Novel Translation Update and News

So finished translating Part 1 of Forbidden Master and boy what a journey it’s been. I honestly count myself massively lucky to have picked it as my first translation project. The premise simply seemed interesting but I never imagined how much it would resonate with me.

I can’t help but see a bit of myself in Earth. Not that I’m pressured by excessive expectations, but I really admired my dad and wanted to follow in his footsteps and just between us, I feel I’m lacking. Don’t get me wrong the man’s been at my corner and supported me through ups and especially downs, but I realized early I’ll never be as good as he is which is a bummer to be honest. So yeah I can’t help but feel a certain kinship with this story, really excited to see where it goes.

Volume 2 of the light novel just got released today much to my surprise. It must be doing really well as it’s only been a couple months between volumes. And a manga adaptation is on its way in April. Can’t wait to see it, wonder if any prominent scanlators will pick it up (someone spam lhtranslators, they do great work with this kind of material).

Anyway announcement time. As I’ve said before, I’m taking a short break. It’ll only be for a couple weeks, gotta handle some rl stuff. But don’t fret, I won’t keep you hanging. Got to rip a couple extra chapters from the light novel (wasn’t easy, booklive really didn’t want this done easily) and I’ll be posting them soonish.

Also, as mentioned, I’ll be picking up another series to translate. I doubt I’ll be as lucky with my choice this time but who knows. Might still be an interesting read. Under Projects, you can kind quite a selection of read that piqued my interest. But I’m not confident I can handle 2 long running series confidently so I opted for a shorter completed one. Also something more R rated with a female protagonist for a change. So I picked ‘So, I will Kill you here’ as my next project. Enter a world of blood and insanity. Should be cool….. I hope (you just never really know to you’re done)

Anyway with me doing two series now, unfortunately I’ll have to slow my chapter releases for Forbidden Master so I can accommodate them both. Meaning instead of the standard 8 monthly chapters, you only get 6 (that’s including 2 bonus chapters) for Forbidden Master and 4 chapters for So, I’ll kill you (at least for now). Hope you’ll bare with me on this.

I was also considering translating some short stories on occasion. What would you guys think about it? Do let me know.

Anyway, let me take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude to all the support I’ve been getting for my endeavors and especially to those who throw in their support on my Patreon. I’ve been overwhelmed by you guys over pinched myself raw. Crossed my first milestone and hoping to breakthrough all the others as well. I might even be able to get a PS4 in time for the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

And please do continue to show your support. I’d love to get the wife something nice…

Like a sexy maid outfit, or a bunny girl suit, maybe a raunchy schoolgirl uniform…. Wait why is this typed? Note to self delete before posting, they don’t need to know about your inner perv.

Anyway please look forward to all that’s coming up and again. Thank you. I didn’t know how this whole translation gig would go but I’m glad it’s going well. All thanks to you guys.


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