Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 41

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Chapter 41 – Jumping in

Use that.

Two months ago, I didn’t think I would be able to use it because it was far beyond my imagination.

But now I’m excited about the real thing.

I feel like I can do it now.

No, I was confident that I could.

-How long will it take for me to be able to use that technique?

-It consumes large amounts of magical power. The destructive potential is immense, and tis a favorite technique of mine, but…. Difficult to apply in some spaces due to the excessive size, and to be honest tis not suitable for combat.

– Eh? Really?

– Yes. In fact, I did not use it in the “battle” with Hiro and the heroes. To learn…… Well, might take about six months.

But what if the opponent attacks from the front with all his might?

Isn’t it easy to hit?

And, it will have excellent destructive power if you can hit it.

If it’s now…

『Hey, child! You… wha!』

「Huh, a little bit… I wanted to mess up your calculations too…. Six months? I’m mastering it now!」


Now is the time.

“Blow off, Earth! This is my…”

Just fly high into the sky and then swing the sword down.

Simply and but powerful.

When Rebal comes in with everything in one swing, I’m…

“You get blown away! I’ll tell you! Who’s here! Earth Lagann is here!”

I dare to break it from the front, too.

“Dense and sharpened, the magical power that overflows as steam… Focused… Inflates! Hardens! And if you can afford it, give it shape, and if you can afford it, make it spin! That’s it!”

I shout out the phrase that Tre’ainar taught me, word for word, and make a spiral in my right arm.

The spiral may be different in size and density from Tre’ainar’s demonstration.

However, this isn’t just an imitation of his skill.

“This is… meeeeee!!”


To create a new path for myself…

“… Ah … that is … that, the spiraling technique with a sharp pointed tip … sure?”

“Uh, no … no way … seventeen years ago!? It destroyed the magical city. Heh!?”


“Li…ttle… ma… a…… aah————–“

I put my serious feelings into it….

“Howl and push forward, my full power!!”

And, in this regard, the skill name will be inherited without the master’s permission!

It’s a strange naming sense, and I don’t know why he put it in twice.

However, it is…

“【Dragon Rending Sky Thrust】!”

“【Great Magic Spiral • Earth Spiral Break】!!”

New, I’m myself!


“Now fly, Rebaaaaaaaaal!!!”

I leap head-on at Rebal with a violent spiral.

A dazzling flash.

“Ooooooooh, Gooooooooo!!”

At this moment, I’m already certain.

With this power, even with Rebal’s full powered swing from the front….

“【Giga Thunder Rush】!”

“【Vermilion Full Moon Sword】!”

It was then.

“Eh eh”

Just as Rebal and I were about to collide head-on, an impact with enough force to negate our skills breaks in at the speed of light.

“…… Father…… Mother?”

That’s because my father, who drew his sword out, and my mother, who had a halberd, changed expressions, and at the same time I…

“Earth… you…… You!”

“You… Why……!”

It was so sudden that neither I nor Rebal knew what had happened for a moment.

“What… And?”

Did my father and mother break into our fight?

And there’s no praising me for my strength, or for my hard work, or anything like that.

It’s like they are turning to me, their real son, for the first time. Why are you looking at me like that?

Why? Why did my father and mother get in the way?

“What… Why are you interrupting, Father? Mother! The hell…”

I wanted to surprise my father and mother.

As a result, they were surprised.

However, I did not think I would be seen with such eyes.

“…… Earth…… you…… where…… how and who… did you learn that kind of skill from?”


“The technique is….”

This technique…… I was taught by the ghost of the Great Demon King that my father had defeated. That’s the truth.

“Wait, Hiro!”

But before I said anything, my mother took over.

“Here… Is Rebal okay?”

“Eh… Yes, yes…… But, the heck is this…”

“I’m sorry, Rebal. But I’m sorry. This fight is over.”

Not only me, but Rebal, who suddenly joined in, is confused.

No, we’re not the only ones.

“Sir Hiro… Mamu…”

“What the hell… What’s going on?”

Princess and Fu,

“Hey, what is it? It’s The Great Hero, Hiro!”

“And there’s Mamu, too?”

“What happened?! Why did they interfere!?”

On the contrary, the crowd is buzzing with confusion.

My father and mother showed up in front of us with a tense expression.

And my father…

“Lingaun. Due to various circumstances, this match is done. Earth will withdraw.”

“Eh, A…… Are you sure?”

“Ah, and we’ll take Earth with us as it is. Keep the tournament going.”

Heh!? What!? Withdraw!?

No…… with how much I put in for the last two months, to just exit this tournament? Don’t be silly!

“Hey, wait a minute, Dad! Why are you doing this? Why would you have me withdraw?”

“Shut up!”


At that moment, my father’s overwhelming pressure ran through my whole body, and I lost my words involuntarily.

This…… My father’s…

“Earth. If you had used that technique… I’m sure Rebal wouldn’t have walked away from it.”


“Such a technique… that’s… it’s not a skill used by warriors!”

I can’t say anything to my father…. he has a sad…. painful expression.

It’s not just my father. My mother, at me… far from disappointment. Just sad.


“A… A, ah… Oh… that was…… once…… My home… why? Little man…… Lit… tle…… man…”

Sadiz? Why? I was interrupted on the way, but you were watching, weren’t you? Where I got stronger?

But what’s that face! Why, so much… I’ve never seen it before…. she always has a mean face, but she’s kind, and Sadiz was…. such a frightened face.

“I, N, N…Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  Father!  Mother!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”


“Don’t! Father! Mother! Demon King killed, uncle, aunt, grandpa, grandma, everyone! Killed by the Great Demon King!!”

And Sadiz went mad while holding her head…

“Sadiz! It’s… Hiro, please, here! I’m with Sadiz!”

“…… Ooooh.”

Mother rushes up to Sadiz who goes mad with screams.

Why? Why……

『…… It cannot be…』

Hey? Tre’ainar, what do you mean? What is ‘It cannot be’……

“N-no doubt… That power…”

It was then.

Suddenly screaming, Sadiz’s frightened voice resounded in the audience seats.

It’s like a little child crying.

And that voice……

“Why is that? Why? The Great Demon King Tre’ainar, the Master… Big sister Mamu overthrew him… Why can you use the power of the Great Demon King Tre’ainar!?”


“My family… The house… fell all over everyone….. No, no… Nooooooooooooo!”

It reached everyone.

And my first love cries with a broken heart…

『Oh, it cannot be… a survivor of that city… and in that place… were Hiro and Mamu there as well…?』

For the first time, Tre’ainar was crushed with a sour faced expression, and I had no choice but to panic.

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21 thoughts on “Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 41

    1. Also, the fuck are they riding him for “using a skill his opponent wouldn’t have walked away from.” When the opponent in question was about to use a skill that literally was used to kill A FUCKING DRAGON. Both sides were about to mangle eachother but somehow he’s in the wrong? Fuck off.

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      1. I think this skill I a lot more powerful than that it literally destroyed a whole city. So when they saw the resemblance between earth and the demon king skill they literally shit there pants.
        They already experienced the terrible power of this move.

        Liked by 9 people

    2. Really, i have no hope to MC parent anymore
      Not even 1%
      He stop MC skill thinking thats deadly
      So rebel technique who can killing dragon is an easy peasy to MC? If MC get to eat that without defending, i bet MC parent wouldn’t do anything to help MC
      They just sit there seeing their son is miserable

      Okay can someone denied my statement?
      Cuz this is how i view from them, they don’t do anything, not even a praise for what he train his whole life. They just surprise when the time come their son can’t inherite his father skill who don’t even teach him once

      All of them have a screw loose in their head i tell you!!!

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  1. ….So…It seems my uneasiness was spot on….Except…It’s way worse than I thought…….(stopping myself from screaming out loudly). ….This…part is ticking me off to no end!!! It like, no matter what Earth does, it seems like he’s screwed either way.

    Sure, using a move like that was a terrible idea (since it was bound that either someone or both his and his friends’ parents would recognize the move), like he could create his own technique. However, I can’t even get angry at him. With how he was progressing with the fight (and how stronger he has gotten), of course he feels great. Of course, he would reveal everything he has taught that made him strong. However, this ONE moment is probably going to completely break him! All of his efforts, everything he has done, everything he tries to achieve, is being denied to the very end; and it’s being done by his own parents.

    As for his parents (while I understand that move was probably dangerous): For such good people, they are such TERRIBLE parents. They may not know it, but they are completely denying everything that he has done so far. And it’s possibly for the dumb reason( even though there’s more to it) that he’s not following either of their (or more to it Hiro’s) fighting styles. Sure, they may be busy with work. HOWEVER, that’s no excuse for not attempting to try to either spend time or teach them their techniques (so Hiro’s line of ‘not a technique that’s used by warriors’ is complete crap considering he himself didn’t attempt to teach him any of his, and even if he did, it seems he doesn’t have enough sense to know that his style isn’t suited for Earth), or find a tutor that wasn’t extremely narrow-minded in find what suited Earth best (so Sadiz already failed at that, since it seems that she also thought of Earth using Hiro’s style). This situation is reminding me of Plague of Gripes video called ‘Gohan’s Many Masks.

    I should’ve realized this outcome was happening when comparing the different reactions the audience (including Earth’s family and friends) between Rebel and Earth throughout the entire fight. This is extremely infuriating!!!

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    1. I’m both waiting in anticipation and apprehension about how this is gonna go. Like sadiz has some serious (and obviously understandable) PTSD toward the demon king even more so the technique that killed everyone she knew/cared about. how much you wanna bet this is what abruptly kick starts his “journey/adventure”? ( i cant remeber what term he used but his plans on traveling and seeing the world instead of being an imperial knight)

      This next part is irrelevant and only my own want but gods please, please, please let him finally snap and let off some steam on his parents and “friends” (air quotes used in doctor evil fashion here) lelouch vs charles and marianne style.

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  2. Man… i can forgave aadiz a little
    And i understand where the hiro and mamu are coming from, but still, after NEVER training him whatsoever and him clearing sayong that he will not be an imperial knight, they still have the nevers to say ” no a techniqur for warriors” and wihdraw earth of the battle just because of it, even when rebal too wad using an obviously technique that would probably kill if earth was not cautious about it

    Man i dont like em

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Honestly power is power. Where is comes from doesn’t make a fuck. It’s how it’s used. And whether you control the power or it controls you. And has we see he’s controlling it.

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  3. When your identity is denied.. when your efforts is denied.. everything you do before feel like worthless.. worthless people.. worthless parents.. now mc, welcome to the dark side..

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  4. Fuuu what the big eff are those parents. Yea his technique maybe too strong for Rebal. But what about his sword slash which took down a dragon.
    Not to mention why the domineering attitude. It’s like he did something wrong. WTF. His technique is similar to demon king. So? A sword used to kill can be used by anyone but if it’s this one than it’s something like heretic magic huh.
    Never heard it’s not about the weapon but who wields it.
    Are these chipmunks the hero? No wonder the demon king is sassed about his lose. Anyone would be better than these.

    Liked by 9 people

  5. Ah… there it is …. I couldn’t comment in the few chapters … cuz i want to see the next chapter … and here we are …

    Its here .. we he will really be separated from the others path …. but really its sad … he wanted to be recognized … but not as “that” evil way … sad for Sadiz too… but oh well.. I didn’t fully liked her … srry …


  6. The father never tried to teach the son anything and now he blames him for using unknown skills. Even if it was a skill from the demon king you can’t blame Earth.

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  7. It really is sad.
    It looks like his parents intervened early mostly so that they can hide the identity of his power (since no human should know it – > then the fact he does implies some sketchy source)
    But all failed since Sadith spoiled the secret. And it’s hard to blame her considering her having an actual ptsd (and her “recovery plushie” Earth/Eirth is the very one to show her the technique that massacred her entire family. And so the one person she felt safe and calm with is now reminding her the horror)
    Nonetheless, it’s still all going directly against Earth’s one simple wish, after new conviction and deathly training, which may (i hope not) crush him here.
    Can’t say more words, it’s sad.


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