Serra – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Raid ②

――――Olivia Midnight was a great sniper.

She was chosen as the right person for this mission because she had assassinated a great number of people and was recognized for her achievements.

“Su~u…… ha~a…… su~u…… ha~a……”

She puts her hands to her chest and takes a deep breath to unify her mind.

This was her routine in carrying out the assassinations, but she had less than an hour left to kill the target. Simply put, Olivia was extremely nervous.

Of course, she’s usually not that nervous. Being a sniper is an esoteric task that cannot succeed unless eye contact, timing, expected behavior of the target, wind direction and its strength, are all closely intertwined. But even with that in mind, this mission was too heavy for her.

If you succeed, you become a great hero. If you fail, you become a sinner. She came here with such a big risk and expectation.

“Okay. It’s okay, Olivia. If you do as usual, you’ll be fine.”

Self-encouragement, to further strengthen autosuggestion.

One hour left to kill the target.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, all fates are decided.


“Welcome… oh my, it’s you again.”

When I visited the military archives, a woman called me.

“It’s been a while Ms. Chizuru.”

“A long time. You never come over merely to peep.”

This person is Ms. Chizuru. The librarian of this archive.

As the name implies, she is from the Eastern Country. Her peculiar accent seems to be a dialect from the western regions of the Eastern country.

The reason for visiting the archives is simple. Looking for information about the Undying.

The principle of immortality, and how to kill them. To look for it, I search through the books in this archive. Books are the fastest way to gather information.

“I simply come here because it is necessary. I haven’t found any notable information yet.”

“It seems so. After all, it’s remarkably vast here. It’ll take about three years to completely cover this shoddy building.”

I shudder to think that I have read so many books, but I have only reached one-tenth of them.

However, conversely, the archives are full of information. One or two pieces of information about the Undying should come out.

“I want to make progress soon …”

I muttered so as I put my hand on the bookshelf.

“Oh, Ms. Serra! It’s been a while!”

The voice of a lively girl echoes from behind.

Looking back, as expected, there was a girl with peach-colored hair running toward me.

She’s Gillian Stranger. A dependable new recruit who joined the team just recently.

Then, she comes up to me while laughing.

“Is it another book? My seniors are whimsy.”

“It’s close. Also why do you approach me in the museum just to say I’m whimsy!?”

“Look, here is the ‘Data’ building. Primarily, it is a place you can use to make preliminary arrangements for an operation and learn more about the details of an incident, so you should be fond of utilizing the place.”

We were lost for words at Ms. Chizuru’s sound argument.

Then, Gillian looked startled.

“Huh, come to think of it, what happened to Riko? She usually sticks close.”

“…… Nothing really.”

I remember being rejected by Riko and took my eyes off Gillian.

Gillian grinned at me with a snap of her finger.

“If so, had a quarrel, did we?”

“That’s not it …!”

“Yes, yes, to that extent. Be quiet in the archives.”

When I tried to refute her, Ms. Chizuru stopped me.

Riko’s attitude this morning, and now Gillian amuses herself with my hurt feelings as I scowled at her.

Soon after, Gillian’s face turned blue.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I tease too much….”

“No, it’s ok. It’s no use getting angry. We both had bad points.”

This is what happened because I didn’t speak properly to her. I should have thought more about Riko.

Besides, Riko also keeps a lot of secrets from me. We don’t take it upon ourselves to have a candid conversation, even though she’s someone precious to me. I am worried.

“…… In the end, we have to talk it over.”

I don’t have that courage.

I was about to fall into self-loathing again.

Suddenly, I realized that it was noisy outside.


“What is it?”

Me and Gillian both go out of the museum.

There was confusion.

A lot of soldiers are running for a point ahead of us, and there was a heavy traffic jam. Was there any emergency?

Anxious, I speak to the man who was about to pass by.

“Excuse me, what happened?”

“Ah? Didn’t you hear!? What an outrageous thing to happen!”


“Yeah, yeah.”

And the man tells of the situation.

And to its contents.

“- – Yes?”

With excessively exorbitant detail, I inadvertently listened to the end.


The time was a little back around 2:50 p.m.

Elena was heading to her room with her maid, Rachel, while engaging in trifling conversation.

“Haha, I never tire of hearing your stories, Rachel.”

“I-I am honored…!”

Rachel blushes at Elena’s words.

She opened the door to the Commander’s room and pushed the wheelchair in.

And, after pushing it to some extent, she stopped walking.

“Thank you. Sorry for the inconvenience. I trouble you all the time.”

“Not at all! I am only glad to do it!”

“Hehe. I’m glad to hear that, Rachel.

While saying that, Elena slowly pats Rachel’s hair.

Lovingly, to dote on her, she meticulously pats the girl’s hair with care.

Rachel, just as she was, had an ecstatic expression.

“Well then, on to the ‘reward’.”


Rachel’s face is still fluttering at Elena’s words, whispered softly in her ear whilst gently exhaling hot breath.

Then, holding Rachel’s head, gently approaching her face.

Full of tension and embarrassment, but somewhat hopeful, Rachel closed her eyes.

―――― However, no matter how long she waited, the sensation never came.

Suddenly, the sound of the window glass breaking echoes.

Surprised by the sound, Rachel shook her body and opened her eyes involuntarily.

At the same time, something warm sticks to her cheek.

“- – – Eh?”

Scooping it with her hands, she sees it.

There was ‘something’ wrapped in a dark red liquid. ‘Something’ with a pink-lined, indescribable shape.

What is it? She tried to understand before her instincts would stop her. Even when she tried to think about this, her thoughts couldn’t come together at all.

That’s right, at times like this…

“Lady Elena, what is this….?”

For some reason, her voice is trembling.

Elena did not answer her question. Then, feeling the uncontrollable anxiety, she looked at her. And she realized.

―――― There was a hole in Elena’s forehead. From there, blood and plasma are constantly dripping, and a slushy brain can slightly be peeked.

“Ah, aah… no way, not like this….”

Trembling all over, far from crying, Rachel bewails.

She shakes Elena’s body many times, but there is no reaction. She put a hand on her chest, but couldn’t hear any beating.

Therefore, she understands. Even though her instincts were rejecting her, she was able to understand it easily once she recognized the reality.

Elena Tuberose is dead.

“Aaaaaaaah! Elenaaaaaaaaaah!!!?”

Shortly after, Rachel cried.

The girl she adored was easily killed.


“Ha, ha…I did it. I succeeded!”

Olivia exhales a heavy breath and trembles with joy.

There was a response. The timing was perfect. Fortunately, there was no wind.

The assassination of Elena Tuberose, the commander-in-chief of the Army of Elmerado, was a success.

Just in case, she takes out her binoculars to explore the situation.

Elena’s maid, Rachel, was crying as she held her corpse. She was not a soldier, just a civilian. It’s a pity to have a person you adore being killed in front of you, but it’s a job too, so it can’t be helped. Don’t bring your personal feelings to an assassination.

Anyway, Elena was killed. The revolution was fulfilled. We have taken the historic first step of changing this rotten country.

Olivia, filled with satisfaction and joy, saw something incredible.


Elena got up.


The impossible sight was breathtaking.

“No way, I didn’t…!?”

Due to the unexpected situation, Olivia became impatient. However, she was certainly of the timing as well as the aim. As evidence, there is a hole in her forehead.

But despite the immediate death wound, she is still moving. Alive.

And Elena turned slowly towards Olivia’ position, as if to drive her further into a corner.

She made eye contact with her through the binoculars.


Impossible. The distance is 200 meters away. Even if she knew the direction of the shot, she can’t possibly find her location.

That’s supposed to be it. She was clearly smiling her way.

“No-Not good. I have to get out of here!”

Perhaps Elena will call it in right away.

At this rate, Olivia will be caught and simply executed. She wants to avoid that at any cost.

She put down the sniper rifle she was holding, and ran out as fast as she could.


Elena was assassinated.

However, I was not much surprised to hear the news. I made contributions to their side but our relationship had no particular attachment. It doesn’t matter if the army is panicking or not. My first priority is to kill the Undying.

So I didn’t want to be involved even if I was told to find out who killed Elena, so I thought I’d ignore it and read a book.

…… That was supposed to be it.

The situation changed dramatically due to a wired broadcast that was spread all over the country.

『Ding-dong-pan-boing. Yes, thank you, everyone. I, Lady Sakura, here to send you off ☆』


“Oh, What is it?!”

At the unexpected name, Gillian leaped out of her chair and gave a cry of surprise.

Why is she here?

『Well, I can’t see my audience. I believe this sudden matter has left you perplexed, but to put it bluntly, I’ve occupied this city. From now on, I’m going on a rampage.』


『As I don’t have much time to introduce myself, I’ve invited all the Undying to come over. Hurry up everyone, destroy to your heart’s content ☆』

“…… What?”

Immediately after, the wired broadcast was suddenly cut off

Undying, all of them? No way, everyone’s coming to this city!?

“That’s bad…! At this rate, it’ll be the same as ‘that time’.”

My body was moving before I thought about it.

The opponent is unknown. Even if you wanted to rely on the army, they were in a panic over the death of the commander. It is certain that the city will be damaged. So all I can do is kill them and stop this violence right now.

I tried to run out to stop them right away. But then, Gillian grabs me.

“Wait a minute! Just now, the Commander…!”

“That doesn’t matter! More importantly, the ones rampaging in the streets! Which is more important, the life of the Commander or the life of the People?”

“Ah, that is …”

“Which is it?”

I’m stuck with Gillian, who is still lost.

She managed to cry back, under my pressure.

“The lives of the people!”

“Then let’s go stop them! I don’t know how many there are, but there must be a lot of them! I can’t do it alone!”

“I understand. Let’s fight together!”

In order to resolve herself, Gillian nodded and rushed outside with me.

We ran out to the center of the city, surrounded by chaos and atrocity.

A battle of madness and deterioration was about to begin.

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