Serra – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Little Girl

—Three days after the battle with Cecilia.

“Hey! And so, we’ll have to walk home!?”

Riko shouts as she walks along an empty flat road.

“It can’t be helped. I never thought the rail tracks were broken.”

I answer to appease her.

However, Riko’s anger did not settle with that extent.

“But it’s weird! I can’t believe the entire line across the bridge collapsed! Someone absolutely blew it up!”

“I certainly think the disconnection at this time is unnatural. I think it’s an obvious human factor, but if it is, isn’t that an act of terrorism?”

It is true that the situation around the Elmerado region is not ideal, and there are not a few who are dissatisfied with the military’s direct governing of the country. I think it’s too much to destroy the rail tracks, which are the lifeblood of travel.

However, I have no idea who the culprit is.

“He’s the only one who can do this… but what is it for? No, he’s doing this without any special purpose …”

“So, what have you been muttering about Serra for a while? If I had an idea, I would be plenty worried as a sweetheart.”

Riko suddenly peeks dubiously at my face from beside me.

It’s so close! And her emphasis on ‘sweetheart’!

“I-It’s not like that, okay? First of all, you don’t have to say ‘’sweetheart’ that strongly here.”

“You’re obviously upset. Besides, being my sweetheart isa fact, sweetheart.

“It’s Riko’s strange remarks that I’m upset about, and don’t stress ‘sweetheart’ out twice!”

My body temperature rises. I’m sure my face is red now.

Yesterday’s date was also pretty embarrassing. No matter how tolerant a country is to homosexuality, it’s not like you can walk hand in hand on the street, drink two straws in one cup, or get kissed while giving a lap pillow on a park bench. I was utterly delighted and bore so much good fortune!

“Hey Serra, such a smiling face”

“Oh, shut up! Look, I can see the wall!”

Saying that, I point to the distance and tried to gloss over her statement.

There was a huge wall ahead.

Only the city in the interior of ‘Wall’ is the capital of the Elmerado militant nation, ‘Warden’. Naturally, because a military base is located here, the town is enclosed by a ‘Wall’ which extends as much as 50 meters so as not to be easily invaded. I wonder how such a huge structure can be erected as a whole, but the country was so powerful that it could carry this out.

“Even if you can see the wall…. it’s just coming into view. How much longer?”

“About two hours?”

“Too Faaaaaaaarrr. Die, my feet will die first!!”

“I usually walk here for about five hours. We only started walking from Uls recently, didn’t we?”

I pat Riko on the head and start walking.

Even my feet are cramped. I want to rest now, but we can’t deviate our plans.

There’s a lot to do — reporting to the military, collecting information about the Undying, and training for the next battle. We must not repeat our previous mistakes. We must kill the Undying and not create any more tragedies.

And, eventually, I must die.

I was pondering while hearing Riko’s complaint.

“In the first place, the problem is that there’s nothing around here! At least if the scenery changes, I’d feel like walking a little more.”

“Riko, wait!”

I held my hand up in front of Riko who kept complaining, and urged her to stop.

A little girl was coming from the other side.

Long black hair with long straight bangs and red eyes. She’s wearing a pair of wooden shoes with slightly higher heels, and approaches with stiff footsteps. She was a young girl who looked less than ten years old from the appearance.

It was a rather strange appearance, but most of all, it’s characteristics….

“What, those clothes……?”

It was a garment of indescribable shape with a unique pattern. The material seems to be made of silk.

However, Riko seems to have had an idea.

“No way, kimono”

“Kimono? What’s that?”

“It’s clothing of the eastern country. That dress is common over there.”

Indeed, then you can understand that unique bangs and hair color.

It is said that there are a lot of people in the eastern country with black hair. Perhaps, shoes of that peculiar shape are generally worn there as well.

If so, why is a child alone here…?

While the two of us were confused, the little girl came to our side.

“Good day,  Onē-san(Elder Sister).”

The girl bowed and greeted her.

It seems that she was well-educated from her politeness.

I was a little surprised, but I also greeted the girl and asked her questions.

“Err, hello. Why are you alone? You’re…… not lost, are you?”

It was obviously strange that a young child was walking alone, but she was so calm that she didn’t seem like a lost child.

While talking to the little girl, I remembered the day I met Riko somehow and felt nostalgic.

However, the child did not answer me. She smiled gently, approached my ear.

And whisper sweetly.

“You’re Celestia Valentine.”

“Riko, stay back!!”


As soon as she heard the girl whisper, I screamed and pushed Riko’s body away.

Immediately after, blood gushes from my neck.

A warm, bloody splash descended on my cheek.

I experienced intense vertigo, my defense collapsed and I fell.

Where I fell was not hard ground, but very warm fluid.

Its entirety, was my blood.

“Eh… Ah…………?”

Without understanding what happened, my thought becomes vague.

If my focus falters even a little, it seems I’ll lose

I managed to raise my face and look at the girl.

I saw a sword. A large amount of blood adheres to the blade.

The child licked my blood until she writhed

“Delicious! It’s so delicious! Your blood is superb, Celestia!”

“You are…! No way …!”

“Fufu, sorry, for my late introduction.”

The little girl smiles and bows her head.

Her smile exudes innocence as well as inconceivable madness.

“My name is Kirino(Misty). Like you, I am immortal.”


Why such a young child!?

To such incredible words, I gave up thinking any more.

I could not recognize the girl in front of him as an enemy.

“I have a strong urge to take in blood. It’s a bit aggressive, but I’ll have your blood.”

“Hold on, wait-.”

The words did not follow.

Something penetrated my whole body.

Literally the whole body. Something went through everything.

My view is dyed red. I can’t hear anything. My mouth is filled with the taste of iron.

I soon knew it. I understood her ‘Dominion’ instantly.

As soon as I understood, my mental tolerance was beyond its limits. It is not comparable to the ‘Pain’ I received from Cecilia before. It’s more horrible and painful.

Soon, I lost consciousness.


“Serraaaa —!”

As soon as Riko was blown away, what came into sight was Serra, blood squirting from her neck.

A large pool of blood is gathered at Serra’s feet, and she fell down in it.

She knew right away who did it. It is a little girl with a sword in her hand.

She licks Serra’s blood and smiles insanely.

“How dare… Serra ――――!”

It doesn’t matter if the opponent is immortal or that she is weak. A dear lover was cut. Riko ran to the young girl without hesitation.

However, the will to fight was lost soon.


The little girl muttered something.

Immediately after, Serra’s body is skewered by bright red spears.


Involuntarily, Riko stops walking.

And, the child loquaciously revealed the true nature of the spears.

“My ‘Dominion’ is coagulation. It is the ability to solidify the blood once licked and manipulate it freely. A little while ago, I got your blood, so I turned all your blood into spears. Heh, how is it, the feeling of being skewered by your own blood? …… Most of all, you probably can’t hear me anymore.”

“Ah!? Ough… Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuugh!”

These spears are all of Serra’s blood. Once Riko understood, she vomited.

Systemic blood. In other words, Serra is in a state of being penetrated all over her skin.

Serra, who is immortal, probably did not die even in that state and was conscious. However, even if she was conscious, could she understand her state and keep her sanity?

It seemed crazy just to imagine. Vomiting does not stop still after all the content in the stomach is thrown up, and the stomach fluid continues to come out.

“Well, now you’re unconscious so I will have your blood.”

Immediately after, all the spears that pierced Serra’s body liquefied.

Serra’s body, which was caught in the rain of blood, was dyed red.

The little girl approaches Serra whose body does not move even a twitch.

“Heh, oh, your blood. It’s so sweet. Hehehe, it’s been a while, such delicious blood.”

The girl gently strokes Serra’s neck while licking her tongue.

Then her mouth approached to suck at it.

With a dry gunshot.

There is a hole in the girl’s left shoulder.

“Don’t touch Serra!”

Riko, while holding a handgun, gives an angry yell.

Her face was blue and her body trembled all over, but she couldn’t yield even if she had to force herself.

“Ah, took great pains to find a good spot. You spoiled the fun.”


When Riko saw the girl’s face, she became terrified.

It was expressionless. Nothing was reflected in the eyes.

“Celestia and I have urgent business to attend to. Do not get in my way.”

Immediately after, there was a short, whistling sound.

The next moment, the blade was approaching her eyes.


She can’t react at all. It ends here with no time to have any feelings.

So fast. A swift death, with as much care as one would give a louse while trying to omit even a little wasted time. Riko was only recognized to that extent by the child.


Riko finally had a fear of death when the blade stopped just a few millimeters away.



The child clicked her tongue while Riko raised her voice.

She returned her sword to its sheath and looked back.

“Unfortunately, it’s time. I’ll forgive you for today.”

With that said, the girl turns her eyes only to Riko.

There was a clear and strong murderous intent in the eyes.

“Just remember this. —There’s no next.”


Riko could only breathe.

At the next moment, the little girl was nowhere to be seen.

“….Yes, Serra!?”

Riko was stunned, but immediately her wits returned to her and she ran to Serra.

Serra, dyed red with blood, had not opened her eyes yet.

“Serra, Serra! Hold on! Please, wake up!”

Serra did not regain consciousness even as she desperately shakes and calls out to her.

Serra is immortal. No matter how shredded her body is, no matter how it is blown away, it will heal.

But Riko doesn’t know how the immortality works. The flesh had regenerated, but they have neither tested or seen what would become of the lost blood.

— Serra may possibly die.

“No, no, no! Serra, please answer me!”

Serra doesn’t wake up no matter how much Riko shakes her.

Riko, her body in tears and trembling, recalls the contents of her luggage.

“Th-That’s right, smoke bullets…”

It is still far from Igladosil. But if you can see the wall, you might be able to see the signal.

Riko put the smoke bullets into the gun with her trembling hands and fired at the sky.

Red smoke immediately blows up into the sky.

“Please. Somehow, please help Serra…”

Riko is not especially religious. However, this time she had to pray.

Believing that someone would come to the rescue, Riko kept calling out to Serra.

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