April 2020 Short

The Tale of a Girl Abandoned by her Companion and Dropped to the Bottom of the Abyss to Meet the 《King of Demons》

Author: Togoro Sasa

The Lamenting Corsesta was still an unexplored land.

It is said that there are a lot of peculiar kinds of monsters roaming over the land, and it is difficult to advance even for a powerful 《Adventurer》.

However, this development was important for people.

In order to promptly respond to the demon invasion, it is necessary to create a base. – To counter the five Demons that rule the world.

《Clentia of the Frozen Keep》, 《Bolzan the Foolsdragon》, 《Foltiana the Old Wolf》, 《Agazand of the Looming Rock》 – and 《Lochness the Weeping Cat》 rule over this land.

The last time confirmed sighting of Lochness was five years ago — this land was habitable just before that.

“The influence of the 《Demonic Scar》 is strong here. Is this Lochness’ cradle?”

A man with black hair touches the ground in mourning.

With a sturdy body, he carries a big axe as tall as he is. His name is Eddie Grantz, party’s vanguard.

As Eddie says, the ground is getting hallowed here and there, and in larger areas it was like a valley.

“If it was Lochness’ cradle, I don’t think we could resist the effects of the Demonic Scar.”

A blonde woman answers Eddie’s words.

Dressed in a white robe, the woman stares at the bottom of the valley with her indigo eyes.

The deeper the valley, the more likely you’ll see a black swirl. The woman’s name is Ritoa Curthy. Her role in the party is the Rear Guard, and she specializes in the magic of 《Safeguard》.

It’s precisely because of her that the members of the party were able to step foot here.

“I think it would be dangerous to stop in a place like this.”

With a shrug of his shoulders, a young man, Act Gousen, says. He is also a rear guard but specializes in 《Offensive Magic》.

Slightly longer blue hair. He glares at a girl with gray eyes.

Her eyes cast down, she pants with heavy breathes and is obviously unwell.

“…… sorry.”

Yes, a word was squeezed out.

One among the party of five was Lexia Sinclair.

White skin with long gray hair. However, due to her physical condition, today her skin looks even paler.

She had no choice but to apologize at the cold glance Act directed at her.

Lexia’s role at the rear guard is, 《Recovery》, and it follows the most important role in the five-man party.

However, it is said that she can cure an injury immediately. Lexia’s 《Recovery》skills are rare, but time-consuming.

Some people have skills.

To become an adventurer, you can either handle magic, or you’ll need a skill.

Lexia, who can only use a little magic, has the basic role of healing the party. But usually she’s nothing more than a burden- she understands it well.

“…… If you know, gain a little more strength—.”

“Yes, yes. You’re all noisy. Lexia is a weak and cute girl. Stay with me!”

Putting a stop to Act’s words is a girl who came back from the front. Lexia’s expression is also a little brighter at the sight of the little girl.

The girl’s name is Meik Satilon.

The red haired girl speaks in a cheerful voice that doesn’t fit the dark atmosphere.

As the leader of the party『Raging Fire』, she was called a 《Hero》 with the skill of 《Purification》.

《Purification》: It has the power to counteract the 《Demonic Scar》 created by demons.

The land damaged by the monsters is gradually polluted, and becomes inhabitable.

Only four people have the 《Purification》skill which can reduce the incidence of such places, and Meik is counted as one of the heroes.

She is one of the hopefuls that will eventually save the world.

“Meik… is what I said wrong?”

“It’s not a question of being wrong or not. Well, at least I think you’re wrong. Lexia is my friend.”

“That’s not a reason.”

“It is. Because Lexia is here, I can do my best– right?”

“You are the only one who can say such things.”

At Meik’s words, he gives a faint sigh.

Meik sits in front of Lexia,

“Are you okay?”

“Y-Yes. I’m sorry, Meik.”

“It’s okay, we’re friends.”

With a smile, Meik answers.

When I’m with her, I’m always relieved – about six months have passed since she joined this party.

Lexia and Meik were originally from the same village.

They played together when they were children, and Meik was the first to get her skill and work as an adventurer.

Originally, she was a highly capable swordsman. She quickly distinguished herself as an adventurer, and at the age of sixteen is now one of the 《Heroes》 who fight on the front line.

Lexia, on the other hand, was of little use in combat, except that she had the rare Recovery skill.

That’s something Lexia herself understands, and she and her comrades in Meik’s party – they understood well that was the reason.

In fact, Meik speaks cheerfully, but can’t say that she’s working well with the other members.

When she talks with Eddie and Ritoa, they’re both calm.

You may say that the party balance is maintained by Meik’s brightness.

“Well, why don’t we take a break around here today. Eddie and Ritoa are good, right?”

“I don’t care. We can’t move forward if we don’t.”

“I don’t mind. When you can rest, let’s take a rest.”

They both followed Meik’s words – so for today they were resting, worrying about Lexia’s physical condition.

…… It’s not unusual for Lexia to fall ill. Unlike other adventurers, she is not strong.

It was a little reckless to take her and go over Lamenting Corsesta.

――This is so, for a reason.

『Ooh, oooh, oooh, oooooooh, ooooh….』

『Aooh, oh, ouuoaah…』

A groan from underneath the ground.

The 『Wail』 is always the dominant part of the land.

It is said that if you are a regular person, your mind will break just by being here for a day.

Under this influence, Lexia’s physical condition was deteriorating.

(Why is it so bad, I…)

Looking at the three people who started to prepare for the camp, Lexia thought alone.

Other members seem to be fine when they hear the voice.

But Lexia is restless when she hears it.

It’s like someone is sad, hurting, calling – she doesn’t know, but there’s only the chilling fear out there.

(I wonder if I can stay here …)

That’s what she’s been thinking for a while.

Lexia is surely holding this party back.

She understands it best.

Act is right: I’m spoiled by Meik’s kindness.

She’s by her side because she longs for a hero like her and she needs her…. If it is true, she has no strength or power to be in such a place.

“Are you all right?”

“Oh… Eddie.”

It was Eddie who suddenly called out.

He’s big, so she must look up to see his face.

However, it is difficult to meet his face, and he faces down when speaking.

“Now is the time to rest. There’s no need to worry.”

“…… Thank you.”

“If you get better, we’ll go further into the deep. This land is unexplored. You’ve got to be very motivated.”

Did he intend to cheer Lexia up? Or was he trying to drive a nail into an unreliable Lexia? She couldn’t judge either way.

Ritoa’s expression, as she glanced at them, is as calm as usual.

Act seems to be nearby, but hasn’t come back, and finally comes when the tent is finished.

…… This day, she was going to spend the night here.


At the end of the day, it was Lexia’s daily routine to keep a diary.

However, few bright topics are written in the diary.

– Today was sunny. However, we made very little progress. It’s my fault.

– It’s raining today. I was sick and physically ill, so I couldn’t move on. It’s my fault.

(I know it’s my fault.)

……by tormenting herself, in some respect she believes she wants to be forgiven, but Lexia can’t forgive herself.

Lexia doesn’t have the strength or power, even if she wants to be strong.

The more skills you use, the more powerful you become.

However, Lexia’s power is rarely needed in this party to begin with.

There is little need for Lexia’s 《Recovery》because of such gathering of skillful talent.

Eddie and Meik, who operate on the frontlines, rely on them at times, but they are still powerful.

They are capable of defeating enemies faster than they get injured……. The more I think about it, the more I start to believe that I am unnecessary.

“No, I’m not useless. I’m more–“

“Lexia, are you awake?”

“Ah, Mr. Act… What’s wrong?”

It was Act that suddenly spoke. It is rare for him to speak to me.

“I wonder if you could come with me for a bit. We’re going to scout.”

“Eh, ah, okay…”

She didn’t expect Act’s invitation, but immediately prepared for it because she thought it was necessary.

The other three seem to have been on reconnaissance going in a different direction, and Lexia, together with Act, headed toward the hill slightly away from the tent.

…… Even if it is called a hill, the footing is terrible because it rises considerably.

If you step off it, you’ll end up upside down to the bottom of the abyss, where you can hear the chilling voice.

– Just imagining it brings chills.

Act, walking in front of Lexia, suddenly opens his mouth.

“Lexia, what do you make of the current situation?”

“Eh, why?”

“The current state of this party. How will you be useful to this party in the future?”


What Act wanted to say was immediately conveyed to Lexia.

…… For some time, Act has been against Lexia.

In contrast to Meik, he probably thinks Lexia is unnecessary to this party.

“I think if you get hurt, I’ll do my part.”

“Yes, that’s right. But that’s a passive story. To be honest, there aren’t many people in our party who get hurt enough to need you – that’s why if we come across such enemies, you’re going to be a hindrance. Isn’t that right?”

At Act’s words, Lexia chokes.

There’s nothing wrong with what Act says: Lexia is here at the indulgence of Meik’s words. That’s the reason she can stay here.

“Everybody else won’t say it clearly, so I’ll just say it. You are not needed in this party. Recovery is certainly rare, but even if that’s the case, it’s better to be able to contribute to combat. But as long as you’re there, Meik won’t consider adding new members to the party.”

“You want me to convince Meik?”

Somehow, she was able to understand what Act wanted to say.

Meik might agree and allow Lexia to leave the party.

Then, a new member can fill the 《Recovery》role for the party.

It would be more efficient for capturing the undeveloped land.


Honestly, she was at a loss — to come up with an answer.

If you think about Meik, it would be better if Lexia left.

But Lexia wants to help Meik. Surely, the day will come when she can be of help.


“Oh, I don’t want to hear the answer.”


Feeling the strong wind on her body, Lexia loses her balance.

Immediately behind is an opening in the ground, to the dark, bottomless abyss.

Lexia falls straight into the hole — barely holding on, as she grabs the ground.

Act stomped on Lexia’s hand ruthlessly.

“Ah, wh-what ar…”

“I’m the type to say, and I’m the type to do. You’re not going to leave this party, are you? I know that… so I decided to have you die.”


“I just told you. You’re too slow to understand. As long as you live, Meik will try to keep you in this party. But Meik herself really doesn’t want you in the party.”

“Wh-What do yo–?”

Act took out a crystal.

The images recorded there, and the figure of the girl reflected. – Meik and Act.

「Do you really think she can stay at this party? 」

「…… I don’t think so.」

” —eh?”

Hearing that, Lexia screams.

Lexia has always been at this party because she wanted her to stay.

She was spoiled by her kindness – but it was different.

「I don’t need someone like that.」

One more statement. Meik clearly said that she didn’t want Lexia.

I don’t want to believe it – I don’t want to believe it, but it’s definitely Meik. Act throws the crystal to the bottom of the abyss.

“Do you understand? You are not needed.”

“I, I ……Ah.”

Act tries to kick Lexia with all the strength in his leg.

She tries desperately to catch him, but her body, which was originally weak, can’t muster any strength.

Act laughs at Lexia who seems about to fall at any time.

“You’re not needed, but you’re going to pull her legs to live?”


It was a statement that broke Lexia’s heart.

She believed that a day would come when she could be of help because she’s needed.

However, what they need is now, ‘not someday’.

Lexia, who was only looking at such an impossible future, was not needed by Meik from the beginning. …… Such a fact fills Lexia’s heart.

“At least die for her reason to fight.”

” Ah—”

With those words, Act knocked Lexia down to the bottom of the abyss.

With the despair dominating her heart, she disappeared into the darkness.


– How far did I fall?

Lexia woke up. No, she has awakened might be more accurate.

“…… a, uh, oh.”

She raised a groan.

If she had fallen and died instantly, she might still have been happy.

The throbbing and her whole body hurt. Her body is bent in the wrong direction, and the dull pain continues into the body, perhaps bones have pierced her internal organs.

Pain, pain, pain — but that sensation lasted forever.

However, it is not even possible to appeal to the pain.

In the abyss where no sunlight ever shines, the voice was heard.

『Oh, oooooh, ooooooh, ooooooooooh,』

『Ah, aaah, aah, ah, ah, a』

『I, Gigigihihi, Kugigihi…』

“U, uh, uo…! “

It hurts, it’s scary, it’s disgusting – there’s a lot of emotion swirling in her heart.

She remembers the fact that she was pushed down and that her friends didn’t need her.

(Why, I am alive, I wonder…)

How easy would it have been if she had fallen and died?

The only thing left in her heart is the despair of being abandoned.

There is no way that Meik would come to such an abyss.

In the first place, Lexia was unnecessary for Meik.

『Oh, oooooh, oooooh,』

“Ah, uh, uh… “

Lexia, like the voice heard at the bottom of the abyss, could only moan.

Wailing – It is no longer possible to return to the surface, so Lexia is just waiting for death.

The pain is the only thing that lasts, and her body can’t move, just waiting for a monster to come round.

Or, she might die from the hemorrhage.

(But, no, no…)

Knowing that she would not be saved, Lexia became terribly calm.

But right now I want to be comfortable… There was only that feeling.

All she hears is the ‘voice’ of a similar grief.

『Oh, ooooh, oooh, ooh, ooooh,』

『Sami, Shii… 』

『I, Gugi, Gugu…』


For a moment, she thought she heard wrong.

In the moan that can be heard only in the same way, a ‘human voice’ is mingling.

Lexia could hear a girl’s voice, even though it couldn’t have been so.

(I’m finished, if I hear hallucinations-)

『~dare, is someone there?』


This time, she heard it clearly.

A girl’s voice was clearly heard at the bottom of such an abyss.

Lexia proceeds to crawl on the ground, turning her sore body.

Dragging on the ground wet with her own blood, she began to forcibly move.

The body, once thought to be unable to move at all, has come to move a little for some reason.

The pain is still intact, but why…… to be so concerned about the voice.

Dragging, pulling and Lexia continues to crawl on the ground. ― How far have I gone?

Eventually, Lexia saw it in the darkness beyond the reach of the sun’s rays, a shining purple light.

“Ss, ord.”

A purple-glittering, straight sword piercing a rock.

To think there was a sword in a place like this, but she remembered that this was a place where people could have once lived.

It was not surprising that there were traces here.

In other words, that sword belongs to those who once lived here–

『Who are you?』

“Eh, sword, s… speaks, how?”

So surprised at the fact was she that her mouth could not move satisfactorily.

It was no hallucination, and the voice was certainly heard from the purple sword.

『It’s a person, it’s a person, it’s been so long… Who?』

“Lek, shia”

『Lexia, I will remember. Will Lexia be my Lord?』

“Lord, me-“

Lexia tilts her head at the sword question.

I don’t understand what you’re talking about — but Lexia was standing by the sword before she noticed.

Her body, which should not have moved, touches the sword without any strength.

She heard a voice in her head.

『Lexia, you are my Lord.』

“Oh, who, you,…?”

『I am–』

Suddenly, when the purple light glowed so brightly, a girl appeared.

A girl with purple hair and not wearing a single tread on her body.

The girl, who has a tail and cat-like ears, touches Lexia’s blood-soaked lips with her own lips.


Suddenly, Lexia’s thoughts freeze.

She couldn’t keep up with anything. For the sword had spoken to her, then the little girl appeared, and even kissed her.

The girl licks the mouth dyed red with Lexia’s blood and tells her without expression.

『I’m 《Lochness the Weeping Cat》. Nice to meet you, my Lord.』

Lexia never imagined that she would hear that name at the bottom of the abyss.

The girl who was abandoned by her friends met a girl with the same name as a demon that ruled the world.

“Luc, kines……!?”

With a tongue that doesn’t move well, Lexia repeats the words.

– The Demon Kings who are enemies of humanity and pollute the land where people can live. One of them is《Lochness the Weeping Cat》.

However, the appearance of the girl does not look like the one that was transmitted.

Five years ago, according to a crystal with 《Spirit Photography》, it was a feline with jet-black fur and three eyes.

A figure with three crimson eyes, that was the confirmed appearance which was taken from about tens of meters away. – But the party that used the crystal was annihilated without a trace.

To begin with, she was a sword just a while ago.

(A-And, now, kiss….w-why…)

Lexia just can’t understand…Then…

“Kululu Lulul”

“…… hnm!”

A characteristic treble reaches her ear from surroundings.

It is completely different from the moaning heard in the bottom of the abyss. Lexia has heard it several times.

“Ku, shu na.”

The monster said 《Kushna》.

It looks like a small insect about a few tens of centimeters. They act in groups with their distinctive calls.

Although the battle power of the one is not so high, the group acts by the tens of to the hundreds.

And they are carnivores.

The smell of blood flowing out of Lexia brought the Kushna together.

Their cry echoes in the abyss.




“Ah, u… “

Lexia has no way of countering it – it’s strange that she’s still alive in the first place.

However, Lexia instinctively acted to defend Lochness, the little girl in front of her.

…… Even if the name is the same, it looks like a girl. And, they could understand each other, Lexia couldn’t leave her.

The moment she touched Lochness,

『Okay, if my Lord wills it.』


Her body shines purple and becomes a sword once again.

It fell into Lexia’s hands.

Even though her body was already weak, Lochness who became a sword was light enough to lift, contrary to its appearance.

『Lord, I will be your power.』

“Power, you say… That’s, even if, why.”

『Before long, you will come to understand, I expect. ‘Pain’ will assist you.』

Lochness says to the confused Lexia.

Information that Lexia does not know flows into her mind. Lexia exercised the power that she could not use.

“Second Blade, Go”

Fearlessly, Lexia says the words.

The path of blood formed by her crawling — in the shape of a needle, splatters all around her.

Countless blood needles penetrated the bodies of the kushna lurking in the dark.

A dull sound echoes around, and tiny death throes reverberate.

“Th-This is… “

『This is my Lord’s power.』

The blue blood of Kushna drips around, mixing with Lexia’s red blood.

At the bottom of the abyss — the girl gained power.

Author’s Note:

This is the prologue because I wanted to write a Yuri fantasy which goes to the bottom of the abyss while the girl is dyed red.

I was very happy!!

Hi y’all. Hope you enjoyed the first of what will hopefully be a successful and recurring monthly short translation. Once a month I’d present a short story of syosetu, kakuyomu or Alphapolis. This wasn’t the first one of these I’ve done. I actually already translated a short written by Funa of Average Ability, Survive with Potions and 80,000 gold only to find the translation was already available on novelupdate. Yeah I really should have checked first. But our styles and choices are different so if you’re still interested in it let me know and I might just post it anyway.

This one was an interesting dark prologue. Leaves wondering whats gonna happen when Lexia crawls back up from the abyss. Maybe the author will end up making a full serial…. who knows. Till then you can check out a similar tale with Do You Think Someone Like You Can Defeat the Demon King written by kiki. Follows a similar plot with dark twists and gruesome body horror. Tell em Sads sent ya.

Till Next Time…


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  1. This is kinda… dumb as a premise. “Recovery” skills are rare, yet you would willingly toss away a healer. When the healer is literally one of the most important roles in a party. Not even stupid people would make a decision as dumb as that. What do you mean by contribute to combat is better? I suppose you can fight when you are missing one of your hands or if you are bleeding out?


    1. It’s a skill, not magic like a traditional fantasy healer. The author even said it takes her a long time to do it so I assume it’s more like a doctor rather than a healer (but better because fantasy). The last few things that give clues about her skill is that she said those on the Frontline kill so quickly that she’s not needed, and that she needs to use her skills to get better and get more skills. So I’m assuming that because she can’t use her skills she’s not getting better so she’s just becoming more of a burden as time goes on.

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  2. Loli VS Onee?! Or was the kiss just to establish the contract between lord and sword?

    If this oneshot has a continuation please translate it too.

    Thanks for the oneshot


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