Forbidden Master – Part 2/Chapter 54

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Chapter 54 – Instant Defeat

“The young man talks about friendship with an Ogre… whether he’s being deceived or brainwashed, I haven’t the slightest interest.”

“He is good enough to win a game of Go against Ojou… no mere brat, that’s for certain.”

“It’s a sort of bare-handed style… a type I’ve never seen before, however….”

They seemed to be wary of me when I rose up and set up.

But they don’t want to believe me.

“However, based on the circumstances we should avoid excessive violence if possible. I will hold him down here.”

In front of me poised in the flicker stance, the masked man named Iga stepped forward.

Such bloodlust, also that weird transformation technique he used to dodge my attack, but it won’t work this time.

『Child, these ones may be free hunter, but the reality is different… do not let your guard down.』


『He is from Japone… furthermore, the transformation art he just utilized…… these are—』

What Tre’ainar felt from these guys as they were saying something earlier.

I understood that they’re not mere warriors.

To be that negligent, I still have too much confidence in myself.

“I have no grudges, but young man… if you don’t retreat, I will entertain you.”

“Oh, that’s right. Or, you guys say you’re hunters, but who are you, really? You’re a war veteran.”

“That I can’t say so easily.”

Then, Iga puts his center of gravity slightly lower.

My senses tell me he gathered enough force in order to nimbly jump out at me.

That is, nothing like this has occurred in the academy mock battle I’ve had so far, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen this posture.

And although he seems calm, he is also exuding killing intent.

“I’ll say it once more…will you retire…”

“You’re not going to listen to me, only to words convenient for you, right?”

“It appears so. In that case, then … sorry!”

The moment I refused to answer his final warning, Iga moved.

“Japone Running Art – “

Straight towards me…… Fast……?

No, it’s not. The speed itself is probably not that much.

It’s just ‘looks fast’ due to the sharpness of the run, the pace and the steps.

As he runs, he steps forward by raising the heel without bending the knees in the middle, and accelerates suddenly as you think he slowed down.

One of the steps I was doing on the ladder training. ‘The Great Demon Goose Step’.

It’s a feint.

If I can understand the theory, don’t panic and calm down……

“It’s slower compared to Rebal…”

” Goose pran — Ah …”

“I see, go.”

Anticipate the opponent’s movements and counter with a left jab to the jaw the moment he jumps in.

“…… eh?”


This time it’s not a transformation. Iga himself eats a pinpoint blow to the jaw and collapses like a puppet with a broken string.

“Ah, hey, hey, why!?”

“Eh …? Eh? Iga …?”

Instant defeat.

And the blow is obviously a shock to Kouga and Shinobu.

Now is the time!

“【Great Demon Goose Step】”


“I can do it, too….”

Run towards Kouga and cut the steps just before.

Kouga, who is still shaken, is further delayed by my feint.

At that moment, I jump into Kouga’s chest and clench my left fist.

“Fast, then, from below, or, defend!”

“Kouga, get back!”

Even though he was in a panic, Kouga managed to move his body and raise his fists.

But it’s too late.

While rushing in at the step, hit straight out from the position between the hook and upper.

I didn’t particularly reveal it in the match with Rebal, but it’s a punch different from straight, hook, upper and body.

Its name is ‘Great Demon Smash’. If it hits…

“Fly to the end! 【Heavenly Comet • Supreme Annihilation Fist 】”


『…… Why would you name a smash launched from below a comet? 』

The words of Tre’ainar, who has no sense of naming, don’t bother me, and the strikes land on the opponent’s arm as he tried to defend his face.

There was a response!

“Gah, tch, goho…”


“I-I’m alright, O-Ojou, step back! This one is…… not normal.”

However, it was not enough to knock him out because he guarded to some extent.

“Time to get serious! It’s rough, but with my art, I’ll have you!”

Still, his nose was crushed and blood flowing out, but Koga gazes at me with sharp eyes as if he is resolved rather than dismayed, and begins a strange hand movement at high speed.

『That, like a mage’s chant… tis a ‘Seal’.』


『Yes, that is the warrior from the Kingdom of Japone, who once supported humankind from the shadows in the great war…. the Ninja Warrior’s Ninjutsu!』

“eh…. “

Ah, that… it was among yesterday’s topics…… ah, that’s…

“Wind Art Jutsu, 【Spiral Maelstrom!! 】” 1[S1] 

No way, these guys were the ninja warriors that I admired when I was a kid.

But to be honest, I was still cool and calm without letting my eyes shine with longing.

It seems to be a different type of attack than our magic, but in the end it’s a wind attribute attack, right?

The whirlwind turns into sharp blades, blows all around and attacks me …

“Terra Spell, 【Kilo Mud Wall!! 】”

“You, magic!?”


The wall made from soil appears from the ground and blocks it.

And at the same time, I slam my fists against the clay wall, destroy it, and launch the fragments at Kouga.

“Stars Crust, um … ehhhhh!”

“Ts, ou, ooooooh!!??”

『To forget the name of your own special attack. Tis why I said you should employ the skill name that I put forth….』

I feel a little embarrassed by Tre’ainar’s quip, but the power is still the same.

Kouga took the mud wall fragments head on and suffered damage.

“Gah, c-curses…. cane…… boy…… you, who are you?”

Kouga is shaken with a wounded knee.

Ninja Warrior…… what a letdown!

『I would impress on you to not get carried away, but… well, far from it. At first, I wondered how you would fare, but these ones are at intermediate level. Originally, tis the height of folly for warriors who specialized in stealth and assassination to engage in battle head on. Unless you are at the mercy of an unknown technique, they are no match for the child whose power already surpasses a senior warrior….』

Then, at Tre’ainar’s words, my dominance turns into conviction.

Should be fine. If this is the case, I’ll be at Aka’s place soon….

“Amazing… surprise peach on a Sichuan shrub tree…… that’s how much.” 2[S2] 


“To defeat Iga with a single blow and overwhelm Kouga. Not only Go, but also unexpectedly strong … aren’t you my ideal type?”

At that time, Shinobu who had fallen back a little from our attack and defense, came out with a smile that I couldn’t imagine from her expressionless face when we first met.

“Oh yes, that’s right. Not in this situation…. and if my chest was bigger to start with, I was so excited that it was finally time to be popular.”

“Huh? …… u-umm, really, what a shame. But if you bet on the possibilities of the future, you can do your best, right?”

“It’s fine. Even if I desperately give it my all from now, I can’t reach my ideal bust size.”

Two of her companions were down, so I thought she would be more distressed, but Shinobu, to my surprise, came forth with some joy.

“I’m sorry, but now I’m a man who prioritizes friendship over women… Don’t interfere!” 3[S3] 

Even so, this girl, to tell a joke in this kind of situation, it is very different from the bored doll appearance she had in town…… uh huh? Lady, you’re joking, aren’t you? Eh? Who’s your type? Me? Oh, it’s okay, isn’t it? That was like an empty compliment, wasn’t it?

In the past, Sadiz and the Princess would tell me, ‘Be careful of the woman who seduces you as the son of the hero in her aim for money and status’, ‘The Honey Trap’, and such. I’ve been told not to be deceived by the words of such women, and that I have a soft spot for girls with such allure.

But, eh? She doesn’t know that I’m the son of a hero.

Me? This girl, might be flat as a board, but she has a pretty face, and if she’s really interested in me… eh? What should I do….

『Oi, why the agitation. Never mind that…… you best believe the crucial moment comes after this.』


No, I thought by some chance my time really came, but I got Tre’ainar’s advice in a slightly serious tone.

Crucial moment?

“Ach, O-Ojou…”

“Back away with Iga, Kouga. I’ll handle this.”

What? She wants to go one-on-one with me, even though the two old men are done? A girl the same age as me?

No, well, even though she is a woman, if her power is the same class as the princess, this confidence is also……

“You’re proud of your ability to defeat two of the Chunin…. Then, next…Why don’t you feel the power of Jounin?”

“Joe nin?”

“I may have been overwhelmed on the board, but it will not be that easy with combat, will it?”

Saying that, Shinobu takes out a small sword and sets it up at me.

I again get ready with the Great Demon Flicker as well.

“Now then, let’s communicate through bout, instead of on the board. But, it’ll be accompanied more or less with pain, right?”

“Ah, scary. Would the pain of your first time hurt more, I wonder. Would you like to receive lessons in both, I wonder?”

“What? Wh-Who knows…. I-I am undyed by such matters…… mo-more important is…… Friendship. Hand-holding…… Exchange diaries and such….”

“……… You…… are still budding.”

The real player of the previous game was Tre’ainar.

So, this is the first real showdown between me and Shinobu.

But first, I have to try to disrupt her pace…. then, knock her down fast, end it quick and off to Mr. Aka’s place!

 [S1]The move name, 鳴門渦巻, is literally Naruto Uzumaki! BELIEVE IT!!!


 [S3]Be Gone…

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