Forbidden Master – LN Vol.1 Extra Chapter 2

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LN Vol.1 Extra Chapter – The Truth about the Picture Books

“There are even more books all of a sudden.”

『What are you saying! This amount is still but a few! In the first place, you can never read too many books.』

“Yes, I’ll read it with you next time.”


It was one of the rewards I gave to Tre’ainar who made me his disciple. A follow-up of the novels that Tre’ainar loved reading when he was alive.

However, more than ten years have passed since Tre’ainar died, so when it comes to compiling all the following volumes, it ended up being a considerable amount.

When I pulled the cart from the bookstore, returned to the mansion, and entered my room, I noticed something.

Originally, reading was not a hobby of mine, so my room doesn’t have a big enough bookshelf.

The books on the bookshelf are also dictionaries, textbooks and the like.

Still, if by some chance I move these aside, Sadiz will get angry with me.

“Well, where to put them… it can’t be helped, so in the closet maybe?”

The closet located in the room. Or rather, it is a separate room that acts as a storage room.

My clothes, social attire, childhood toys, and so on are in there.

Sadiz usually cleans it for me, so I went in after a long time, but there was no dust, and it was neatly organized.

『Is everything here yours?』

“Well, you can say that.”

『Huh, plenty of clothing and toys. After all, the child can buy it all without inconvenience.』

“Moh, Nu…”

I know I’m blessed being in a wealthy family with plenty of luxury.

However, when people tell me, I feel like I’m being made a fool of, and I get a little upset.

『Well, tis organized, but you no longer need anything from your childhood, do you? Why keep it?』

“No, I agree with you, but Sadiz and my mother are no good… they are mementos….. or for when I have a child someday…..”

『I see. Memories…』

That’s what Tre’ainar laughs at.

In contrast to such a closet, Tre’ainar noticed something that was in there.

『Hmm? Child. There are books on the shelf there…』

He pointed to several books which were a little worn out, and left on a shelf.

I couldn’t help feeling nostalgic, too.

“Ah, not my picture books. Wow~, Sadiz use to read these to me~”

I knew they were there, but I didn’t have any need for them or take them out.

However, if you take it in your hand casually and spread it out, the memories of the past come back.

『Hoho, tis a picture book?』

“Ah. When I was little, I had them read this, and when I was in elementary school, we all acted plays together.”

It’s not just Sadiz. At that time, my mother read it occasionally. My father was very bad at reading, so he didn’t like it, did he?

In the play, the princess was so selfish and hard to deal with. I wouldn’t practice, something like practicing together as husband and wife so that I can monitor myself, well….

『Hmm? Oh, Peach Boy.』

Then, when he saw one of the picture books I had in my hand, Tre’ainar whispered.

“Oh, do you know about it, too? ‘Peach Boy Born from a Peach’.”


I couldn’t share the topic of the novels, but I felt a sense of familiarity to the fact that Tre’ainar also knew the picture book I used to read.

『Long ago, there was a man who was the natural enemy of the Ogres. His sword skills were superb, but what he feared the most was a beast-tamer with the power to persuade animals. With his ability, he led Cerberus and the Monkey gods to scatter the demons. He was a formidable opponent. 』

…… wait what?

『Oh? That picture book… To the turtle who helped… Oh, the tale of the fisherman who journeyed to a deep-sea city? Nostalgic. Once, a schism ran between our Demon Army and the Legions of the Deep Seas over the princess, the daughter of the sea god.』

 …… oh, hey?

『Hmmm, this is… Ah, the bearer of the Battle Axe, ‘Golden Bear Killer’…… Well, once this was a problem involving interracial marriage, was this picture book story about the crane and frog woman who….』

Since when? Reading these kinds of picture books made my eyes shine with wonder, but as I grew up, I wrote them off as ‘stories for children’.

“Umm, Tre’ainar…”


“The characters in these picture books… were they real?”

『…… Did you not know?』

I never imagined I would find out in this way, not all of this was fictional, but actually “based on a true story.”

『Is this one not famous, as well? ‘Tonchi One Nine’ was called the intellectual general of mankind. I often compared his wisdom with my own. And I miss this one too. ‘Old Sage Hanasaki’ the plant master who turned a land ruined by the war into an all-encompassing flower garden. Also… 』

“Hey, wait… Let me calm down first…. Ha-ha…”

If anyone else said all this, I’d be like, ‘What are you talking about?’. But if the Great Demon King is speaking with a straight face, there was a persuasive feeling that it might all be true.

“This story… even if I were anyone else, no one would believe me …”

『? 』

I know of a shocking fact, but surely no one will believe me.

Well, in the first place, no one will believe my experience, that I see the ghost of the Great Demon King.

Somehow, after meeting this guy, I was able to learn only things I didn’t know.

“Hey, what else is there? Such a story.”

『Hmm? Alright…… Ah, this monkey named ‘Goku’ is –』

I guess more things like this will happen in the future.

It’s a bit scary, and also a lot more fun.

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  1. Thanks as always for the chapters. Man i developed a bad habit though. Each time i reach the end of a chapter and realized ive caugh up for some reason i turn into dio. Ngl i legit shout out “WRRRRRRRY!”.

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