Serra – Prologue

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– Surprisingly, it was quiet.

No one was being so noisy anymore. The bright city full of steam no longer exists. – There are no one important, anywhere.


The girl was just slowly staring at the scene.

A devastated world is reflected in cloudy sky blue eyes.

Her long, beautiful gray hair is thick with blood, which adheres to every corner of her clothes and body.

Even after such a devastation, her expression did not change and she stared at the scene in front of her as if she were a machine.

“Hey, Serra. That’s a terrible state.”

Suddenly, from behind, a girl’s voice is heard.

The girl called Serra squints her pupils at the sound of the voice and looks back.


“You’ve already forgotten your words. Just like that, you’re now a killing machine?”


Not responding to the girl’s words, Serra pulls out the sword, which had been rusted with blood, from the sheath.

Her face shows no emotion, but her eyes held clear murderous intent.

This person is the same as me. So, an enemy. So, here–.

“So, I will kill you here.”

“What, you can talk?”

The girl gasps in admiration to Serra’s murmur.

Immediately after.

The clash began.

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