Forbidden Master – Part 2/Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 – New Lessons

How long has it been since Tre’ainar and I set off for something?

『Is something wrong?』

“No, just a little… I wonder how long it has been since we left…”

My teacher, my companion, and the existence that’s one with my flesh, Tre’ainar.

Hearing what I said, he was a little dumbfounded and laughed….

『Umm… tis only been three hours.』1

“And yet I can’t see any signs of people at all! Or rather, where are we!?”

Oh. It had been about three hours.

“Somehow, I can’t see lights or anything, I’m just getting further into the woods and I’m getting scared of something, right? You want me to stay outside today? In that case, shouldn’t I have rested in the meadows still?”

『There was nothing around there. Neither water, nor anything that could prevent hunger.』

“B-but…… well, then… I can’t sleep in bed today, or have a warm meal either…”

『Hey, look here, pompous twit. For a penniless runaway you sure expect a lot?』 2

Me and Tre’ainar, who started our journey from the expanding meadows, were now wandering in the forest at the foot of a mountain somewhere.

As far as the eye can see, every direction is surrounded by deep forests.

As we proceed, there is no village, not one hut, let alone the city.

My legs are tired, my stomach is growling, my throat is dry, I haven’t taken a bath, I have no bed.

Until now, without asking for anything, I can get everything without any inconvenience, and anything I ask for, Sadiz would… prepare… Sadiz…

“…… Damn it.

『Hey, has your spirit broken so soon?』

“Oh, no … not really …”

『Well, this also is an experience I believe. Exactly…… I doubt the recent Academy students have learned how to camp…』

By getting out of the environment you have been comfortable in until now, I can see how well off I have been in that environment.

I was in the Imperial City, and I, lamenting the circumstance that no one was looking at me, ran out.

However, even if they would not acknowledge me, if I stayed in the Imperial City at least I would never starve or die.

Yet, since I abandoned it, I have to do everything on my own from now on.

As soon as I started my journey, I realized that.

『Anyway, think of this is an opportunity to hone yourself, so do not go through the forest carelessly, rather walk through the forest while considering all you have experienced. As you stay here, you shall gain self-sufficiency and follow the rules of the strong.』

“Eh… That’s…”

『In other words, you have to secure food and bed for yourself.』


Secure a bed. Well, for some reason or another, I’ve resigned to camping outside.

I can’t sleep in a soft bed.

But securing food myself is…

“Well, I mean… for example…”

『Yes, finding mushrooms and edible plants, hunting beasts… catching fish, finding frogs and snakes….』

“A-Are you serious!? C-Can’t we find a steak shop!?”

『Such is life, now on your feet!!』

“How to put it, though I’m not a hunter, I must hunt beasts, I’m not a fisherman, but I must fish… Moreover, so gross!? Even a little, to eat a frog or a snake!? No, wait, I can’t! Frogs and snakes are really impossible!?” 3

『…… Hence why you are your parents’ spoiled twit…』

I couldn’t help but be horrified by Tre’ainar’s words, that is too much for survival.

But, Tre’ainar’s stunned expression seems to say, ‘With this level…’

And being called ‘parent’s twit’ really stuck it to my heart.

『Raising your tone to that degree, will you think of the future? Furthermore, as I said earlier, in the forest… no, the outside world, tis the strong that eats. Do not forget, tis also possible you will be hunted by ferocious beasts and such, is it not?』


『That is why you must be hearty in order to move on. Before our goals, we must first acquire the strength and knowledge to survive living alone.』

Right. At the time of our departure… well, the great feat of ‘surpassing my father’ that I pledged three hours ago.

Before I do that, I have to be man enough to do something about this.

That’s why Tre’ainar’s words about me raising my voice to this degree, I’ll be considerate in the future.

“Wow… All right, I…… so…… ah, there was…”

With that said, when I glanced down, I noticed a large mushroom growing at the base of a tree, and crouched before that…

“If I find something like this, I can eat it…”

『Well, such bravery can discipline the mind, By the way, tis a poisonous mushroom called ‘Giggling Mushroom (Bakushotake)’.』


『If consumed, dizziness, chills and neurological symptoms, and in some cases mental disorders such as visual and auditory hallucinations…』4

“Hold on, that’s too dangerous!? I had no idea, did I?”

Dangerous. If my hunger had reached the limit, I might have casually eaten this mushroom.

With poisons being commonplace in the forest, acquiring food is a challenge.

『Hmm. Well, do not worry. I shall inform you of survival in the forest. In times past, I would occasionally take a break in-between political affairs by going on a ‘solo camp’ retreat.』

Tre’ainar speaking so freely is a new facet.

Everything really is an ant to this guy.

But why ‘solo camp’?

By any chance, did he not have any friends…. 5

『In any case, we shall see what can be eaten and what cannot. So learn all you can.』

“Oh… But…”


“If possible… I want to eat meat….”

Wow, Tre’ainar’s expression is like, ‘Oh, this pompous twit’.

But I’m sorry. It’s what stimulates my mind.

『Well, anyway, as long as you’re in the forest… depending on the location, there are beasts and monsters…. If you fight and win, you eat…. you will need to learn that.』

“You’re serious…”

『Do not worry. And, as I have mentioned, you are in a period of growth. Rather, protein is a necessary nutrient. So, to you… I shall pass on a certain ‘Special’…』

Special!? Tre’ainar’s Special!?

“R-Really? The Tre’ainar Special? What’s that? Is there such a thing?”

『Tis not my invention. Tis to do with a certain tribe… a charm to lure beasts that does not require magic.』


A charm that lures beasts? You don’t need magic? That’s what it is. Did he say…. beasts?

“Hey, you said beasts, if dangerous beasts show up…”

『Do not worry. There were no signs of such in this forest. At least, no beast stronger than the child.』

Saying that, Tre’ainar stood on the spot, both legs slightly open.

『Dassoso! Now, you do it!』

“Eh… W-What’s that?”

『Tis a song and dance of the Banbino tribe that lures beasts. They are a famous hunting tribe.』

Daso? Tre’ainar suddenly began to dance before my eyes, shouting out strange words…… Eh? 6

“Eh!? W-What’s that? …… no…… uh”

『Do not mock this? Capture the beasts that appear with this charm and dance!』

Sorry…… I gained resistance due to ladders and speed reading, and I guess it’s true if Tre’ainar says so.

But, to resist laughing, it’s….

『Tis a matter of life or death! Take it seriously! Now, rhythmically raise your voice with the steps you trained on the ladder!』

“Oh, oooh… is this it?”

『Yes, hop rhythmically on both feet, bend your hips slightly, shout with both hands to beckon!』

But nothing came.

“Hah~ haah~ haaaah~… I used up my stamina….”

『Dear me. The technique is simply beyond a spoiled twit.』

“Stop calling me a twit, damn you!”

I’ve been screaming the same words and dancing for a long time, but no beasts came out at all.

Tre’ainar insists that I don’t have the skill, but…… No…… it’s what Tre’ainar says…. but…… from the side, what am I doing alone in the forest?

“Ah- ah… Better yet, if only I could say ‘Come here’ in words that are also transmitted to animals, wouldn’t it be easier….”

I was tired, so I sat down there and complained.

But to my casual grumbling…

『Tis not…… infeasible!』


Tre’ainar replied.

『An Ancient Forbidden Spell… There is something that can aid in communicating with animals and demonic beasts. Translation Magic, 【Mutza Gouro】』

“Seriously!? Then, if you teach me….”

『However! 』

“…… Hmm?”

『Tis too early for you. Best not to learn it yet.』

“Eh? Why?”

It’s too early for me to learn. It’s not that I can’t do it, but the expression ‘It’s better not to’.

I have no idea what that’s all about.

However, Tre’ainar tells me so with a serious, stern face.

『To understand all words… In a sense, that will lead to a change in one’s entire world view.』


『Well, most who have learned this end up mentally ill… best case scenario, you become a vegetarian.』7

“Eh… Well, seriously? Such a side effect?”

『Tis not so much a side effect…』

Saying that, Tre’ainar thought a little…

『Well, learn a lot. Then decide on whether or not the magic should be acquired after travelling the world a little more.』

He told me about it just to admonish me.

Author’s Note

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been twenty-four hours. How are you?

I will also resume this story.

I can’t do it every day from here, but I’d be happy if you could still read it.

Chapter 2 flows from the prologue and the world after three hours.

Some of the impressions I received expected it to be “five years since then” and “ten years”, but the correct answer was “three hours”.

Such a master and pupil, thank you again.

 [H1]What? Were you expecting a One Piece Style 3D2Y Timeskip??

 [H2]The word used here is ボンボン which refers to a Green young man from a well-to-do family. Had a bit of trouble finding the word to use but thanks to suggestions from senpais at RTD and LNT Discord, I got suggestions including twat, prat but I went with Twit.

 [H3] The word used here, ゲロゲーロ, has a double meaning which surprisingly works in either context. It can mean Gross or Disgusting (or simply a gag/vomit reflex), but it can also refer to the sound of frogs croaking (Gerogero).

 [H4]Guess he found Shrooms!! Remember Kids… Don’t do drugs…. Drugs are bad M’Kay!!!

 [H5]It’s okay, he’s got one friend now!!!

 [H6]Here we go again!!

 [H7]Oh Hell Nah! I don’t care what the beast says, Sads needs his meat. Whine about the Hens he’ll leave behind, dat chicken is getting in the fryer. I don’t care if it’s got a calf to take care of, beef is going on the grill. Fish gotta find Nemo? No need. He can join him in my stew.

And we’re back with part 2. Rough start for our heroes (opps, that’s a taboo word I believe). Will Earth fall to vegetarianism to survive? Will Tre’ainar stop calling him a ‘twit’? Did Goku exist in this world? Well if the bonus chapter is too be believed…

Anyway, really hope everyone is safe and healthy. We just started social distancing here and it’s rough. Hopefully this whole C-virus craze will move on without making zombies and we all go back to our lives.

Quick shoutout to all my Patrons for their overwhelming support. Tier rewards are up on my Patreon page.

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  1. Thanks for the chapters as always. Gods no time skips please. Also tbh still really hoping that we get a POV for the others during earth and musclehead’s fight. Like seriously. I want to have a frame of reference to see if these twits finally put 2 and 2 together and got “you fucked up and now this person wants nothing to do with you.”

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  2. I’m a vegetarian but I don’t think I’d have anything against eating fearsome monsters that want to eat you back, even if I could talk to them. That is, had I not been a vegetarian for long enough that consuming flesh now seems inherently gross.

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  3. The story is messy and sometimes it’s difficult to understand what they say. I’m sure it’s due to the style of the author but seriously… he should learn how to properly tell a story.

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  4. There is a manga call “Doubutsu no Kuni” which talk about different animal understand each other. It is the best manga and I highly recommend you to read it to understand what demon king is talking about


    1. Or just read Dr. Doolittle, the original modern animal talker. The early movie is pretty fantastic as well.


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