Serra – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Assassin

―――― Elmerado military headquarters, 3:00 pm.

“Oh, no! What’s with the fuss from a while ago!?”

The frustrated Iris curses.

There is no sign of Serra, who last night suddenly started suffering. Certainly, as an immortal, she recovers quickly from wounds, and mentally recovers from physical fatigue. Therefore, she may have decided she could move and then left the hospital without permission.

But Iris is a medic. No matter how much Serra recovers, she is still a patient, and no matter how disciplined by the military, unless Iris gives judgment with her own eyes she will not allow her to leave of her own accord.

In addition, there was another factor that irritated her.

“Oh, why can’t I connect to Karen anymore!?”

The line has been crowded for a while, so the phone couldn’t connect.

Judging from the haste outside, it seems that the departments are in contact with each other all at once and the lines are crossed.

What on earth would cause such confusion?

That was then that Iris thought about it.

“Captain Harvard! It’s an emergency.”

Suddenly, the door of the medical room opens and Karen enters.

She breathed heavy gasps as she slowly closed his distance.

Calling her under the name ‘Captain Harvard’ means she has a mission. Her being able to change standpoints between public and private quickly according to the situation is likely derivative of her being called ‘Loyal dog’.

“Oh, I’m surprised!”

“I’m sorry, but it’s tough anyway! Hurry and come along!”

“Oh, hey!?”

Iris blushes lightly as she is pulled over by Karen’s hand.

However, when Iris saw Karen’s frantic expression, she immediately asked about the situation.

“The army has been in turmoil for a while now, but… what’s going on?”

“Commander Elena was assassinated.”


She’s surprised at Karen’s outrageous words.

That’s right. The head of the country was killed, it’s too unrealistic.

However, in recent years, the number of people who were dissatisfied with Commander Elena’s policy, or rather the military’s control of politics, gradually increased. Then, this confusion which is happening now is….

“No way, you’re telling me you’ve caused a coup!?”

“Oh, that’s not true. Even within the military, there are two factions, a conflict between the Elena and the anti-Elena factions.”

“You’re kidding me!?”

“On top of that, it seems that several unidentified people are going on a rampage and causing damage in the city. This one has already given orders to my men and is ready to deal with them.”


Iris is speechless due to the stream of information conveyed one after another.

Then she started to get dizzy in anticipation of the number of casualties that would increase with this confusion.

“It’s definitely not enough to gather all the medics…”

“Oh, it’s a pretty bad situation. It’s going to be the worst civil war in history.”

If Karen’s words are true, the country itself is not functioning properly, let alone the military.

“I understood the situation, but where are you going now?!”

“A woman named Olivia Midnight.”

Karen answers briefly.

Iris was familiar with the name. One of the best snipers in the Elmerado Armed Forces, and it’s a fairly widespread name in the military.

It is true that she is the only one who can assassinate Commander Elena.

“I’ll capture and interrogate her for information. After that….”

“Jus-Just a minute! Though imperfect, you’re a Major General, it seems! Shouldn’t we move to somehow suppress this chaos?!”

Karen smiled and answered Iris’s reasonable opinion.

Iris gives up when she sees the smile. When that smile is on display, she usually doesn’t think straight.

“Well, I simply have a ‘plan’. Trust me and follow.”

“Geez, I don’t care anymore, idiot.”


―――― At the same time, in the north of ‘Warden’.

After a quarrel with Serra, Riko was walking outside alone to calm down.

That’s when she heard that voice.

『Ding-dong-pan-boing. Yes, thank you, everyone. I, Lady Sakura, here to send you off ☆』

“!? Iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!?”

As soon as she realized whose voice it was, Riko immediately blocked her ears and shouted to reject it.

She sweats from all over and tears float in the corner of her eyes. Her heart was beating so fast that she was freaking out in extreme fear.

“No way, why, mother why?”

Riko is stimulated by trauma and gradually goes pale.

She tries hard to keep her nausea down and runs away.

However, Sakura(Fiend) didn’t allow an escape route so easily.

『As I don’t have much time to introduce myself, I’ve invited all the Undying to come over. Hurry up everyone, destroy to your heart’s content ☆』

Sakura’s voice resonates again.

Before she understood the meaning of the words, the scene before her pointed out it.

She stepped on the puddle with a pulsing sound.


It hasn’t rained in the last few days. That’s why Riko was anxious about her feet.

And, Riko lowered her gaze and looked straight at it.

“Huh !?”

There was a pool of blood.

She wondered if it hasn’t been so long since she was bleeding. Strangely warm, yet intensely bloody odor stimulates the nasal cavity.

Where is the blood dripping from? Riko followed the bloodstains with her eyes and realized the origin.

In a nutshell.

A man, collapsed, with his head off.

“ts? U, ah, aaaah.”

That’s not all.

Looking around, women, men, adults, and children were all beheaded, and a great deal of blood flowed from them.

Devastated, as she stood there, she heard footsteps from the front.

“They all had delicious blood, but… well, far from Celestia Valentine.”

The voice of a young girl echoes.

A somewhat familiar voice.

Seeing the identity of the figure who appeared, Riko became paralyzed with fear.

Black straight hair with red eyes.

Wearing a red kimono and carrying a sword in her left hand.

At that time, the girl who had skewered Serra was standing.


Upon recognizing her, Riko turned around and started running in a frenzy.

All thoughts were blown away, when she remembered the blade pointed in front of her eyes.

Driven by a strong survival instinct, she desperately tries to escape.

However, my fate is not that sweet.

She heard a voice right in her ear.

“I told you, didn’t I? There’s no next.

At the moment, a pain shot through her neck.

Immediately after, she sensed severe vertigo, and Riko collapsed.

“…… Ahh?”

A warm feeling on the cheeks.

She wiped it with her finger, and the moment she caught sight of it, her spine froze.

Red-black sticky liquid.

When she lowered her eyes, a large amount of red-black liquid flooded the ground and dyed up half of her body.

“…… no, way……….”

The body temperature dropped rapidly.

Every time blood spills from her torn neck, it feels as if something is flowing out of her body that she shouldn’t lose.

Still, Riko crawls into the attempt to escape her.

“No way, I’m…… die, …..don’t, no……..”

The view became blurry.

As her consciousness began to wane, Serra’s face appeared in Riko’s mind.

―――― Yes, I cannot die here.

Attachment to life. That alone, Riko barely held on to her life.

However, the reality was ruthless.

“…… Se… ra, please, help…… me…”


Immediately after.

Mercilessly, a sword pierced Riko’s chest.


“Senior, this is risky. We can’t move forward at all!”

“Sorry, I didn’t expect this either!”

I was on the street with Gillian.

Citizens are confused and fleeing all at once. No damage seems to have occurred in this area yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

At this rate, we lost the chance to leave the boundary(limit) and it is not possible to escape from the flow of people, so we went through the back alley. For some reason, there was no flow of people here, but I didn’t have time to think about it.

―――― And I didn’t even have to think.

“… Senior, what’s that ………?”

Gillian points forward and grabs my hem with the other hand trembling.

As I was told, I looked ahead and saw the true form.

There stood a little girl.

Blue eyes that shine brightly with blond short bob hair. The tiny peek of her protruding teeth gives her a lively impression.

It was a lovely girl if I saw only this. However, the atmosphere was too abnormal.

Certainly, even if you look only at the appearance, you wouldn’t notice anything unusual. But for some reason, as soon as I caught sight of the girl, I felt an intense pressure on my chest.

“Hello! I’m, Meena. Meena Grendel I am, best regards!”

A girl named Meena approaches with a smile.

She was, to all appearance, an innocent girl. However, for some reason, I cannot get rid of the sense of danger.

And finally I notice her eyes. Her brightly shining eyes with their full glare, were gleaming as if ――――she had found her prey.

With her protruding teeth peeking out, Meena tilts her head and asks.

“By the way, dear sisters, are you good enough to eat?

“……!? This is bad, she’s, no way– “

Immediately after, Meena opened her mouth and jumped at me.

I just barely dodged her, and drew my sword, thrusting it into her chest without hesitation.

The surprised Gillian also quickly responded, and immediately pulled out a fine sword and pierced her lower abdomen.

The blood is endlessly overflowing as Mina’s body is suspended.

I felt guilty about stabbing a little girl, but soon that feeling is lost.

“Hmm? Dear sisters, I won’t die, you know?”

I feel chills in my spine.

Meena, even though her body is penetrated in two places, and yet.

She laughed.

“I can’t move like this. Let’s get this nuisance out of the way.”

Meena, as she spoke, seized the blade without hesitation, and tried to pull it out of her chest without worrying about her blood-stained hand.

Terrified at the sight, I pushed her against the wall, piercing her so as not to let her escape.

However, Meena’s smile never stops.

“Oh, won’t come loose. No other way, have to do this.”

When she said that, Meena twisted her body vigorously and tore herself out of the point she was stabbed.

Gillian screams as she sees her falling to the ground, spilling her blood and intestines.

Even though I was immortal, I was horrified by Meena, who tore up her body without hesitation.

And, Mina did not groan in pain, even though she became so tattered.

At last, I am sure of it.

“You mean… you have no sense of pain?!”

“’Sense of pain’? Like “ouch”? I don’t really get it…”

Without falling to the ground, Meena kept on chattering.

And then, I saw an incredible sight.

She was torn apart, and her wound, which makes her insides visible, is closed in an instant. Even though I could see the bones from her chest to her shoulders, it was completely restored, and the fresh skin peculiar to the girl appeared.

This girl obviously surpasses my playback speed —!?

“Hehehehe, this way, I can, how do I put it, return to the starting point.”

Meena gets back up and opens her mouth wide again.

“Well, that’s enough. ――――I gratefully receive this meal.”

At that time, I couldn’t understand what had happened.

I can hear Gillian’s screams from behind.

Deeply, I finally understand the situation through the sense of something sticking into my throat and the pain.

Meena was eating at my throat.

―――― I will know true madness.

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