Serra – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – ‘Pain’

The first to jump was Cecilia.

In an instant, she closed the gap and raised her arm. Seeing a slight reflection of light on her fingertips, I immediately rolled back diagonally to the left.

“…… Piano wire!”

It’s a piano wire, most likely a carbon steel wire. It has moderate weight yet still extends several meters even though it might be less than a millimeter in thickness. In addition, high physical ability. Consequently, for a fanatic, her physical strength is not to be taken lightly. This is a pretty powerful person.

“Kuhihi!! I can’t have you looking down on me too much. Sometimes to deliver divine punishment you have to cut yourself down.”

“Tch. After all, killing you won’t come easily……!”

I get up instantly, and swing the sword down with full weight. But Cecilia avoids it easily and gets behind me. She grabbed my head and slammed me on the ground.


For a moment, I lost consciousness. I have a nosebleed. No doubt, my nose is broken.

I can’t get my body up due to the impact to my head. Cecilia kicked my side as I struggled to get up.

Groaning, her toes dig in deep.

“Guh … Uoooooooooooh!”

“Kuhihi!! Is the body at its limit even though the spirit is perfect? No matter how high your ability to regenerate, it will take a long time if you get hurt like this.”

After all, she has tremendous power for a delicate physique. Seems it’s tough to strike from the front.

So I stabbed her right foot with the sword in my right hand.

“I……!? This is……!”

She groaned in pain and was immediately about to back away from me.

But I’m sorry. The bone of the foot is pierced and completely sewn to the ground. It was a miracle that I didn’t let go of my sword even after losing consciousness. This is all I can thank my murderous urges for.

As it is, I rush to Cecilia and push her down. We don’t have any weapons at hand, and we’re frustratingly hitting each other, but perfectly fine with it. Then, what to do?

As he intended, Cecilia’s head was hit by a rock. The impact directly to the back of the head made Cecilia lose consciousness momentarily. At that moment, I immediately pulled out a handgun from my waist and pressed the muzzle between her eyebrows.

“Die- -“

Pull the trigger without hesitation.

With the dry bang, blood and a mass of flesh stuck to my cheek.


“It’s, over–“

Only one left. Fortunately, the gathered believers were originally small in number.

Riko shot the flank, not the head, towards the last believer. The reason why she kept him alive is very simple. Interrogation.

“…… Ugph. Geeeeeeegh!!”

“Waaaah!? Ms. Riko, what are you doing?!”

As soon as she emptied the gun, Riko threw up. For her, who is not good with grotesque things, seems she held up well.

“Ha…… Haah~……. I can’t do it anymore. I don’t want to use a gun again.”

Riko turns to the believer, while her face turned blue. If it’s true, I’d like to take a good rest, but things are not over. It’s also a worthy job to get Cecilia’s objectives and provide information to the military.

(But these guys were awfully quiet….)

Certainly they were attacking Riko, but…. she couldn’t sense their will. They didn’t say anything, and everyone’s actions were simple and similar. They were like machines that did only the given instructions.

(Well, if you ask them, you will know…)

Thinking so, Riko takes off the hood that was hiding the believer’s face.

Under it was a man of about 30’s. The eyes shake like rattles and are fixed towards the sky above. I understood at a glance. This guy’s no longer sane.

There are no bullets, but I’ll stick the gun to his head as a threat and ask questions.

“Answer me. What is your purpose?”

The man remained silent at first, but began to smile and opened his mouth.

“Kha, God…, chosen, sh-shent, sa- Kuhihi, to… ‘Sacrifice’ t-to God, sa- Kuhi, Kuhihihihi.”

“It’s no good after all….”

She just received an unclear answer. However, it seems they are offering sacrifice or something to ‘God’. Shent, is probably the word ‘Saint’, like Cecilia refers to Hazel. Riko wanted to ask why Hazel was chosen.

And he’s obviously insane. And as Serra says, he may have been brainwashed by Cecilia’s ‘Dominion’ because he is willing to sacrifice to the object of his faith. Unfortunately, Riko doesn’t know how to solve the brainwashing, so she can’t deal with it.

However, an abnormality happened there.

“…… Listen!”

“? What?”

“Is this good enough?”

The man’s words startled Riko.

Looking at it, the light is returning to his eyes. His body was shaking for a while, but his teeth were trembling. And, the face seemed frightened of something. He was terrified of something.

“Hey, this is enough, right? Hi, Kuhihi, will this satisfy ‘God’ now? Kuhihi, Kuhihihihihi, that woman’s laughter has left my ears, the pain, it hurts so much, it doesn’t stop! Ah, no, stop it, Kuhi so much pain, Kuhihihi no more!”

“Wh-What? What’s going on?!”

Pain, suffering? What are you talking about?

He changed completely from the attitude of terror, and began to resist while suffering. He grabs Riko’s shoulder and shakes it strongly.

“Oh, please, Kuhi, me, Kuhihihihi, kill me! Already, Hihi, Kuhihihihi, please end it! The woman’s voice won’t stop, Kuhi. That woman’s ‘Devine Punishment’, kuhihihihi, kuhi, kuhihihi, all this time, it kept on going kuhihihihi!!”

“Oh, calm down. Keep your wits about!”

Riko desperately calls, but the man ignores it.

The resistance became more intense, and he shouted incoherent words.

“Kuhihihi, Kuhihihihihihi! For ‘God’, a ‘Sacrifice’!? I, I-ah, ha, I’m tormented by that woman, kuhihihihi kill, kill me! kill, fucking, kill quickly, and kill quickly, kuhihihi, kill kill kill kill quick quick quick quick quickly kill me I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you, Kuhihihihihihi ――――”.

Stopping suddenly.

The man moved no longer.

” – – – – hah”

She exhales the breath that had been held unintentionally.

The moment Riko touched his shoulder to confirm his consciousness, the man’s mouth opened.


Looking straight at him, Riko stiffens, holding her mouth with her hands. Otherwise, it seems she would throw up again.

The man’s mouth was full of blood. It’s dripping. Blood flows again and again.

Suddenly, there was a sound of something falling on the grass. Riko immediately regretted seeing it.

There was a tongue.

“Ough, geeeeeeeeeeh!”

Riko, who is no longer able to stand up, vomits again.

The man seems to have fainted due to the pain of biting off his tongue, but he is not helped by the large amount of bleeding. But it was painful to bite his tongue, and he needed a lot of power and courage, yet was he cornered enough to do it without hesitation?

Maybe Cecilia’s ‘Dominion’ is not brainwashing, but something else. It’s something more frightening that makes people crazy, and so easily.

“Se… Se…. Serra…”

With a pale face, she mutters her partner’s name while adjusting her breathing.

Even now, she’s in a fierce battle with Cecilia. Serra often makes a mess, but Riko knows she’s mentally fragile. It is also true that Riko can’t be of assistance. Submissively, she had no choice but to wait for things to pass.

“Hazel, let’s wait till Serra comes back. That woman, she’s more dangerous than I’ve ever imagined.”

Riko looks back while saying so.

Then, she noticed.

“………… eh?”

Not there. When she first vomited, she rubbed her back, but now looking around she’s nowhere to be found.

“That girl!?”

(This is bad, I had completely taken my eyes off her.)

Perhaps, no, no doubt she headed towards Cecilia. As things are, they’ll certainly get the ‘Sacrifice’ that they’re calling for.

“Aaah, I’m not feeling well….”

There are no more weapons to use. However, she could not shut up and ignore them.

No choice but to help, Riko started running in Serra’s direction.


Cecilia’s head blows up and her brain is exposed.

No matter how immortal, they cannot move with such severe damage.

“Nonetheless, but she’s not dead.”

What is frightening is that the Undying will regenerate even if they receive such a fatal wound. The brain, breathing, the heart, and all of it will not die even if they all stop. The only way to end it here is to erase her without leaving a trace….

“It’s not realistic. On the other hand, I can’t just leave you alone.”

It takes time to regenerate if severely damaged. But there’s no change while regenerating, still it’s only a matter of time.

First of all, use a rope to restrain her body. However, I once again, after realizing it, botched the last step.

The story of regeneration was just my case. I did not consider that individual differences came into play.

She grabbed me by the neck.


A strange sound leaks from my throat unintentionally. Cecilia lifted my body and squeezed it tightly.

Though her regeneration still can’t keep up, spilling her brain and the flesh from her forehead, and her left eye about to fall out, she doesn’t care.

“Hi, hihi, kuhihi. Okay, I wonder …for you, to be this tedious. If I can’t destroy your body, I can burn your spirit.”

” Ga…. wh-what do….”

However, my words stop there.

There’s no sign that Cecilia did anything. But clearly something happened.

“—-!? Ah, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!?????”

Pain struck my entire body.

Hurts. It just hurts. There is only severe pain. There was nothing else.

“Kuhi, Kuhihihihihihihihihi! Yes, yes, this is my ‘Dominion’! Devine punishment! It is the authority to converge and give every conceivable ‘pain’ from man to ant, and to the ends of the world! What do you think? You can’t withstand this pain no matter what you do!?”

Cecilia was saying something, but I couldn’t understand anything.

No, my five senses were not working in the first place. Everything in my view now, all the sounds I hear, all the smells that come in, all the flavors that spread all over my tongue, all the sensations in my body are stabbed as ‘pain’.

There was no way I could think. For the first time, I learned that there was a pain that seemed like ‘death is better’.

But despite all this pain, I did not lose consciousness. No, I couldn’t lose consciousness.

“Kuhi.There is no limit to pain in Devine Punishment. If I feel like it, I can give you all the pain from all over this country. This is ‘Punishment’. It is punishment from God. There is no way God grants you mercy by having you faint, so receive it.”

At this rate, it will definitely go mad. My mind literally burned and I become a desolate.

But I couldn’t move. Of course, I only feel severe pain now. I only experience the pain ‘God’ is bestowing me.

“…… Oh?”

Just as quickly.

The pain disappeared.

“Aaaaaaaaahh, ah………..?”

I don’t understand what happened.

But the pain that struck me up until a while ago is gone. I still can’t move my body, but my thoughts are gradually recovering.

I mean, what am I thinking at this moment?  What does ‘God’ mean —!?

“Kuhihi, Hazel Radford! You came!?”


I’m amazed at the name of the girl who shouldn’t be here. I tried to turn my face to her, but Cecilia let go of my neck and I hit the ground.

“Aha …!? Hazel, don’t come.”

I frantically raised my voice, but Hazel had such anger in her eyes that she didn’t have an ear to hear.

“Cecilia Waitley, I’ll absolutely kill–“

“Kuhhi, oh, Hazel! It’s good to see you! How beautiful!”

The conversation doesn’t mesh at all.

While Hazel’s eyes are filled with indignation and hatred, Cecilia is delighted.

– – Is that love?

I deny the idea that came into my head, but her expression was, to all appearance, a maiden who fell in love.

“Ah, aaah, yes, I’ve been sure from the first glance! You’ve been chosen by God as a Saint! A sacrifice that is loved by God and should therefore be offered to God!”

“I don’t know what that means.”

Hazel barks at Cecilia’s nonsense.

“I’ve been messed up for a while now… because of you, my family is ruined! I’ll kill you, absolutely!”

“Kuhhihi, oh, that’s lovely, that face! My body is burning—!”

Seeing Hazel’s murderous face, Cecilia shakes her body and looks ecstatic. I am instinctively appalled at the unusual appearance.

And Hazel leapt at Cecilia in a fit of rage.

“!? Hazel, don’t!”

My voice doesn’t reach her, and Hazel thrusts into Cecilia.

My body still doesn’t move. Is it already useless?

That’s when I thought about it.

“Hiyaaa. Serra dear, at aaaall cost, this loli goes the distance ☆.”

Suddenly, the voice of the woman with a light mouth gesture echoed.

As soon as I hear the voice, I become stiff.

– – No way, why? Why are you in a place like this!?


A girl stood between Hazel and Cecilia.

“Such a downer, you guys just (don’t) bumping each other off. And yes, this honorable elder sister won’t permit your scuffle ☆”

Flaming red hair, red-black eyes like blood.

No mistake. She’s–

“Sakura (Sara)”

The girl looked back at me as I shouted her name.

And, she smiled with madness and cruelty in her eyes.

“That. Is. Cor. Rect. Iiiiit’s everyone’s ‘Admin’, Sakuraaaaa ☆ the Loli here, please treat me well ♡”

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