Serra – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Blood Soaked Killer

“Giaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Forgive meeeeeeeee!!!!”


The second man was quick.

Fearing me as I approached, he panicked and shot at my body many times. He also made new gunshot wounds on my body, but I jumped into his bosom, slashed his chest and kicked his belly. After he fell down, I quickly slashed his gut. There are few bones in the lower abdomen, so even if you are untrained, there is only flesh formed by a mass of fat, so it is very soft and easy to cut. Instead, fat and blood spills a little on the blade.

The man spills blood from the chest, stomach and intestines from the belly, and a burly yellow mass of meat while wailing due to the severe pain. He will likely die with such a large amount of bleeding anyway, and although he looks as healthy enough to keep screaming, I try to penetrate the medulla oblongata from the front to the throat so he dies immediately.

“…… That?”

The penetration is halted as I feel something hard hitting the blade’s cutting edge.

Apparently, I accidentally hit the bone of his neck. The man grabs the blade with trembling hands and tries to resist. Of course, blood is flowing out from his grasp.

“…… Haha.”

Wrong. I didn’t want him to shut up, I just wanted the sensation of taking his life.

I like to kill, but I’m not a battle fanatic. The moment you die by my hand, the moment you die before my eyes, I only feel pleasure. That’s why I use a sword that can give me the feeling of taking life, and I aim for the neck as much as possible so that they can die instantly.

But this time I failed a little. Then, what to do.

“…… Fufu”

I couldn’t stop smiling at the thoughts that suddenly came to me. The face of the man who saw my expression is drawn to fear and tries desperately to resist.

“Enough, please don’t rampage anymore.”

First of all, I draw out the sword stuck in the throat all at once. On the way, the man was still holding the blade, and the skin of his palm got slit up. White and red muscles and thin blood vessels can be seen from the cross section.

Holding the sword in the other hand, I slam the handle vigorously against the opponent’s forehead. Whether he fainted for a moment due to blood loss or the impact applied to the frontal lobe, the man’s resistance stops. He grabbed his face and hit the back of his head on the ground.

Gushi~yaa, a hit is struck with the palm. It’s a primitive technique, but a reliable takedown. Just in case, I checked the back of the head, brain serum was dripping from a broken hole.


The remaining three. With my smile on, I look back.

Oh, sorry. It seems that one of them had fainted. It’s no ‘fun’ even if you kill the unconscious ones.

As soon as I saw a man trembling against the wall, I immediately raised my sword and thrust it in.

“Uoh, Uooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”

The frightened man shoots without taking aim. Because he’s been shooting with one hand, the recoil is not absorbed, and the trajectory is disrupted. Well, there’s no point even if it hits me.

I immediately stab at his heart. It turned out to be a bit boring for me, but he seems to have died instantly.

“Now… one of you is fainted, so you are the only one left —!?”

Dry gunshots, impacts echoing on the head, dull dull pain.

No doubt, a bullet hit my brain.

The thoughts that were floating in the heat of it clears up. Such a strong murderous urge had disappeared like a lie.

Consciousness is not lost even while swallowed by impulse, but it always falls into an uplifting mood. Sometimes I don’t remember events after even a few minutes. In fact, I fully understand the situation now.

“…… Oh, right, that girl…?”

Though the massacre has been one-sided in my favor, bullets have been flying around as it is. It is likely she’s been hit. If I come to help, but you die, it would be a complete fail.

When I look around, I find the girl lying down. For a moment, I despair that I couldn’t help, but when I run up I’m relieved that she just fainted. No wonder. Anyone will faint if there was a sudden devastation with blood and gore in front of you.

But that’s for a moment.

“Drop deeeeeeaaadd!!”

Still one. A gunshot echoes from behind.

I immediately turn around and my right shoulder gets hit while warping her body so that it doesn’t hit her head.


A dull pain in my right shoulder. In addition, the feeling of the impact and sinking into the bone. The feeling goes through the bone and the sensation of the right arm disappears. It penetrated. The nerves were also damaged. The sword falls from the right hand which lost power. But just before rolling to the ground, I grab the handle with my left arm and slash his chest with as much weight as I could.

“Eh!? Uuuuuuuh”

At the same time as the slashing, the murder impulse awakens again, but desperately I restrain it. Looking ahead, apparently the torn man didn’t die instantly, but the wound and pain made him unable to move. The bleeding is also severe, and the ribs and the lung were seen through his chest. I have no intention to treat it, but even if I leave it as it is, he will die soon from the excessive bleeding or necrosis caused by an infectious disease.

Finally, I tie the fainted man with a rope. I will surrender him to the army as an informant. Ironically, I’m good at killing, but I can’t be cruel enough to torture.

“Haha… Sigh……. Haha, I look terrible…”

It’s a really terrible state. The whole body is full of holes. The bleeding won’t stop, and brain serum flows from the head. The gunshot wound remains as is, so some bullets are biting into the meat and bones.

Because I was immortal, I managed to do it. …… I don’t think it’s a good thing myself.

Anyway, I’m worried about the girl’s condition now. I don’t know when she fainted, but it’s a bit harsh to wake her up because she definitely burned that devastation in her eyes at the end, but I have to ask about the circumstances. I’m sure Riko is worried too.

“Hey! Hey, you! Are you okay? Answer me!”

I shake her body and call to her.

The girl’s eyelids are opening, as if she regained consciousness at the sound of my voice.

“Hmm… No……. Oh, what…?”

“Oh, alright!? No injuries!?”

“Ha, yes… Eh, and… You……?”

She blinks and looks at me with her eyes open to her as if she was finally conscious.





Suddenly, as soon as she saw me, the girl screamed.

And, eyes turned over, she faints again.

Why!? I feel impatient but remember my figure there.

Indeed, I look like a neighborhood monster right now. It hurts to say it myself.

…… Or rather.

“What shall I do, this…”

It’s a sea of blood and viscera all over the place. Even though it’s a back alley with only a dead end, there’s a possibility that people will come by.

Surely the person from ‘Above’ will be angry. I felt blood coming out of my whole body.


『Yes, yes. I’m sorry, we haven’t joined you yet…』

I managed to get to the hotel’s private room. I stripped the man’s body and found a cloak that could just cover me. I carried the girl on my back, and asked the passers-by about a military branch, then pushed the bound man to the person who knew the place to take him away. Of course, the man is carefully threatened so that there is no issue. I should go myself, but unfortunately I don’t have time. I’m sorry for the man I imposed on, but he was a fairly strong person, so it should be safe.

And as I mentioned before, I came back to the hotel’s private room (when I checked in, I was pretty suspicious of the receptionist), and I heard a voice coming out of the door. It seems that Rico is talking with the person ‘Above’. Besides, he seemed to be angry with me for not coming back. I’m sorry, I really regret it.

『Yes, I understand. We will report as soon as information is available …. 』

It seems the call is finished. I knock on the door as soon as I hear the receiver being hung.

“Ri, Riko… I-It’s Serra. I’m back.”

“Eh!? Serra!?”

There was a clatter of noise from the other side. It seems as soon as she heard my voice, Rico ran towards me.

With a bang, the door opened and Riko came out.

“Serra!? You’re safe…..tch, what’s with the outfit?”

“Ha!? N-Nothing, a lot happened! It’s bad for your heart, so I guess you shouldn’t look too much!?”

Frantically, I tried to distract Riko. Though I think she definitely knew.

“…… You went crazy again, haven’t you? And there’s another girl.”

“No, I couldn’t leave this girl alone! Anyway, d-don’t look inside, okay?”

In my words, Rico looks more and more grumpy.

And, she gripped the hem of the cloak without hesitation.

“Wow, no, don’t look! Don’t look at me!!”

“It’s okay! Show me how hurt you were!”

“I said, Riko is not good at this aaaah!!!”

There was no resistance, and Riko takes off the cloak.

And as soon as she saw me, Riko stiffened.

“…… Ah.”

“Ri, Riko?”

Riko, facing my battered body, which has not yet recovered, trembled.

After a few seconds, she opened her mouth wide.


“Hey, Riko!? Be firm, Riko!!”

Riko screamed, then her pupils turned over and she fainted.

It hurts that someone fainted at the sight of me, twice.

Quickly, I took out the first aid kit and a change of clothes, and ran to the shower room without hesitation.

First of all, the blood is washed away and the first aid treatment, and the minimum necessary clothing is arranged.

The explanation of the situation comes after that.

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