Serra – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – Discrepancy

“Kahya… Kehu.”

Hazel coughs with a strained voice from her throat.

From the chest down, she couldn’t bear to see it. Everywhere, the skin is shredded, and there are parts where you can see muscles, internal organs, and even bones. Every part had a human bite mark.

“Alright, Cescy, Meena. That’s enough ☆”

Sakura her palms together and remarks cheerfully.

At the signal, Cecilia, who was cutting flesh, and Mina, who was eating flesh, stopped.

Both were Hazel’s flesh.

“Y, you… I’ll, abso, lut… will, kill you. Gaha, Gaha. I’m going…. to kill, will, kill, I will kill you.”

Even though she was so tattered, Hazel is surprisingly conscious.

She stares at the girls in front of her, and continues to spit out the curses with her faint voice.

Seeing this situation left Sakura in good spirits.

“Ehehe, that’s amazing. I can’t believe you can stay sane even at this point. No, you’ll go insane before long, won’t you ☆.”

The experience of one’s body being cut down and eaten while alive cannot be endured by a normal person. Most of the time, you just lose consciousness or your spirit breaks.

But, the personality of the girl called Hazel Radford is sustained only by hatred. The more the flesh is cut and bitten into, the more her hatred increases and her self-control. It’s as if she feels strongly about a loved one, however Sakura and the others engraved strongly into her memory a vector of the opposite emotion.

―Already, her spirit has reached the dimension of madness.

“Kill, you…. Ce, cilia, Serra too, and Mee, na… hate you all…. I’m going to kill you, kill you, I’ll kill you….”

“Ufufu ♡ how dreadful, such hatred. That’s nice, let it seethe why don’t you? It was worth testing this, too.”

Sakura gently hugs Hazel’s body and pats her hair.

With her lips gently approaching the ears, she whispered sweetly with a hot breath.

“Go ♡”


― What happened to me?

Certainly, I met a girl….

The child is immortal, the same as me…

Then, my blood pierced my entire body.!?


I jump up with a cry.

I looked around with a confused head, but I was in a white private room, not on a flat road where there was nothing.

I find Riko in the room.

For a while she blinked many times and was stunned, but eventually she burst into tears.


I was suddenly being hugged.

“Wow. Hey, what’s going on, Riko?”

“Because, Serr, Serraaa! I’ve been worried, you wouldn’t wake up!”

Riko is crying.

As Riko continued to cry like a child, I gradually began to understand the situation.

This is the hospital room of the military headquarters. Perhaps I was carried while unconscious. I seem to have fainted for a long time, and it was already night when looking out the window.

“That’s why I told you. If it’s about this level, Celestia is safe. Usually she regenerates even if cut or shredded, so it doesn’t matter how much she bleeds.”

This time there was another woman’s voice.

When I raised my face, Iris was sitting at the opposite desk. Unlike usual, she is wearing glasses. This is her appearance during examinations.

Riko rebuts Iris’s words with tears.

“But Serra didn’t wake up all the time…. Even if she’s immortal, I didn’t know how far it would go….”

“Riko, calm down. I’m to blame for not explaining properly. I’m sorry.”

Riko is… we are together, but we have a lot of secrets that we hide from each other. Strictly speaking, we’re not keeping it a secret, it’s just an implicit understanding that we don’t pry into each other.

Especially Riko’s past, and that I am immortal. So I only know her past to the extent that it was tragic, and Riko has only a vague idea of my regeneration and immortal life.

That’s why Riko must have been anxious about me not waking up.

“I’m sorry I made you worry. As you can see, it’s okay now, right?”


When I hugged Riko and pat her head many times, she gradually calmed down, and at last she stopped crying.

Iris, who was watching it, sighed with a big ‘Ah!’.

“This is a hospital room. If you’re flirting, go outside.”

“What …!? I don’t mean to do that! I mean, I can’t move because I’m anemic.”

It’s good that I regained consciousness, but I’m dizzy because the blood hasn’t been completely regenerated yet.

…… that little Undying, a terrifying enemy. I don’t know how far the effect of her ‘Dominion’ will be, but if she can manipulate the blood of my whole body with just one lick, I won’t be able to cope with it at present. To fight an enemy that can move at high speed without damage. It is very incompatible with me whose tactic is to take advantage of my immortality and push in from the front.

When I was pondering, I heard a knock.

“This is Major General Dashwood. Excuse me.”

Karen comes in while announcing herself.

She looked at me for a moment, and lost her expression for a second, but immediately returned to a meek face.

“Oh, Serra. I’m sorry to wake up with all the trouble, but I have to report the operation.”

“Just a minute. Celestia is at rest now. No matter how immortal you are, don’t overdo it.”

Ms. Iris drew closer.

At her remark, Karen goes ‘ah’ and scratches her head with an awkward face.

“I’m sorry, I know that, but it’s on the orders of the Commander. To put it bluntly, she’s close and will be here soon.”

Commander Elena Tuberose is supreme commander, the commander in chief of the Elmerado Armed Forces. In a word, the head of the army and the de facto head of state.

It is not possible to refuse an instruction from the highest person in power no matter how much rest the body needs. Iris seems to have given up with a sigh.

“All right. Celestia, please don’t overdo it. If you feel worse, stop answering right away.”

“Yes, I know.”

Iris’s attitude is cold, but she takes her patient’s treatment seriously. For better or worse, she is a realist, so she can make calm and rational decisions more than anyone else. She has a foul mouth but is a kind person who would worry about you.

I told Karen I was still anemic and can’t move, but I said that I’d talk, and she left the room for a few minutes.

The door opens again, and Karen and the girl in the wheelchair enter the room.

A girl with white hair with eyes always closed.

Only she is the Elmerado national army Commander-in-Chief, Elena Tuberose.

Surprisingly, she is only thirteen years old. Moreover, her body seems to be considerably sickly, and her inability to move her legs imposes her life in a wheelchair, and her vision is also lost. That’s why the eyelids are always closed.

The public is not informed of the fact that she is leading the army. No wonder. If it turns out that the one running the country is a physically challenged girl who hasn’t been in her mid-teens yet, it would cause a mess.

But certainly she is the Commander. She gives precise instructions to the military to ensure that the country grows. Still, there is a conspiracy theory about a strong staff backing her, and that she has been in politics for generations by moving her soul to other bodies.

“Thank you very much, Ms. Valentine and Ms. Akasaki.”

Commander Elena, who opened her mouth, speaks calmly.

“First of all, I want to honestly express my appreciation for you being able to come back here. Regardless of the success or failure of the operation, I will not waste valuable forces…… extremely, although it seems the details of your current state is far from flawless.”

“I’m sorry.”

I bow to Commander Elena’s point.

Nonetheless, I could not predict that I would be attacked by an Undying on my way home, and the opponent had overwhelming power. We are not used to combat and not strong enough to deal with sudden attacks.

“Well, it’s strange to go that far without bearing fruit. Raise your head. Please report on the results of the operation, you may take your time.”

Commander Elena smiles elegantly.

I told Commander Elena about the confrontation with Cecilia the other day. I met Hazel along the way. Had a fight with Cecilia. Being defeated by her. And hazel was taken away.

Commander Elena, who heard my report in its entirety, nods.

“I see… It is very unfortunate that the general public has been involved. But of course it’s important to grieve for her, but you can’t look down forever. You both know that, don’t you?”


I and Riko nod to Commander Elena’s words.

Commander Elena smiled with satisfaction and continued.

“…… So who is the immortal that took her?”


The unexpected question involuntarily left me at a loss for words.

The person named Sakura did not talk to Riko either. I don’t want her to get involved because I’m a target of personal revenge, and I don’t want her to know much.

However, keeping silent about the person who caused the failure of the operation is irrational and would make me suspect. It is against military code to bring personal feelings into military affairs.

I have no choice but to mention her name.

“The name of the Undying is Sakura.”

“! “


In my response, Commander Elena and Riko each reacted differently.

Commander Elena twitches her eyebrows, and Riko shouts reflexively as if something occurred to her.

No, Riko really had any idea and came closer to me.

“Hey, Serra! What do you mean, Sakura!?? Why did her name come out there?!”

“Eh, Riko?”

Riko frantically asks me in a panic and grabs me.

This is the first time I’ve seen Riko like this. Sure, she’s emotional, but I’ve never seen such an expression that mixed up anger and fear.

What’s her relationship with Sakura? As I tried to ask Riko back….

“Hey, why don’t you both stop?”

Karen’s voice echoes.

“You’re reporting to the Commander now. Have your private talk later.”

“I’m sorry….”


I immediately apologized to Karen, and Riko left me without saying anything.

Commander Elena stared at the situation with a smile, but the woman who was taking care of her approached her ear and whispered softly. When she heard it, Commander Elena erased her smile and opened her mouth.

“I’m afraid it’s time. It’s a shame that we didn’t get Cecilia in this operation, but let’s take the next opportunity. Ms. Valentine, and Ms. Akasaki.”


“…… Yes.”

When my name was called, I immediately replied, but Riko was late in answering. Seems she had been thinking about Sakura.

Commander Elena continues to talk without any particular blame.

“I will not specifically be punishing you. Now slowly stretch your wings and rest.”

“Thank you very much.”

“But I’ll make use of you. Don’t forget you’ll all be in that position.”

“I know.”

After all, from her point of view, I am a convenient soldier who never dies.

But this is the path I chose to get the chance. The way to get revenge on Sakura and finally my death.

Therefore, I accept Commander Elena’s words without objection.

“Very well. Then I’ll leave it to you. Good luck, everyone.”

Finally, Commander Elena smiled gently and was pushed by the maid serving as a caretaker, and left the room.

Iris, Karen, and Riko, who are still silent, remain.

“Hey, Riko. What you just said….”

It was time I put my hand on her shoulder to find out the truth from Riko.

“I’m sorry, forget about that. I’m going outside to get some air.”

“Oh, but…”

Forget it.

a clear rejection

I keep silent in the atmosphere which does not make it say whether or not. Riko passed by me and left the room.

“…… Hey. Did you tell Riko properly?”

Karen, who was watching us, asks.

It’s about my purpose. I had never spoken to Karen directly, but she seemed to have noticed it.

“…… no”

“All the same. You know, not explaining things is half-hearted, as it is you’ll keep passing each other and you’ll both collapse.”

“I know, but…”

I can’t say it.

You can’t tell my sweetheart, ‘I’m fighting because I want to die’.

“If you procrastinate like that, it will eventually collapse. I’m not saying right now, but talk to her as soon as possible.”

“………… Yes.”

I give a solemn reply

I was not prepared to make that choice.

“…… ridiculous.”

Iris mutters softly.

Really, I’m an idiot. In the end, I don’t have enough courage to bother Riko.

There was a heavy air in the hospital room.


“Hah…… Sigh…… tch!”

Riko was in the private toilet room.

Her face is blue as she frantically suppresses her nausea while turbulently breathing.

After hearing Sakura’s name, her past(Trauma), which had been sealed, resurfaced. The scene from that moment flashes back in her mind many times.

The body of a messed-up girl. The spilled intestines, squished flesh, the insects that keep flying around them.

The cry of a heartbreaking girl, the echoing sound of blood and flesh, and the laughter of a crazy woman.

Intense pain, deep scars, impacts, and bruises all over the body.


She suppresses the screams that have risen from her throat and spits out gastric fluid instead.

Riko then remembered Sakura and her elder sister’s smile in her mind.

“Why? Why did the name of Okāsama(Dear Mother)come out there?!”

However, the smile of her ‘Elder sister’ disappears immediately, and Sakura’s mad laughter remains.

She threw up the vomit which had flowed back again.

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