Serra – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – Two Maniacs

“Uh ……… a ………”

Riko fell to the ground.

The sword is pierced to her chest so that it can be sewn to the ground, and her blood continues to flow. It was strange to be alive.

―――― That’s also a life that will die in a few minutes.

“No, not… I won’t die…….”

“I’m impressed with the obsessive will to live… so persistent.”

Kirino stared at Riko, barely breathing, with cold eyes.

As a ‘vampire’, she had a principle to not kill her until she sucked up her blood, but she was tired of Riko’s obsession with life.

She pulls the sword out of her chest and tries to stab her again.

There was no emotion in her eyes. She tried to take her life mechanically, as if crushing a ringworm that had settled on her body.

Just before that.

“Hi, Kirino, too far- ☆”

The voice of a light girl who does not match the atmosphere of the scene echoes.

As soon as she heard the voice, Kirino stopped moving.

At the same time, Riko looked up and Kirino’s eyes looked back, and they both saw.

A girl with fiery red hair and blood-black eyes, Sakura stood there before they knew it.

“Ah, ‘Mother’ …!?”

Kirino cries in amazement.

And Riko’s heart suddenly jumps at the word ‘Mother’.

It was the last thing she wanted to hear right now.

Sakura approached Riko’s side while taking a light step.

“Oh it’s been so long, Riko,”

“ts!!!? No, stay away!”

“Yes, it’s been so long and yet our reunion is terrible.”

She shouted in a surprising loud voice.

But that was all Riko could do. Her body was heavily wounded. It was a situation where life carries on only through force of will. Sakura easily closed the distance.

And, with her eyes shining brightly, Sakura reached for Riko’s mouth and nose and commenced blocking her airways.

“Nuh !? Ngh ………”

“Ahahahaha! It’s great, right, right Kirino! They say suffocation is terrible, to actually feel that you’re clutching on a life gets me excited! The feeling as they desperately struggle to survive even though they face certain death, it’s irresistible!! I’m kind of getting wet.”

“The words are a little too vulgar, ‘Mother’……. it seems you know her, but who is this woman?”

“Gi-i ……… ahhhhhh …”

Kirino asked, seemingly drawn to Sakura’s merciless asphyxiation while being in a cheerful mood.

In regard to Sakura cutting off the oxygen, she tilts her head with a ‘hnn’ without paying attention to Riko’s situation as her resistance gradually falters.

“Well, that’s right, before Kirino was born. This child is, a ‘dud’ who escaped Sakura without permission a year ago.”

“Oh, this one was like that… quite an unsightly state.”

“Kirino, what an awful thing to say. Besides, even as a ‘dud’, it’s worth using.”

“Keho … Ah ………!?”

And Riko’s eyes turned over.

As it is, her body was violently convulsing.

“Eh, ah, …..phew, hmm ! …………! !! ah――――”

With a start, Riko’s body jumped abruptly.

Immediately after, Riko’s movement stopped.

“…… you alright?”

Sakura tilts her head to the unexpected situation.

She let go of her hand and released the airway, but Riko’s body didn’t move at all.

“Hey, Riko, you jerk? Don’t play around, answer me.”

She slapped the cheeks, but there was no reaction.

She looked into the eyes, but it was empty and nothing was reflected.

She put their hand on the chest. Couldn’t feel a heartbeat and the body temperature is getting lukewarm.

She touched the wrist to get a pulse. It had stopped completely.

“… Fufu, Sorry ☆ suffocating her was so much fun, I killed her by mistake (LOL).”

Sakiko laughs even though she has just taken a life.

Even Kirino could not help but feel a chill.

Ethics and human rights are irrelevant to her. If she believes it’ll be pleasant, she’ll do it without hesitation. She was such a person.

Riko’s death is not a trivial matter to her. There’sno worth in losing something with this degree of utility value.

So, again, Sakura put her hand on Riko’s chest.

And with a phrase, declared with a horrifyingly cold voice that left Kirino shuddering.

“No sleeping.”

Immediately after, a crackling! Sparks rise with a fervent sound.

Hitting Riko’s body directly, and it violently convulsed.

“Gaha!? Hah, hah ………!”

Riko recovers her consciousness in an instant, she wakes up breathlessly.

She was confused because she couldn’t understand what had happened. She had been suffering from suffocation until a while ago, but was under another stimulus.

“Good morning, Riko. Even as a ‘dud’, it’s still a ‘doll’ made by Sakura. I’ll be troubled if it breaks so easily☆”

“Hah … hah …, huh?”

“Nfufu ☆ seems your head is still slow. It’s a simple story, because you have value, I will not kill you here, and I’ll heal your wounds. It’s okay. I’ll let you see Serra when the ‘treatment’ is over.”

“Se, ra …? …! That’s right, Serra!?”

Finally, Riko regained her memory and, trying to find Serra, Riko quickly got up.

However, her dizziness took sway and she fell to the ground again.

“Goh…………!? Aaaaaaaaaaah!”

The pain from the stab wound on her chest runs through her whole body. In addition, the electric shock from before. Her heart was beating painfully, and her insides were damaged all over the body.

She felt her internal organs tremble, and a strong feeling of vomiting.

“Egu……… Oeg.”

“No, Riko is so dirty☆ don’t gurgle blood from your mouth, so disgusting ~”

Today Riko is the breath of a literal insect whose life is forcibly brought to a standstill by shock. She doesn’t even have any energy left. One step before her life really runs out.

In spite of that, Sakura laughs.

She tramples on Riko’s face and thoroughly denies her rights as a human.

“You really don’t need to be so impatient. After the treatment is over, Sakura and the others will also go home.”

“eh…. wait —-“

“Good night ☆”

Before Riko opened her mouth.

The electric shock struck again, and Riko lost consciousness.


Her teeth are gnawing deep into my throat.

However, this is not the fang of a beast. – It’s the fang of a person.


I tried to raise my voice, but it was not a scream that leaked out of my throat, but the rough breathing sound of ‘hyu’.

The throat is being eaten, and a large amount of blood is spilt. The vocal cords had already been lost.

“Heheheh, delicious, human meat.”

Meena laughs, dripping blood. I shuddered at that pure innocent smile.

She is definitely different from other Undying that have become steeped in madness and stopped being human. This child fits the condition of wasn’t raised as a human being. She was so crazy that Sakura and Cecilia’s madness seemed cute.


My thoughts were agitated by the sudden attack of pain.

I saw Meena gnawing on my right cheek. Her canine teeth pierce the flesh and chew. I’m being eaten alive by a person. I was horrified by the action that was so out of common sense.

My thoughts are stirred up. Power is lost from all over my body, and the sword which was held is let go……. No, it wasn’t the usual cowering(vacant), not simply the loss of the body’s strength. No way, this is …!?

“It seems to be working now, my poison.”


Even so. The details are unknown, but she has a poison that relaxes her body.

Perhaps this is due to her ‘Dominion’.

Then, it might be because of this poison that I’ve lost my voice.

Meena speaks to me with my flesh in her mouth.

“My ‘Dominion’, I mean, you could call it canine I guess. Because I have fangs here instead, but they contain poison within. So, if you get pricked with my fangs, the poison will spread through the stab all over your body and you will become numb.”

Suddenly, Meena approaches my face.

And then, it puts her fingers in her mouth, and spreads her own cheeks to flaunt the parts in the mouth.

Certainly, the canines affixed there had grown strangely like the fangs of the beast.


Severe pain in the right shoulder. Meena’s fangs pierce deep.

The poison spread rapidly by piercing the nerve, so my body became duller. My eyelids were getting heavy and my consciousness will fail at any moment.

I’ve lost control of my body. Still, to lose without being able to act ―――― it was when I thought that far.

Stabbed through, a thin sword pierced Meena’s chest.

“Senior… Don’t you touch my Senior!”

It was Gillian.

She barked at Meena with rage.

She pulled the sword down diagonally with her strength, cutting Meena’s body.

There is an unpleasant sound of cutting off flesh and bone.

There was no pain in Mina’s expression, as her stomach, intestines, and a large amount of blood splattered on the ground. She seemed to be wondering why the balance of her body suddenly collapsed and fell to the ground. It is natural. She lost her center of gravity because her body was torn.

“Senior, are you all right?!”

Gillian runs up to me.

I was still wobbly, but had recovered enough to stand up.

“I’m sorry, Gillian… Thank you.”

It is still a hoarse voice, but I can talk.

When I touched my throat for a trial, I was able to recover to a shallow wound. Apparently, Mina’s poison does not last that long.

However, I can’t have peace of mind. She is an Undying with a physical regeneration speed that surpasses me. Looking at her, she has already stood up without a single scar.

―――― And the actions beyond were more than enough to frighten us.

“Oh, my belly’s hungry….”

Meena mutters absentmindedly.

And, her glance turned to the large intestine which spilled from her own belly.

I was appalled when I noticed the intention of her line of sight.

Gillian, who is next to me, also noticed and her body started trembling.

“Fufu, thank you for the meal”

―――― Meena dwelt upon her intestines without hesitation.


Gillian got nauseated next to me. She held her mouth down with her hands and endured the vomiting sensation that hit her desperately.

I couldn’t even face Gillian due to her action. It’s too crazy.

“Uh huh. The meal was delicious.”

Meena looks back with a smile while dyeing her mouth red with blood.

Even if it did not come out to her mouth, her eyes said so.

―――― It’s still not enough.

“Senior, what are you going to do? She can still move!”

“…… There is a plan.”

To tell the truth, there is still the possibility of defeating her.

But it’s too high risk. I don’t know what will happen once I run it, and Gillian is going to be involved. Also, it may cause trauma to her heart.

“Gillian. I’m pretty prepared, but…… you good?”

“Eh!? Even if they say that–“


I’m fully aware that she’ll be at a loss if you suddenly say such a thing. But now I’m running out of time.

In that case, I think it’s cunning to raise my voice in that manner. The reason is to talk in the form of ineffable ignorance to the other party.

But as far as I can think now, there’s no other way. Meena is a literal monster. Then, we must fight without mercy.

“Yes, yes! I understand!”

“Yes, I’m sorry. Then do what I tell you.”

That’s what I tell Gillian.

The ‘plan’ to defeat her.

“Shoot me in the head.”

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