Forbidden Master – Part 2/Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 – The Ogre’s Hospitality

In the middle of nowhere…. . rather, it was more like a hideout.

There was a small open space beyond the dense forest.

There was a house made of wood there.

“It’s a small house. Earth, is little, so it should be good.”

“I-Is that right. But, little is too much.”

It’s a huge ogre’s house, so certainly the doors and the height of the building are big.

And, there were some fields around the house, and the hoes and so on for the farm work were bigger than my body.

“…… Mr. Aka, do you live alone?”

“Aah, I live alone.”

Alone. Apparently. He’s completely self-sufficient.

Well, there are animals in the forest, and if I can grow vegetables like this, I wonder if I can live alone.

“By the way, Earth… what’s ‘Mistah’ Aka?”

“Huh? No….. what….”

What the heck? Is it weird to have ‘Mr.’?

“I mean, by all appearance I can only see you as a senior, and to discard it feels a bit awkward to me… oh, speaking in a polite manner is better than casual talk….”

He might be gentle, but I don’t have the courage to refer this strong ogre casually…. let’s not do that.

『If you assume to use ‘Mr.’ for those of higher station, why do you neglect it in my case?』

「…… ah…. no….. so, is Mr. Tre’ainar better?」

『………… No, tis adequate as is. We are past the point to standing on formality…. Eerie! You acting so reserved at this late hour leave me feeling eerie!』

Then don’t say that. Well, I also don’t feel right when I call out ‘Mr. Tre’ainar’ at this point, so I’m saved.

“Mr. Aka… That’s good. Mr. Aka… Yes, I like it.”

Clasping his hands together, Mr. Aka was satisfied with how he was referred to by a junior, or should I say somewhat delightfully laughing.

“I like this honorific. Well, make yerself at home. Now, I’ll make a meal!”

That said, Aka let me into the room.

There isn’t much furniture.

But there’s an open kitchen, a decking desk and chair in the middle of the room, and on over it there’s a carved wooden statue and stone decorations.

“This… This is…”

“Oh, that’s poor, if I say so.”

“No… it’s okay, but…… is this Aka’s handmade work??”

“Uh huh. I’ve made a lotta things when I play around in my free time.”

A little embarrassed, Mr. Aka was fumbling his words.

However, this goddess statue or something…. I mean, it’s kind of elaborate. The quality is…… amazing.

The gentle expression that makes you feel the motherhood of the beautiful goddess, each feather on the angelic wings on her back are finely detailed… he even reproduced the wrinkles of clothes and so on…… how do you carve this with such blunt fingers? Or, is she the demon’s goddess? No, it may be prejudiced, but……

“If you like it, I’ll give it to you if you want.”

“N-No, no, no, I don’t mean to…”

By any chance, did he think I was greedy eyed?

But as I denied it in a hurry, Aka, who stood in the kitchen, became a bit despondent….

“Oh… it’s bad isn’t it?”


“To accept this… you can’t right?”

No, huh? What? Is it a shock that I didn’t accept?

However, maybe it’s etiquette to accept when he says ‘I’ll give it’ or something like that….

『Do not hesitate, take it, child.』


Tre’ainar muttered in my ear, now I’m confused.

『This Aka ogre might have lived isolated from others. As such, he is glad to have someone receive something.』

「What? He’s happy to be kind to people and give things…. Is there such a guy?」

『Tis not so… I believe he is glad when others are appreciative. When people appreciate you… tis like having them recognize your existence.』

Is it like that? Are you glad to be appreciated by others?

I don’t know. I’ve been… I’ve never been thanked for my existence…. But I guess that’s a way to be acknowledged, too.

「But is it okay? Don’t you think I’ll look greedy?」

『Well, it may depend on the person, but speaking of this Aka fellow…』

To be honest, it’s the first time I’ve met him. How do you gain something on top of that when you take care of everything from room to meal?

No, but it’s what Trainer says, and Aka is a bit embarrassed.

“Well, then… I wonder if I’ll get this stone necklace…”


Certainly, the statue is elaborate. However, even if you receive such a thing, it would be bulky.

In that respect, if it is a stone carved necklace, it is easy to carry, and he will not think that I am greedy because it is small….

“Sure sure. You can have it! See that shelf ov’r there? The necklaces are there! Take as many as you like!”

“N-No, just one… ah, no…. you have so many pieces to display.”


It was true. The moment I said I would take it, Aka laughed so joyfully.

Now he started working in the kitchen with a humming song.

“Well, I’ll make a meal then.”

That said, Aka was in the kitchen. Kitchen knife? Isn’t that a big sword? No….. It’s as big as Rebal’s Bastard Sword.

And I was surprised…

“Hmm, hmmfu-“

So fast! And, lively! He took ‘something’ out of the bag he had a while ago and prepared ‘it’ really fast.

In an instant, he plucked the feathers…. is it meat?

『Hmm. That is….』


『…… pfft… truly…… unexpected…… to say the least….』


At that time, Tre’ainar seemed to be thinking of something, but I don’t know what it was.

And, Mr. Aka immediately threw what he was working on into a huge frying pan and lit the fire.

It’s meat.

Oh no… the smell is so good……

“Oh… Gulp…”

My throat rang involuntarily.

In addition, Aka takes out some of the vegetables from the basket on the kitchen floor and cuts them out.

What’s that…… it’s exciting, but…… but it’s not messy. Rather, there is a glimpse of civility.

I’ve watched Sadiz cook a few times, and I get a different impression when she’s cooking accurately without any waste, but this is….

“Hmm-hm-hm ♪”

Oooh, it’s sizzling, right? Is that it?

Such hospitality, will you suddenly serve steak?

“Well, Earth, will you eat rice, too?”

“Eh, this, rice?”

With such super savory fragrance that makes you eat this deadly food, you want to add more rice?

“Yes, yes. If you wanna eat it.”

“I see. Then, let’s fry the rice with the gravy served in the meat grilled…”

Eeeeeeeeeeek! I surrendeeeeeeeeeeerrr! Is there justiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!??

“Heave-ho, heave-ho, now go on, eat up.”


Oh, ooooh, s-steak, boned meat, grilled rice, salad platter… ah…… fish…… oooooooh!

No, no, don’t be a glutton. I was told not to behave badly…. well, I’ll put my hands together, but, uh, the steam is on my nose… hah.

“Well, then, I gladly accept this meal… Gab…”

I’m all over the fried meat….!

“W-What the hell is thiiiiiiis?”

I feel the juice that came out at the same time as the crisp texture explode in my mouth.

No, no good, savor the taste, that one? That? Before long, I’ve only got bones!

“I-I can’t believe it, wh-what is this?”

What? This? Cow? Birds? Pork? It’s different, and it’s a little bit wild, no, but this is such foul-play!

“Oh… uh, Earth. Yer surprised…my cooking is too bad…?”

What’s that? Hey, what’s that troubled face?

What? You’re an unmindful bastard, aren’t you?

What’s that uneasy face?

Just like Fu, who showed powerful magic with a small face and said, “Are you so surprised that my magic power is so weak?” What’s this!

“Oh… oooooooooh!”

This steak, wow, the meal! Rice, rice, riiiiiiiiiiice!

“Th-This is foul-play, it’s d-delicious!”

“…… eh?”

“Oh no, don’t, don’t cry now!”

Until now, when I got home, I didn’t have to ask for anything.

Speaking to Sadiz in advance, she made whatever I wanted.

But I can’t do that from today.

I ran from home, forced to self-sufficiency, gathered mushrooms, and finally ran around trying to catch Shooting Star only to set him free out of sympathy. I was hungry, frustrated, and I never thought I would eat anything decent in my situation. This banquet is unfair.

I can’t stop my tears anymore.

“It’s delicious, so good, it’s good, Mr. Aka…”

“That’s good. Oh, there’s still more ta come! It’s the first time someone says it’s delicious! Thank you, Earth!”

So why are you thanking me, you bastard!

My words didn’t come out due to tears, so I nodded many times.

『…… Behave yourself… and be grateful for your life, child. In any form… the flesh, is life…… because it became a part of you.』

Tre’ainar was saying something difficult, but I just got hooked and ate the meat.

“Earth, would you also like some soup?”

It is no use moving my mouth except to eat.

Instead of answering with my mouth, I sent a peace sign to Aka with all my heart.

Then, Aka was actually delighted, and returned a peace sign while a little embarrassed.

The ogre’s piece sign was pretty surreal.

Author’s Note

I will always be indebted to you.

I’m sorry I didn’t return my impressions easily.

I’m watching it all, but it takes time and patience to give it back….

Aside from that, I saw the impression column of the previous story, and tilted my head.

Maybe you’re reading too deeply about tragedy and dark developments.

I met on a night with lots of stars. So, shooting star.

The ‘red’ demon who met in the middle of the ‘night’. That’s why, Aka Naiter.

Excuse me…… What do you expect from Aka????

Still, more than 60,000 drills. Thank you, everyone.

Once again, thanks for the support. And I really hope everyone is safe and healthy. As a bonus, yatta! (sorry for the cringe 😔)

Anyway, I scanlated the first chapter of the manga (insert praise effect). Thank you, thank you but unfortunately I have bad news. I’m not going to do anymore (insert boos and hisses). Sorry but it’s a lot for just one dude, especially a noob like me. Hopefully it’ll garner attention from others enough for a pro group to pick it up (do spam your favorites with requests).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and share it around. Till the weekend!

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