Forbidden Master – Part 2/Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 – Offering


Honestly, there are too many types.

Bite size. Chocolate —fruit-ones, in the hall.

“Which one is better …”

I didn’t hear of Aka’s taste.

For a while, I stared in front of the sweet cakes lined up in the cake shop in the town.

“Hey, Tre’ainar. Do you know what ogre’s prefer?”

『I am not privy to that much. However, if it is a cake, the standard might be strawberry shortcake. But he also said he wanted to make it himself. Then, I would not want to dismiss pound cakes and cupcakes, but….』

I don’t really know about the types of cake.

Sadiz made everything I ate while saying ‘So Good, So Good’, but the types…… I don’t know.

“Hey, Tre’ainar. You’re…… no way, sweets, cooking… you’re familiar with food.”

No, even if you don’t use ‘no way’, if you’re a trainer……

『Well, I may look like this, but in the past… I managed the Demon Kingdom’s Gourmet Sorority and pursued the ultimate cuisine. Tis said to be the authority of the gastronomic world, especially the tongue of demons ……Devilitan—』1[S1] 

“Oh, yes.”

I thought it was something like that. Really, this guy has everything.

He’s not the Great Demon King. He’s a Superhuman.

“We have 100,000, so it should buy a lot in the Imperial City. In the first place, Mr. Aka is so big that he’ll eat a lot.”

『Yes, tis so. And why not go to a bookstore and buy a book on how to make cakes?』

“That’s right. All right, excuse me! The line-up on this shelf, give me all of it please!”

『…… Oi, I thought about it when it came to the books, but I think you should also learn a little about the financial sense, right? Well, this time tis fine as you are using it for other, but…』

Financial sense? That’s rude. I’ve got that kind of thing, too.

“Oh, all that?”

“Th-That’s right. I have the money.”

“Oh, is that so? All right, I’ll pack it up and prepare it, so wait a minute.”

“Oh, then, can I get you a small cake and some milk while I’m waiting?”

“Yes, of course. There’s a chair and a table outside, so please.”

The money I spent this time is for Mr. Aka’s sake, and I’m not going to use it all at once and go bankrupt.

That’s why I made the cake I eat reasonable in quantity and price.

But even so, this fund of 100,000 is still my entire asset, and if I use it as I want, it will be gone in an instant.

“Really, I’m not aiming to live in luxury, but… from now on, I’ll have to think about money a lot. I never thought I’d be unable to even work as a hunter.”

『Certainly. Well, in a bigger city, or if you go to another country, there are plenty of other work, playing games for stakes, gambling, fistfights, bodyguard, nightlife and so on that you can do without the need for such identification.』

“Underworld occupations… I feel like I’m getting more and more tainted.”

Nevertheless, life from now on…… if I can’t go back to the old days anymore, you have to think about things to live and to eat.

It might be necessary to do some unscrupulous work that doesn’t matter what you are.

It made me feel a little bit more sensitive.


『Hmm, if you do not like anything other than a privileged environment, tis much better to seek a compromise with your parents and the world from the beginning, apologize, and return to the Empire.』

Tre’ainar said that to take advantage of my depression.

『I believe this is a good experience. Those who see only the world’s surface and the beautiful things are, after all, thin existences of peace. The front and the back. By knowing the dirt of the world and people and growing on it, the answers you give one day will also weigh on you.』

And, he’s saying that this situation now is another way to raise yourself.

『You once said. ‘I want to be a man who can go anywhere’. Then you should go. And now is the time to learn of what you cannot see and cannot experience just by living normally. Even if the world is generally a corrupt world… a man of strength can shine in such a world.』

Know both front and back. That’s what it means to cross the world. To know the world.

“Ah. I… somehow… I feel like I understand. At least, if I were the way I used to be, someone like Mr. Aka…. if we hadn’t talked, I would have known that there was a guy like him.”

『Oh… that is so.』

I think that falling into this situation is an opportunity to experience various things.

It’s not just positive thinking, it’s all about a brighter future.

Tre’ainar’s words convinced me.

“Shortcake and milk. Here you are.”

“Ah, thanks”

While we were talking, a cake shop attendant brought me cake and milk.

“Well, I’ll take some sugar and clear my head for the time being.”

『Hmm, sugar is best for a tired body.』

I’m a little hungry, and I pick up a fork and try to poke the cake.

At that time, I was worried about something.

“Hey, Tre’ainar… Well, you know…I’ve never cared….”


“You’re dead, but… are you feeling hungry, thirsty, or want to eat something?”

You’re already dead, so you won’t starve to death.

However, if you can read a book or feel bored, I felt a simple question about such hunger so I asked.

Then the trainer gave it a little thought, but immediately shook his head.

『Hmm… certainly there is no such desire. For instance, if there is an unknown food, I may desire to know the taste later…』

“I see…”

『Ah. So do not worry about such trifles.』

Don’t worry, Tre’ainar says.

In fact, when I was eating a meal in the mansion, I was with Sadiz, and I was so obsessed with training that I wasn’t worried.

But now I’m out in the outside world, and I’m already with him.

And, even if last night was an exception, I’m the only one who ate a dish outside.

Something is a little lonely, too……

“……excuse me.”

“Yes, sir.”

Once I realized, I called the clerk.

“Cake and milk… can you bring me one more?”

“Oh… Refill…… is it?”

“Oh, well, like that.”

I was asking for another set of cake and milk.

Rather than a refill, it’s more like for ‘one more person’…


“…… No….. I know you can’t eat it, I know there’s not much meaning, and it’s a waste of money, but… I’ll eat it later …I feel like it.”

It’s an offering. but … well … let’s enjoy just the mood.

A little weird, but I also ordered ‘Tre’ainar’s Portion’.

Then, Tre’ainar laughed with his nose…

『Hmm. Even if you don’t do that… in the dream world of 【Vier】, if I restore my senses and embody what you have eaten in the image, I could eat it.』

“Oh, is that right!?”

『That it is. If I encountered an ingredient I was interested in, I was thinking of having it done.』

“…… Well then…… this is…”

『Simply a waste of money. I care not for the cake you eat, nor is the milk tantalizing, rather, coffee is the better option. If you intend to spend that much money, buy a book.』

“Oh, uh, that’s right, I’m sorry! Geez, I wasted money …”

It had no significance. Tre’ainar laughed at meddling, making me turn away with embarrassment.

But to me, Tre’ainar…

『Well…it may not mean much, but… the ambiance… if only your feelings, I appreciate and gratefully accept it …』

Taking me into consideration, for a moment I felt really embarrassed, and I tried to gloss over it by shoving the cake in my mouth in one bite.

However, it was then.



Then suddenly there was something in our view on the terrace.

Smoke rose from the mountainside outside the city.

“What? …… a fire?”

『No… That… a beacon?』

I don’t know what the smoke really is. But in any case, I had a bad feeling.

Because in that direction …

“Hey, what’s that smoke. Do you know?”

“Maybe they’re the ones? You know, from Japone, who came to this city yesterday….”

“Ah! No, I was in the guild this morning!”

At that time, people who seemed to be residents of the town who passed by us on the terrace of the shop chatted with each other …

“So I heard a little bit about it, that’s a good quest, so to temper their team coordination, they went to train in those mountains.”

“Then, are those guys doing that? Surely it’s the hunter team from Japone… ‘The Elusive Ninjas’?”

When I heard the story, me and Trainer looked at each other and there was a terrible foreboding.

 [S1]Shoukugeki no Tre’ainar anyone?

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