Forbidden Master – Part 2/Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 – Intermission (Mother)

No matter what, I’ll find Earth! I’m going out of the Imperial City, but Mamu should go back to the mansion right away just in case! Maybe Earth will drop in once!

Having said that, Hiro ran out. To bring back our beloved son.

Actually, I wanted us to run together.

But, as Hiro said, there’s a chance Earth might stop by the mansion once.

His luggage and wallet, which were in the waiting room of the arena, were left behind after he ran off.

He should have hesitated to rush out of the Empire without any money or possessions, so perhaps he returned to the mansion once.

However, those faint expectations collapsed the moment we returned to the mansion.

“He didn’t…. come home….”

When I returned to the mansion, there was no particular change.

Sadiz cleans up every day, so nothing is messy.

This morning, I’m sure she had done all the housework before coming to the Arena.

“Lady Mamu… uhm…… about Miss Sadiz…”

“Let her sleep in a vacant room. It would be troublesome if Sadiz were to wake up, but…”

I quickly returned to the mansion and searched all the rooms, but they still couldn’t find him, and there was no trace of him stopping by.

When I realized that, biting my lips in Earth’s clean, well-organized room, my subordinate warriors who I had left to care for an unconscious Sadiz finally caught up.

But in the end I couldn’t catch up with Earth.

“…… Earth…… where the heck is… what the hell happened to you?”

Even now, I want to believe that it was a dream.

The Commemorative Match. Up to now, going by the academy teachers and Sadiz, Earth demonstrated fighting skills that are completely different from the expected hearsay, even displaying Martial Art without using a sword.

Those movements, driven by power and technique far beyond our imagination, tossed Rebal, and then the skill he used at the very end…

“No… That’s not.… Right…… That’s what…”

Yes, that’s not what I have to think about.

Right now it doesn’t matter why Earth is so powerful.

All I have to think about more is…

─ If I knew it would be this hard… I would not want to be born as a hero’s child

“Uh, uuuuh, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhh!!!”

Has Earth been suffering from being our son, and we weren’t aware?

Certainly, I heard such a story.

When he entered the academy, because he couldn’t beat little Phianse, and he had nothing special unlike Fu or Rebal, he developed a slight complex…. ‘I’ve heard’.

But what did I do by just ‘listening’?

He was agonizing, he was frustrated, and he hated himself.



I can’t stop crying.

In this room… packed with over a decade worth of Earth’s memories…. I smell him just by being in this room.

But he’s not here.

There is, everyday Sadiz, that girl keeps it tidy…. huh?


Then I saw the clothes hanging in the room’s closet.

It’s an Academy uniform.

“Uniform… Come to think of it, when he started school, the size of his new uniform was a little big, and everyone laughed…. Heh!?”

Then I noticed that I was looking at the uniform.

Academy uniforms vary in size from student to student.

And Earth said, ‘I’ll grow taller soon anyway’, and ordered a slightly larger size.

At that time, I happened to hear the story from Sadiz, so I knew the size of the uniform.


“No… it’s bigger than the large size I wore when I entered… Oh…”

Why is the size of the uniform changing? I didn’t understand it for a moment, but it was so simple.

Earth was growing, so the uniform wouldn’t fit, so I also put down a new uniform.

“I see… Earth…… you…… you’ve grown… so much…”

Yes, I didn’t know that.

And I didn’t even notice it.

Why didn’t I notice?

Because I wasn’t looking at Earth.

“I’m… even that… I didn’t see it…. I didn’t realize…”

I disqualify as a parent…… naturally…

“So… what are you suffering from…… what are you worried about…. I didn’t even know what was going on….”

Even if you don’t usually see each other very often, aren’t you connected because you are parent and child?

I felt connected, yet I didn’t see anything…. what we say with our mouths.

“Somehow, no matter what our children will be okay… hah… what are you saying, I….. I only saw Earth as an impression of myself and Hiro. Earth is different from me and Hiro. Earth… is Earth, but…”

So I…..

─ I’m just… just once… my dad… everyone… not as a son of a hero. I just wanted you to praise me…. that’s all….

“My own son… my beloved son…. for him to say that… no….. we made Earth say it!”

Why did Earth say that?

In this way, finally…… to realize that I lost Earth…… What a hero! What a hero!

“I’m sorry… Earth…… sorry…… I can’t even be a normal parent…. I’m sorry.”

Save the world…. saying it’s work, it’s protecting the world of peace…. I couldn’t protect the happiness I had in my hand.

“Little man! Haa, ha… Lil’ Earth!!”

“… Sadiz…”

Then, before my startled presence at the roughly opened door, stood Sadiz, who looked pale and trembling.

“…. Miss Sadiz. You need to take a little rest now.”

Seems she came right away after waking up.

And, the voice of my subordinate has not reached Sadiz now.

Sadiz also recalls a lot, and then…

“Mamu… Little man…”

“…… He gave up on us and ran away.”


At that moment, I couldn’t recall the words I just said to Sadis, her whole body trembling and stumbling.

Yes, it’s all on me and Hiro.

Then Sadiz…

“I’m… what…… screaming…… Little man…. I’m…”

I can understand painfully what Sadiz is thinking.

“For today… alone…. I made a silent effort…. for Little man…. I, I….”

For my own sake, I am bound by a feeling of regret and guilt.


“Even if you sit down crying to death… he’s not coming home.”

“Eh… ah… ah…”

It’s not the time to cry. Sadiz too. Me too.

“I regret it and cry but… my legs move, so… me and you… Hiro, too.”

“Ma… am… Big sister…”

“Even if they won’t let me… I’ll think about making amends, but for now I’m going to chase after them.”

I have to chase after him now.

We do.

“…… Yes…”

No matter where it is.

“Isn’t Earth coming home!”

“Come on, Earth!”

“Nowhere in town… why don’t you go back home!?”

And, it’s noisy again…. these kids…

“Phi… Princess… Fu…… Rebal…”

“Lady Mamu, now… the entire Imperial Capital is on high alert and under curfew… so I searched all over the city… but he’s…”

Her face turned blue…. the princess doesn’t know what happened, but she can’t settle down to the fact that Earth is gone.

When I think about it, I know how she feels…. so I, Hiro, or Solja… If you can, take Earth…. at that point, it’s no good.

If we, unqualified parents who saw nothing of Earth, were to join Earth and this child… once, I thought that we, who were united like family as the Seven Heroes, could be a real family…I was simply thinking, ‘We are happy’.

“Umm, Lady Mamu…”

“Earth… where in the world… why…… like this…”

Fu and Rebal are breathless. The two grown-ups, now as anxious as children, are now worried about Earth. Rebal, even though he hasn’t gotten any treatment for the injury from the match yet, is running around desperately.

And it’s the same for these two.

When I and Hiro heard that they were developing the same kind of talent as ‘Them’, not knowing anything about Earth, but were motivated to compare him to these two….

“I don’t know. Where did he go?”

“That’s it!?”

“So! …… I have to know… I mean, Earth… again…”

As a parent, I’ve made a mistake that is beyond reproach.

Holding on to that, we still have to meet Earth again.

And….. I want to see you.

It’s not a lie. Because I love you.

Earth. You may not forgive me.

If it’s too late, you might reject it.

But I still… one more time…… really this time…… I want to be your mother!

No matter how long it takes.

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29 thoughts on “Forbidden Master – Part 2/Chapter 45

  1. Never got the first comment on this series so, yeee 😁! Also glad i got to see one more pov for the other characters. Here’s hoping next is sadiz. Hiro and the princess can fuck off is what I’d normally say here buuut i kinda wanna see them squirm.

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    1. And here author toss this shit out of blue like they were actually love him


      Bet they don’t even have 3 brain cell


    1. To be fair, Earth still had an objectively great childhood. He wasn’t alone, he had people to look after him, he had all the best things… the parents just weren’t that close to him emotionally…

      But those parents also gave him a good life that many would envy and he’s technically set for life. He doesn’t have any material worries or an financial problems.

      Often, there are pros and cons to everything.. To say that they were terrible would be exaggerating. Hell, parents not spending time with kids isn’t that unusual.

      Each child would have a different need.

      The kid was set for life because of his parents. He’s objectively one of the luckiest people.

      And a lot of his suffering is because of how lucky he was. He was born given all the best things, but in place, he became compared to the parents who set up that great life.

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      1. Still terrible parents, they may provide basic needs for him but they did nothing to raise him. Not until he found someone to guide him properly. Aside from that, they just kept up the appearance of a family. It is only after the story began that Earth found any emotional growth or self improvement because there was no one to support him other than maybe Sadiz.

        Liked by 8 people

      2. Hard disagree. His physical needs were met, but his emotional needs absolutely weren’t. He suffered nothing but being put down every time he didn’t meet expectations (even from his peers) and if he did manage to achieve anything he was met with neutrality since it was what was expected of him. The only person who treated him as himself was the girl who he activated the PTSD of and now thinks hates him.

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      3. Epic bad way to defend, material needs does not replace anything emotional, and they failed at it in the biggest sense


      4. There’s a difference between provider and parents my guy. If you think money and fame is all it takes for a kid to be happy, honest to god I hope you don’t have kids. Growing up, during the early stages the thing that every kid needs the most is parental love and they didn’t even give him a speck of that, instead fed fuel to the fire by belittling his efforts and achievements.

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      5. I remember there was a test.
        They took a couple of newborns and assigned caretakers them. Those caretakers took care of every physical need they had, but didn’t show them any love. You know what happened? Every single child died. Without exception.
        You would be a great parent.


  2. if it turns out like dororo and they have another son im really dropping this cause it will be too much drama ican’t handle it

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  3. “His luggage and wallet, which were in the waiting room of the arena, were left behind after he ran off.

    He should have hesitated to rush out of the Empire without any money or possessions, so perhaps he returned to the mansion once.”
    This just hurts to read.
    They still think of him as “The perfect son of the Hero”. They didn’t even try to see things from his POV.
    He’s a 15 year old kid, who wanted to be seen as himself, not “The Son of the Hero”, and in the end, his entire existence was denied. He tried to grow strong by himself, to be praised by his father, but in the end, they never praised him.
    There were only 2 people who ever took proper care of him, and he just hurt 1 of them to the point he thought he could never repair their relationship, and the other tried taking the blame for everything that happened.

    No 15 year old kid is going to have enough mental fortitude to deal with that calmly.

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    1. “Her face turned blue…. the princess doesn’t know what happened, but she can’t settle down to the fact that Earth is gone.

      When I think about it, I know how she feels….”
      And this again… They don’t try to see it from his POV. I mean, here i somewhat understand, but they don’t think about his reactions to mentions about the princess, at all.
      As she said, they never really looked at him. If they did, they would realize that he doesn’t love the princess, or that he even knows she loves him.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. To be fair, even if he was running away, they’d think he’d be logical; and that is more of a coin toss rather than anything.

      Sometimes, they’d remember… sometimes they won’t…

      And you think seeing things from another POV is easy?

      Frankly, to expect others to see your perspective is a but much, even if they’re your parents.

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  4. another thing I loved about this kind of stories … other’s POV …. yes .. I like to see them be tortured by guilt …

    anyways … Thanks for the chapter …

    and yes ..I got teary eyes again …

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  5. It took the cost of losing their only “son” for them to realize they were horrible parents. They were good people but damn were they horrible parents

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  6. I saw that many jump to ‘his parents are bad’ thought, but I hardly feel it after reading this chap.
    The parents worry about him, a lot. His mother, friends and maid are all in shock. His dad chases after him. That is love, they care about him. They just do not realize how much of an impact they have left to their child, and now they realize and they really want to make amend and fix it. The maid is also in an unstable state, and they have to left her behind since Earth is their child, their first priority.

    If they are bad parents, they just say ‘Ignore him, he will starve and come back soon’, or not participate in the son’s tournament, or never ask the maid about their son’s situation, leading not knowing about the uniform fact. They are just too busy to become good parents, so please have some sympathy.

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  7. They are misguided at parenting HOWEVER, it’s not to say that they didn’t love him. You can be a misguided parent and still love your child. The difference between a truly bad parent and one that is misguided is this scene right here. She realizes that she screwed up. That she and her husband failed to look at their child properly. He’s their first child (Sadiz doesn’t really count because there was no baggage attached to her adoption) so mistakes being made is an obvious thing. Admittedly this was a pretty hardcore screw up but, by realizing the truth maybe just maybe they can make amends.

    Also the friends have the same problem they all have an idealized view of Earth because he is the “Son of the heroes” but because he wasn’t a prodigy like them he fell behind but none of them could understand his suffering due to a lack of communication on both sides. The princess herself has always been led with the misunderstanding that she would eventually marry Earth from a young age (her parents and his parents were basically all about setting them up together) and she took it for granted but, again she is a child so it’s not surprising for her to be that naive. The adults should have known better but, they didn’t look at Earth as a person just as the “son of the Hero” just like everyone else.

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  8. Yo solo estoy triste que nunca lo hayan tratado como persona individual que tenía sus preocupaciones y sueños, siempre dando por sentado que perdería, nunca felicitarlo por obtener buenos resultados, y solo decir “como era de esperarse del hijo del héroe”

    Ya no me importa si son malos o terribles padres, solamente sé que nunca se tomaron el tiempo de conocer a su hijo. Como dijo un comentario, si ni siquiera tienes tiempo de criar a una puta PERSONA (parece ser que lo veía más como un hiro pequeño) dándole apoyo emocional y no sólo económico, no seas caprichoso y traigas a sufrir a alguien a este puto mundo.


  9. De verdad que odio a esos padres, esto es la experiencia que un padre que no dio nada por criarlo, y notamos que incluso no lo consideraban una persona más bien lo vean como algo dado por ellos, incluso ella misma Mamu desprecio a su hijo diciendo que no era suficiente y si tu aun niño le dices eso puedes dejarlo mal para toda su vida.


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