Forbidden Master – LN Vol.1 Extra Chapter 1

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LN Volume 1 Extra Chapter– What the Child Didn’t Know

To me, the child was merely the offspring of Hiro and Mamu.

On the occasion I first ‘saw’ him… nonetheless.

─ How about it, Earth? Amazing, isn’t it? This is the sword of the hero that your dad used!

─ Wow, awesome! Dad, can I use it someday?

─ Sure you can. Oh, you’re your father and mother’s son.

Having lived for thousands of years, I believed the days and months that make up these ten years would prove to be insignificant.

However, the flow of time I felt after having died and became a mere spiritual existence was ridiculously long.

No one could recognize my existence. No one could see me. No one can hear my voice.

My former nemeses, the heroes, were no exception.

As a spirit, I possessed the Sword of the Hero, Hiro, which was then sealed within the armory of his mansion and left alone for years in a narrow, dark space with no opportunity to see the outside world since.

I had nothing to do.

There was no change in the days I spent.

Only on the occasions when the maid would come to clean up, or Hiro and young children visited the arsenal to boast of days past.

An eternal prison for the soul that cannot be completely eliminated and extinguished.

If those days were the punishment due to the defeated, it was quite cruel.

So, child. You do not know.

─ No, who are you!! Why are you here?

The day we first met.

You recognized my existence, raised your voice to me, and were able to hold a conversation with me.

How I was saved by your existence, which destroyed the days I thought would be of eternal solitude?

I am The Great Demon King Tre’ainar…… who once sought to conquer the world, but was slain by your father and his companions.

For the first time in 15 years, I mentioned my name. You responded to the name. However, it gave me so much joy.

That was not all. Surprisingly, I was able to possess you through the sword.

By possessing you, I can see the outside world again.

How much was it worth to me?

Child. You do not know.

Rather, I am weary of the days spent in captivity this past decade. I’d like to see a bit of the world after my demise. Child, go out to the city.

In order not to be taken lightly, I employed quite the pompous tone and expressed much dignity, but in truth my heart was racing.

─ Sigh, can’t be helped. Fine. I’ll take a walk before dinner.

And, because you uttered those words, I got so excited I forgot all else and jumped for joy.

At that time, you were so astounded your eyes shrunk to dots, but I was so happy.

I viewed the outside world for the first time in 15 years. It was nothing strange, simply the ordinary life of the peaceful imbecilic people in the Imperial Capital.

The peaceful world of humans that Hiro gained by defeating me.

Honestly, none of it mattered to me.

I just gained access to the outside world again.

I witnessed people living their daily lives that day. And the sunset as it began to sink.

As I watched the scenery, it seemed something unexpectedly got into my eyes, but I dare not show it to the child, so I desperately focused on my eyes.

The child must have misunderstood something, as his expression seemed a little frightened.

I was a little relieved to be able to preserve the dignity of the Great Demon King, at least for a while longer.

Hmm? Child. The books that are stacked in the bookstore over there…… There’s also some promotion, but…

What? Oh. ‘Destiny Grand Order’ released today….

That would be a foul. The sequel to a novel that I read on a whim on the pretext of ‘Knowing more about human culture would prove useful for something’ and unconsciously, I liked it.

For sure, I want to see it.

When I realized it, I had forgotten myself and asked the child to procure the book.

─ Haha!?” Why me!? Also, how will you read even if I bought it! You can’t touch books.

─ You can turn the pages! Do not mock me!

─ Th-that’s mean…

─ Aah, okay already. I’ll buy it for you.

─ A worthy cause!

Now that I think about it, I was negligent. I lost all composure, dignity be damned.

Rather, either the child was simply stupefied or he began to doubt my being the Great Demon King.

Since then, he has not once granted me the courtesy deserved of the Great Demon King, and to even address me without using honorifics.

But still, for the first time in 15 years, the pleasure of spending time with someone was far superior. Therefore, I had no complaint or correction, especially to the child.

Or rather, it may be necessary to ensure the child’s mood never sullies, so I considered magic from the Great Demon Kings repertoire.

I gave my utmost to acclimate to the child’s life, listening in on human school classes for the first time, and observing the lives of human students. All was fresh.

And, as we continued our shared existence, I gradually came to understand the child.

A boy who grew up spoiled by a wealthy family without any inconvenience. However, it was also a rebellious period peculiar to puberty.

And, in the case of the child, it was not only defiance.

After learning about the existence of the [Graduation Commemorative Match], I came to understand his situation clearly.

─ …… For the time being, I’m preparing myself for the humiliation.

Tis much too lax, such lack of motivation, the extent of such slovenly attitude.

Tis why I immediately understood.

That the child has a complex with his great parents.

Thinking back on it, tis a natural story.

The existence that overthrew me and changed the history of the world. A child born of such parents, the expectations and pressures he would have been under.

Even more, tis a peaceful world now. Unlike the days of war, which afforded many opportunities to raise one’s name, it was cruel to have in mere students the same expectations as heroes.

However, such a thing does not matter to those around him. As the child is the son of Hiro, no matter what he does, he can only be seen through rose-colored glasses.

Despite knowing full well of the child’s feelings, I chose to make a mockery of him for a moment. But in your heart… you want to get back at your father. You want to get back at the world. Is that not so? But I also understand that you lack the talent to do so. And.

However, the child was pushed too far and had many rebuttals, I got much too heated and retorted.

From there, it devolved to an argument exchanging one statement for another. In retrospect, I once engaged in verbal battle with Hiro, but it involved conflicting subjects such as “World”, “Humanity”, “Demon”, “Future” and so on. It was like a quarrel between young children.

And the child said, ‘You actually weren’t that strong, were you?’.  With that he said too much, and involuntarily I responded.

You shall take my place, wielding the power of the Great Demon King! And thus, be witness to my greatness as you blossom!

Was that not surprising now that I think about it? Even the child was left petrified, his mouth wide open as well.

Train the son of Hiro, my former nemesis?

I almost laughed at my strange fate.

On the other hand, however, I also felt it would be a good way to kill time if nothing else and so what could be done about it.

During my life, never have I taught my skills or knowledge to someone else.

In the sense that I can still have new experiences after death, even if the other party is The Son of Hiro, I will not dislike it.

Yes, it was simply to kill time. And yet, at that time.

─ You…… do not possess the aptitude for the same heavy-handed swordsmanship as Hiro. In other words, you lack the talent to be as Hiro.

In order to efficiently and effectively develop the skills through training suitable for the child, first explain the objectives of the training in order. For that purpose, he must learn what is unsuitable for his fighting style and what fits him best.

But at the same time, tis the same as asking him to give up on all he has ever aimed for, so to speak, to give up what had guided him.

He gave up his father’s style, which he had longed for and aimed at since he was little.

That is why I was surprised.

For a 15 year old boy to be told that ‘you don’t have talent to be like your father’ , never did expect such a reaction.

─ I-it’s not… Somehow, I have a rather pleasant feeling about this! Not like I’m my father’s son……exactly, more like I’m myself! I feel like a curse upon me has been reduced a little bit, and it made me feel better.

The child said so to me, earnestly.

─ Please, Tre’ainar. Lead me to the right path.

The child would not have noticed it either. At that time, the moment I heard those words, my astonishment was such that my face almost fell out.

Do you understand? Hiro.

People do not easily discard what they have accumulated or have been aiming for. If you put in the effort, pushed forward, and spent all that time on it, you would like to believe that it was not all for naught. To throw it away just by being told such by a person is, in a sense, a denial of the past self.

Yes, so I made the proposal myself, and informed the child, ‘I don’t have the same talent as my father’, I assumed the child would disagree and turn rebellious.

However, he did not.

Whatever words may come from your mouth, your focus up to this point, is always rooted to your dream and style. Rather that, I believe that it alleviates the burden… Do you know what that means?

More than I thought, the child felt a complex with Hiro and Mamu.

And the moment I found out, no longer did I think of it as nothing more than just killing time. For the sake of doing so, and having given up one way, I decided to make him as strong as possible.

— Skipping, one, two, three! One, two, three!

─ Bu, Gur, u… hehehehehe…

Well, certainly the child was so rude along the way that I lost count how often I got angry, but still not enough to have me say “I quit.”

The child also never uttered “I do not want to do it”. He obediently followed instructions put forth by me who should have been previously considered an enemy of the human race, and trained diligently.

And that day…

─ I…I couldn’t win, but I did my best…I don’t want any consolation! I want to win! I want to show them, those who don’t believe I can win!

At the time, Hiro, Mamu, and the maid praised his attitude of “working hard to win the championship” in the upcoming match.

They may have just been praising him, but the child’s interpretation of their words was ‘they don’t expect a win’ from the beginning, rather than them caring about the results.

There was no malicious intent from them as it were, they genuinely believed they were giving him support.

I thought of rectifying his outlook, but it did ignite the child’s enthusiasm.

─ Please…I want to train me more … No … I need to train! I want to be strong! I won’t discard it no matter what kind of effort. So, please! Osu!

I judged that such fire was not to be put out.

After all, having shown such enthusiasm, I began to believe in the result and decided to make him stronger.

Yes, it was at that moment, the child and I might have truly become master and disciple at last.

Though we never put it to each other in words, at least for the child, for lack of anything else to do I train him, raise him as a disciple. To him I am not the Great Demon King, but a master diligently overlooking his growth.

That is why, even though I was dead, I was also responsible.

Therefore, when I realized the growth of my disciple, I felt even more enthusiastic.  

And so did my feelings.

Same could be said for the child.

─ I don’t want to be an imperial knight. Right now I’m… I want to be a man who can go anywhere.

The child opened his heart enough to tell me about his future.

And whatever path the future leads to…

─ Someday…would you like to go? Not really. I’ve been taught a little bit, and… maybe I’d like to see it too… Including the demon world……

The child was also aware that I would still be beside him on the road.

─ Ho. The little boy, is in his own way….showing a man’s expression, is he not?

─ Is that right?

— And, for that I am grateful. For now, it would be my pleasure, to see the world as it stands today.

— Do our interests align?

— Hmm. Thus, you must get stronger. I will not have you perish the moment you embark on your journey.

— Yeah true. I ask that you please take care of me, Master.

Come to think of it, tis a feeling I have never experienced before.

Yes, you might call it ‘humble’.

However, the child’s consideration, though not spoken out loud, was purely ingrained in the heart.

That is why I deeply felt happiness with the child’s growth.

─ Hehe… This is my answer, Rebal.

─ …… What?

─ I’m here to prove myself, too.

Just two months ago, he only had a sense of inferiority to the geniuses of the era, but now he wants to fight to prove himself.

─ I’m here, not the Great Hero, Hiro… not even Mamu, the War Maiden! Not even the son of a hero! I’m the one who’s here, me! Earth Lagann! And this is my way, starting here!

My heart grew stronger, and more than anything…

─ Pierce through the limits!

He acquired enough power to match it.

─ Special Move, Fang of Heavenly Light • Meteor Flash Spir- uh… Uh, uh… Do iiiiiiiiittt!

…… Well, only the naming sense remains unfortunate.

Nevertheless, the child’s achievements left me excited.

I have led many in the past, but never have I raised anyone.

Tis not bad, this feeling as the student fully demonstrates their results and growth.

Earth’s Fist caught Rebal!

Oh, Mr. Rebal!?

Rebal fell…now, he’s face down on the floor!

P-Powerful… Earth, so strong!

What’s going on…a genius like Rebal can’t be left helpless on his hands and knees, right! ?

Until now, with the crowd’s narrow-minded notion of ‘knowing his nature’ when it came to the child, their subsequent surprised reaction had me burst into laughter.

And above all……

─ I, I can’t believe it… that Earth, where did you learn that? When do you learn that?

─ With Hiro… me and… much less, it’s different from Sadiz. How the heck did he…?

More than anything, the fact that you are incapable of masking your surprise proves my superiority. Say? Hiro. Mamu.

You do not understand, do you?

What happened to your son and why he gained so much power?

Everything is too much.

Despite the fact that I was completely destroyed by you and become but a spirit, this in a way, still verifies my existence.

─ Wh-Why… Little man this… Those movements…?

Celestial…the entire sword… Rebal’s swordsmanship is insane. I mean, to see it all…. all Earth!

Are you kidding me? Earth’s reflexes… And, uh…  like wings… How do you move your feet?

─ …… Hiro, di-didn’t you train him!?

At the sight of their surprised and dismayed faces, again I laughed at such ironic fate.

Even so, this is also something…. You and I have faced each other on many occasions, but… Now we do not fight each other, we simply do the same thing… I am watching over the same man.

And you , who should know your own son better than anyone else, know nothing, and now I know your son better….

However, I do not intend to act as intermediary between parent and child.

If you were the child, you would realize how little time you and your parents have spent with each other.

And when I consider your attitude toward your son, perhaps there was a desire similar to that of ‘parents and children being connected by their hearts’.

Such could be said as the child’s fighting style was still ‘the same magic sword as his father’.

However, the child forsaken all that. At the end of the day, he will not aim to be an Imperial Knight like you. He refuses to follow the path you have taken or the future you have prepared.

Then Hiro. Mamu. What have you left to your son?

You have defeated me, gained world peace, the right to life of mankind, the future, and you have earned the title of one and only hero.

But at this rate, will you not forfeit the ordinary ‘common happiness’ that is due a person?

I really believed that it had nothing to do with me.

He stood up! Rebal’s up!

But, are you okay? You were beaten so much….

─ Even so, Earth is so strong….

Until now, you were saying that the Son of Hiro and Mamu would lose!

I knew that, didn’t I? Young Earth is a man who does it when he does it!

Oh, that’s ridiculous!

─ Well, I’ve reconsidered it!

Yes, it’s true—

Ah, even after doing this much… yet they still…

─ Surely, the son of the hero!!!!

Hiro… Mamu… Do you not notice now?

The words of praise the crowd send in admiration, and how calm the child’s heart is.

Though he smiles fearlessly at his opponent, his eyebrows twitch slightly at the audience’s remarks, and the reactions pull at the child’s mouth.

So I pushed his back.

─ Even with this, seems the world still does not recognize you as ‘Earth Lagann’ instead of being the ‘Son of the Hero’. Then show me more. As my disciple, rouse the crowd. I will watch that moment.

As a teacher, I was pushing the child’s back.

And then…

There is no winning…yes, not as it is now!!

The child’s voice and mine matches,

─ Child. I shall ask once again. Who were you before?

─ I used to be…the Hero, Hiro’s ……just his Son…

─ Earth?

─ Then, who are you now?

─ I’m your disciple….

─ Tis so, but as a disciple, have you no notion of your standing? The first and last disciple of the Great Demon King Tre’ainar…

─ I know…

─ And what will you be from this day forth?

─ It’s decided! New, and true me!

─ Yes! Show it to everyone! Go, Earth!!

And howl.

That was the moment, I got so heated.

─ Great Magic Spiral, Earth Spiral Break! !

And he clenched his fist tight. The child’s victory assured, I felt so much joy, and at the same time…

─ Earth…you…… You!

─ You… Why……

The reactions of the two who interrupted the match, and what happened afterwards, ached my heart.

─ Is it true that the technique he just used was the Great Demon King Tre’ainar’s?

─ Idiot, why would the son of a hero use the Demon King’s skill!

─ If that’s the case… it’s a shame!

─ You have no pride as a son of a hero!

Neither those two nor Crowd appreciated the child’s efforts or results.

It may be inevitable.

The technique of the Great Demon King.

From the point of view of the heroes and the humans who saw it, such reaction was only natural.

I should have been more concerned about it.

Distracted I was by the thought of my disciple getting stronger day by day, and he was not as distracted.

All of it because I lacked awareness.

All of it was my own fault.

And yet…… child…… You were a big fool.

─ You are at fault? Why would you say that? What’s wrong with me being your disciple?

Never will I forget those words. What kind of thoughts did you put into those words?

The child who ran out on his parents, the Imperial City he grew up in, and everything in despair.

You ran, wept, shouted, but never crawled, and you raised your head.

And this time, not as the son of the hero, but as Earth Lagann, you will be recognized by the world.

─ Aim for the World, Earth!

Together, I swore to change the legend.

─ Okay… bring it on. I’m not an ultra hero, but…but still… let’s become ‘something’ that surpasses my father!

The child also said so, laughed, and stood up again with hope and ambition, even though it was the worst day of his life.

Then let’s go together.

─ To the End of the World!!

The child’s new life begins at the end beyond the horizon.

Yes, let us go as far as we can.

I shall keep you company until the very end.

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