn’t possibly make such a thing, and it is likely connected with the Southern Empire, where magical research is flourishing. It seems it was not good to gather information about the Empire for one’s desire of magical knowledge.

I’m sorry. It was all due to my ability. No, thanks to the servants and the people who collected the materials.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

I decided to wear the stigma of the traitor myself, and I was imprisoned in the high tower earlier than before.

My statement was never leaked out.

Because there was still no military funding for both the Earl and the Viscount to take in the Royal family, they had to help themselves. It was announced that I was isolated due to a mental illness. My fiancé’s marriage to my sister…. it’s highly unlikely that they could. It seemed because of the mental illness I bear, my fiancé was shunned as he tried to make more connections with other wealthy, high ranked aristocrats.


The little bird came to my prison in the high tower.

The Viscount’s territory, visible through the window, is lush in greenery.

On that day, the seeds enveloped in the maid’s fist, after she sent me to the tea party, secretly saved the territories. Of course, the servants were not affected by the poor crop and the subsequent plague. To begin with, the plague itself did not occur.

Had I only been executed due to false accusations, I would have given my fiancée and parents another seed to save the poor harvest. Because no matter how useless my mind is at understanding the logic, I’m desperate to be loved by them.

But before I died, the servants and the representatives of the territory had been killed.

Even if it was saved temporarily by the seed species, it doesn’t make sense that the servants and the representatives of the territory were eventually killed. No matter how much I can’t stop seeking the love of my fiancé and family, I am not a fool who can’t be grateful for the affection I’ve been bestowed.

“This kind of…”

I saw the seed that was in the little bird’s droppings.

I think it was in an old book in the warehouse of the Viscount’s residence.

“The flower’s infusion festers the skin, a chopping of the stem inflicts pain, and roasting the roots makes a poison that stops the heart, but boiling the seeds is said to create a drink that can heal anything, right?”


Under the influence of the study of magic, the Southern Empire, which has a deep knowledge of the other forests, treats this as a legendary plant.

“Does a stopped heart still move?”


…… I want to try. I’m not loved because I’m the kind of person who thinks about this.

I’m alone so I can only experiment with flowers and stems.

In one room in the high tower, I began to grow the plants from the south. There is a possibility of it being a completely different plant only because the color and shape of the seed are similar.


The room of this high tower which I entered myself is more comfortable than the prison in Royal Capital which I was put in when other’s accusations had me charged as a traitor.

“You came,”


Come to think of it, this little bird comes through every year, but is it the same one?



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