Serra – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Uls, the Northern Town

『Umm, coming up – coming up soon – Uls station, Uls station!!』

The conductor’s voice echoes in the train.

Finally, our destination, the town of Uls, has arrived.

“Serra, we’ll be there soon.”

Whispers the girl sitting in front of me, full of excitement.

“Riko, I know you’re aware, but we’re not here for sightseeing. I’m here — to find someone.”

I was on the verge of saying something unsettling out loud, but I restrained.

Because it was originally a small town, only a few people get off the train we’re currently on. It’s not something you can easily say in public.

Because of my caution, the girl — Riko pouts, inflating her cheeks.

“I know that. But it’s okay to have fun because I’m here.”

“I know how you feel, but… our search comes first! Let’s go sightseeing afterwards?”

“Okay. And it’s not sightseeing, it’s a date, right?”


My cheeks heat up with her unexpected words. No doubt, my face is red now.

“Wh-What are you saying all of a sudden! We’re in public right now, and we, w-w-w-w-w- we’re g-g-girls!?”

“Yes, yes. But Serra’s voice is louder.”

Riko’s words take my breath away.

Looking around us, passengers were watching the scene with a smile.

I almost fainted from embarrassment.

“–!? Riko, it looks like we’ve arrived, let’s get out early!!”

“Heh? Hey, Serra!”

I pulled Riko’s hand and hurried off the station.

Anyway, it is the arrival of the town “Uls” in the north.


The Elmerado Military State. That is the name of the country in which we live.

Being called ‘military state, this country is a military nation where the army is in charge of politics. The army seems to have been established from the time of the founding, and warfare drives this country’s development. Therefore, tensions with other countries are still strained, but the domestic economy is very strong, and the people do not have a troubled life.

We’ve arrived at the smallest town in the northernmost part of Elmerado, Uls. Even though it is a rural town far from the city, Elmerado is an economic powerhouse. It seems that trade is the main business in this town probably because the northernmost geographical location was favorable, and the number of tourists seems to be increasing every year in such a moderate lively town.

“Wow, look, Serra! Lots of delicious food!”

Riko pulled at my sleeve, her eyes shining brightly.

Riko — Riko Akasaki is a girl traveling with me as my partner. She’s fifteen years old. With her diminutive stature, at only 154cm and babyish face, she is often mistaken for an elementary school student (although she gets angry when she hears this). A petite girl with red eyes and blue shortcut hair.

“Yes, I must first see to the hotel reservation. Food and clothing is important, but you can’t do anything until you have a place to stay.”

“Serra is too serious.”

Riko raises her voice at my reply.

Serra — my real name is Celestia Valentine. I’ve been told by people around me for a long time, I’m usually called ‘Serra’ because I am not used to being called by my real name. Also, I like this name.

Blue eyed with a gray ponytail. Fair skinned. That is my appearance. Because of this I stand out from others, so although I have a little complex, I have no choice.

“So, Serra, where is the hotel we’re going to stay at now?”

“Well, according to the map, it’ll take three minutes – — huh!?”

While I was looking at the map to find a hotel, I suddenly bumped into someone from the side.

Because it was sudden, the person couldn’t keep their balance, and fell to the ground.

But just before that, I was able to see the other party’s face.

She was a gorgeous girl in a pink dress.

The girl that bumped into me doesn’t even look my way and runs away.

However, there was the expression of impatience and fear in the girl. Such a desperate appearance made it seem as if she was being chased by someone.

“Really. What the hell is up with that woman? Didn’t even apologize for bumping into Serra.”


I muttered only one word and turned back to Riko, handing her the map.


“Change of plan. Riko is going to the hotel first!”

Once I tell her that much, I swiftly turn around and run towards the girl.

“Ha!? Hey, Serra!”

Riko shouts from behind, but I ignore her and chase the girl.

– Sorry, Riko! I’ll apologize when I’m done!

“There! After that woman!”

An angry man’s voice echoes from behind.

From a glance, I see that five men are chasing. At any rate, I dislike groups hunting down weak.

And the girl ahead disappears to the right. Apparently she hid behind the alley.

However, there is no such convenient way for you to be able to escape successfully in such a place. In fact, when I entered the back alley, there was a figure of a girl who was puzzled by a dead end.




The girl is frightened and shuffles away with a little call.

I don’t think I’ll be able to grasp the situation in this way. I suppose she may have done something wrong to be pursued by several men, but I do not believe that she did any mischief as she was of high station.

When we are wondering what to do, the men catch up with us.

“Bitch, running away… Oh? Who’s she?”

” If you get in the way, I’ll kill you! “


The men who acquiesced to my presence turn to me with killing intent.

I often see them in books, but why do thugs turn to violence so easily? Furthermore, the other party is two girls. A good old adult is pitiful.

I am appalled and can’t speak, so I draw my sword from its sheath. Of course, the other party is a thug, so I’ll simply intimidate them.

“Certainly I have nothing to do with you, but… I can’t overlook you chasing girls. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m going to stick my head in.”

” You’ll only make a fool of yourself, bitch!”

You can only say ‘bitch’, these guys.

I sighed at the thugs and their typical words and behavior, then the unexpected happened there.

Indeed, I drew my sword as an intimidation tactic, but instead of being terrified, he became more vigilant and took a handgun out of his pocket.

I frown at his surprisingly truculent attitude and the noisy weapon that should not have been there.

“…… possession of armament by non-military personnel should be prohibited in this country.”

“Hey, so you’re a military official, aren’t you? Then you can’t make it back alive. Now you will be killed here.”

He also took the trouble to spit out that he was a member of a dark organization. It seems that the thugs have no brain.

However, the opponent has already put his finger on the trigger. The bullet might have already been loaded since the sound of the clatter was heard all at once. It is inevitable that the shootout will begin. On the other hand, I have a sword. I don’t care about it, but at this rate, the girl behind me might get shot through.

I look back at the girl and shout the words I came up with.

“I’ll do something about this here, so if you find a chance, quickly run away! And don’t look to where we’re fighting! For a lifetime, to eat good meat――――”

Bang, and.

Dry gunshots echo.

There was a fever in the beginning. Then I was shocked. At the end, a severe pain ran.

Where was I shot? I can’t get my thoughts together, but I’m sure it was a headshot because my head feels tingly.

Red liquid, colorless liquid and pink meat splatter in front of me. Is this…… my brain…?

I hear a high-pitched scream from behind. Oh, did you see it … Maybe she’s too terrified and can’t move. She was a girl who looks younger than 15, so it is not unreasonable.

Also, you can hear the gunshots.

Neck, shoulders, chest, arms, hips, legs. Apparently, the whole body was riddled with bullets. The proof is that my body, which has fallen to the ground, is drowning in a sea of blood.

However, even after the gunshot wounds and bleeding, my consciousness remains clear.

“Hmm. That’s the way it goes, bitch. What a mess. Military personnel is not a big deal.”

“Then, it’s your turn.”

One of the men turns the muzzle at the girl.

The girl, whose face turned pale at the tragic state in front of her, muttered only a word, ‘God …’

No, the fact that she murmured.

The trigger is fired mercilessly.

However, the bullet was sucked into my shoulder as I had risen swiftly.

“Hah… huh… how is this possible, you…”

“What, what!?”

“Hey, this, you’ve been hurt that much!”

Ignoring the men making the typical surprised response, I look back at the girl.

As soon as she looked at me, she raised her scared voice.

I know why. There is no mirror here now, so there is no way to confirm my state, but I am sure.

It was not my appearance when I stood up in the face of such injuries.

Now I’m probably smiling.

“Hey, you…You just said ‘God’……”

“Eh… ah.

“Did you say that?”

Once again, ask the girl to put pressure on her.

The girl was frightened but tried to open my mouth to answer my question.

“B-Bitch, just die already!”

However, there is a man in the way.

There were still some bullets left, so they shot at me.

I spew blood out of my mouth.

When I touched the wound on my stomach, it made a nasty sound and I was in severe pain. My fingers are in my stomach. Perhaps there was a hole my gut.

But it’s not important now. What the girl said is important, but when they are there, they can’t help but get in the way.

So without hesitation, I cut off the man’s right arm.

“… Ah?”

The man has an incomprehensible expression on his face…

The man falls down as if his center of gravity collapsed by the loss of one arm.

At the same time, blood spouted from the cross section.

“Oh, oaaaaaaaah!!!? My Aaaaaaaaaarrmm!?”

The man starts shouting at last when the pain has spread.

Because it is noisy, I try to cut the neck this time. However, because a large amount of blood adhered to the sword, it is not possible to cut all the way through.

I had no choice but to slash his throat once, then I thrust the sword into his mouth to end it. With a dull sensation and a splash of fresh blood, the man becomes silent. Yes, I felt really good.

“Hey, what the hell!?”

“Y-You killed him without hesitation!?”

“It’s noisy… You shot me without hesitation. He only got it in the throat and arm, but I have holes in my entire body?”

In fact, brain matter is still dripping from my head, I can’t move my left hand, and my heart literally hasn’t beaten after several shots.

Still, I do not die. I’m not allowed to die. I can taste so much pain from enough wounds to die from, but I cannot stop my consciousness.

This is, so to speak, a curse. I was given a ‘God Curse’ as it is.

And not just one curse. The worst curse that is usually held down unconsciously, but wakes up when I lose my reasoning due to pain and excitement.

A strong murderous impulse and the pleasure that accompanies it.

So to speak, I am an immortal killer.

“He, he. Hehehe. For the first time in quite a while I don’t have to hold back you see. I can’t do it, but I’m sorry?”

The men’s faces are distorted by fear.

Unfortunately, the party has just begun for them.

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