Serra – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – Raid ①

I am immortal and will regenerate no matter how hurt I am.

Even if my arm is shredded, my heart stops, or my head is blown off, I will always regenerate. Therefore, scars and marks disappear neatly, and the body sensation returns to normal.

…… However, it’s just a matter of the physical body.

And, now in my mind, I was tormented by ‘Pain’.

“Ku, uh ……… ahhhhhh …!”

Cecilia’s ‘Dominion’, ‘Devine Punishment’. The ‘Pain’ of that moment flashed back and was assaulting my whole body.

I felt that pain for a very short period. But that little time was more than enough to afflict me.

This is a wound received by the spirit, not the body. Even if I only recall the ‘Pain’ at that moment spontaneously, I suffer it. Therefore, painkillers do not work.

“Hey——– tia——-…….. all right!?”


I can hear someone’s voice from a distance.

But before I understand whose voice that is, the “pain” robs me of my thoughts.

“I’m fi————-Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!”

I tossed and turned over and over again while raising a meaningless scream.

It’s so hot, my whole body is aflame. It’s going to burn.

Suddenly, my body is embraced by something soft and warm.

Even though I should have been hit by intense ‘pain’, I’m wrapped in a comfortable sensation. I know this feeling.

Strangely enough, the pain gradually subsides. Something hot fell on my cheek. When I realized that it was someone’s tears, my heart clenched tightly.

Finally, my consciousness fell.


When I woke up, I found an unfamiliar ceiling.

That’s right, I was attacked by Kirino and taken to the hospital room.

When I woke up, Riko was sound asleep, leaning against me. The edges of the eyes were swollen red.

After all, it was Riko who embraced me when I was hit by ‘Pain’ yesterday. Surely he couldn’t help but hugged me while I was in agony. Perhaps, she was likely tormented by the helpless feelings as there was nothing else she could for her sweetheart.

“…… I’m sorry.”

I mutter alone while gently patting Riko’s hair. I always make her suffer.

― In fact, she must be distressed to find me in tatters by the fight against the Undying.

But she told me she was put up with my selfishness. She decided to endure the sight of me in agony.

In the end, I’m just spoiled by others and haven’t done anything.

“…… Hmm”

Suddenly Riko quietly opened her eyes and raised her voice.

She stared at me with her eyes blinking, maybe she was a little sleepy.

“…… Serra?”

Good morning, Riko. Sorry, I couldn’t sleep much.

“Fah … good morning. It’s okay, it’s for Serra.”

Yawning, Riko tries to stand up.

However, she was probably still drowsy, so her feet slipped and she fell on her backside. She looked so cute that I just spilled a smile.

Sullenly, Riko’s cheeks swelled as she pouted.

“…… hummmmph.”

“I’m sorry. Come on, wash your face.”

“I will.”

Saying that, Riko stood up again and headed to the door.

Riko’s leg stopped just before leaving the room.

“…… Riko?”


So Riko turns and looks straight into my eyes.

And, cast only one sentence.

“Is it only because you want to kill immortals?”


Riko’s words stifled me.

Even without telling her the truth, I felt that Riko was suspicious. The day will come when Riko will ask questions. Even though I was aware of it, I kept putting off.

However, there is a limit, too. The day has come when I have to reveal it to her.


I tried to answer, but no words came out.

I can’t say that. You can’t tell your sweetheart that you intend ‘to kill yourself’. Just as Riko is absolute to me, I must be absolute to Riko, too.

an indispensable existence to each other. At first, it was close to a relationship that could be called co-dependence.

If I lose Riko, I will be broken, and if I die, Riko will break. It’s a more complex, distorted, and close relationship.

That’s why I can’t say it. This is not just about achieving my goals. It’s something I absolutely must not do, in order to protect Riko’s heart.

― Karen’s right, there was no doubt that we would surely collapse at this rate.

“I’m sorry…I can’t say.”


Riko answers back immediately.

I shuddered at the reaction. Unfortunately, Riko looked even colder than that.

“I agree to Serra’s selfishness……. you won’t listen to my selfishness.”

“! No, that’s why.”

“I’m sorry, let me be alone.”

With that, Riko left the room.

I’m the only one left in the room.

“I’m an idiot…!”

Even if I couldn’t say it properly, at least I should’ve consulted you.

Even if you don’t agree with me, I think we could have talked about it enough to understand.

Without that, I just ran away.

Grabbing the sheets, I get frustrated with the anger and self-loathing toward myself.

“Really, I’m an idiot!”


Elena Tuberose had her hair trimmed by her maid, Rachel Seaton.

Rachel combed her long, smooth, white hair a bit enviously, but politely.

“As expected, your feel is the most comfortable. Rachel.”

“Hah. I’m unworthy of your kind words.”

“Haha. You don’t have to be so humble.”

With her eyelids closed, Elena smiles gracefully.

Rachel, who was looking at the smile from the mirror, blushed slightly.

Then she shakes her head and bind Elena’s hair.

“Lady Elena. Is this all right?”

“I suppose it’s all right. —although I say that, my eyes can’t see.”

“! I’m sorry, please excuse my rudeness!”

“Haha, I’m kidding. It’s very well done.”

Elena still smiled at Rachel, who turned pale and apologized.

Rachel is not military personnel, she is simply a country girl who grew up in a small village. When she visited the capital, Warden, for shopping the other day, she happened to see Elena. Even though she was three years younger than herself, she was fascinated by her elegant behavior and beauty, but Elena herself approached Rachel and whispered, ‘Can you take care of me?’.

Reflexively, she nodded, ‘Yes!’, but then spent days feeling a little remorse and a strange monopoly at being alone with her.

And, at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. This time is the period she has the most desire to monopolize.

“Oh, I’m sorry. It’s about time, so would you mind leaving for a while?”

“…… Yes, most certainly.”

“Oh hoh, to blatantly show your disappointment. How adorable”

“!? Excuse me”

At the moment, Rachel leaves the room with her face dyed red.

After this, you can hear Elena’s soliloquy from inside the room. No, she’s probably talking to someone. Rachel becomes jealous because she enjoys the appearance.

However, the soundproofing of the room is perfect as it is the Commander’s room. She feels the atmosphere of the voice, but doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Thus, Rachel, envious of the speaker, ponders about Elena.

“It’s been a while, Mother.”

“Howdy, Elena. The country is running smoothly.”

The location is once again the Commander’s room. Sakura suddenly appeared by Elena’s side as she was sitting in a wheelchair and waiting for her.

“Thanks to you. Surprisingly ‘this body’ is therefore able to somehow manage.”

“Right Right ☆ Because Sakura is a genius.”

“Well, the citizens and subordinates are quite suspicious.”

There is no anger about Elena’s condition. Rather she’s cheerful.

She always displays a smile. As if to fully give exception to any other emotion.

“Ahaha, it can’t be helped. So, I’m going to carry out the ‘operation’ today, but is Serra back?”

“Yes. On the way, thanks to you, she fell behind schedule, so take responsibility.”

“Pardon me for that, I really apologize. Well, I never thought Kirino would attack without my permission.”

Sakura cackles and laughs openly like it’s someone else’s problem.

Then, suddenly, she turned to her face and reached for Elena’s cheek.

“Well then, that being the case, we shall ‘commence’ by the end of the day as planned. Hmm, if Serra can take action ☆”

“Yes, I dare say. I hope the ‘diversion’ goes smoothly, however…”

“The ‘diversion’ is frankly incomprehensible for Sakura to make use of. You’re going out of your way to destroy what you’ve built yourself, right? It’s extremely cool, but too much will be broken as well. Why is that?”

“That’s what’s been decided, right?”

Saying so, Elena is elegant.

And, she floats a terrifying, cruel, crazy smile.

“Everything, is destined to be pleasant, isn’t it?”

“You’re crazy”

Only one word, Sakura replied, and overlapped her lips with Elena’s.

They entwined their tongues and exchanged saliva and hot breath.

However, it was not possible to feel sensual about the carnal act. It would give any witness a vivid impression similar to snakes mating.

And, the string of saliva hangs between two people’s tongues as the lips were released.

Immediately after, Sakura looked like she had eaten a bitter bug.

“Uhhh. You’re a terrible kisser. You’re only trying to make yourself feel good.”

“Of course.”

Saying that, Elena smiled again.

“What I want is pleasure. That’s all there is to it.”


“Hefufufufuu Hefufufufuu”

A blonde girl happily looks down at the city from the rooftops, humming a meaningless song.

In her right hand, a Submachine Gun(SMG), on her left hand was a stuffed animal that resembled a rabbit.

Even so, the stuffed animal is full of patches, and cotton is flying everywhere.

“Indeed, Serra’s here… right?”

The girl narrows her eyes at the nostalgic name.

And, takes out a photograph from her bosom.

It is a young familiar figure with white hair and sky blue eyes.

“Do you remember me? You remember that, don’t you? I’m not forgiving you.”

The girl walks around the edge of the roof, reminiscing her memories of the past.

“Now, it’s about time.”

The girl then loads the sub-machine gun and looks back in the opposite direction of the city.

And, spreading out her hands, she loudly declares.

“Well then, Alice Westblood. For now, this town will fall.”

That was all the girl uttered – right after, Alice simply threw herself from the rooftop.

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