Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 – A Storm of Fists

By a sheet of paper.

By a piece of cloth.

By a skin’s depth.

That’s how close the attacks come to hitting at the last minute every time.

However, it never does.

I don’t get hit.

Not only do I see everything, but I can also adjust the margin by which I evade them.

“Ah, Earth… you…”

As he swings his sword, Rebal is starting to get confused.

Certainly, Rebal’s sword may be swift.

However, if the sword is likened to a long arm, it does not have a joint, so there is no unexpected trajectory along the way.

By looking at the angle of the shoulder and the arm, even if swung with both hands, you can predict the sword’s trajectory before you see it.

“Wow, I, just now, I think he got grazed!?”

“Rebal is getting even faster!”

“At this rate, he’ll receive all the blows eventually!”

“Earth can’t do anything while defending!”

I didn’t get grazed. I’m letting you underestimate me.

I make sure not even a single scratch on my skin can be identified.

“Tch, then… Imperial Sword!”

But, the same can’t be said for Rebal.

He accelerates his attacks and tries to take me down with force.

Legs, rushing in, everything is stronger and more powerful now, and Rebal is in a serious state of mind.

“【Celestial Light Blooming Strident Dance】”

“Haha! “

Indeed, a cutting flash split into multiple layers seemingly at the speed of light.

“What, that Rebal, even that sword!”

“Even among senior swordsmen there are only a few users…”

“That might kill him!”

Naturally, the audience would think ‘this is the end’.

At the moment, I’m not clad in magical power.

If I fail to avoid a single blow, that’s it.

So I avoid it… with full spirit!

“Can’t you catch me?”


All strikes, shortest distance, minimum, fastest evasion.

The feet move lightly showing the results of the ladder training, and move as smooth as I imagine.

The commands sent by the brain reaches to the body at the speed of light and are executed.

Lightning fast footwork.

“…… h-hey… Rival fella, how many swords…”

“Tsu… h-hey, for some time now…”

“…… Wait a minute?”

“Um, hey? Mr. Rebal’s sword… it’s quite a while.”

“Wha-, hey, that… By any chance….”

Oh, the audience seems to have noticed that it is becoming strange gradually though they were chattering away until a while ago.

“Wh-Why… Little man this… Those movements…?”

Oh, you’re even more surprised, Sadiz!

“Celestial… the entire sword… Rebal’s swordsmanship is insane. I mean, to see it all…. all Earth!”

“Are you kidding me? Earth’s reflexes… And, uh…  like wings… How do you move your feet?”

“…… Hiro, di-didn’t you train him!?”

Are you watching? Father, Mother, Emperor!

“It can’t be… Why?! Rebal’s sword… even the fire dragon got knocked down, Rebal’s sword is… not hitting!? Even though Rebal hasn’t used ‘that power’ yet, what does this mean?”

Oh. It makes sense if it doesn’t hit you, Fu!

“Dummy… I, even I don’t know…. I don’t know this Earth! What is this? What’s going on over there!?”

Princess, the most amazing thing is that you, who knows the best of my abilities, are so surprised!

“Eh, Earth! Oh, how in the world are you ahead!?”

And, the moment Rebal asked me, while swinging the sword at the speed of light, trying not to exude uncontrollable bewilderment, I felt it was already over.

And then……

『Kukuko, come now… with this dullard… and your dumb, peaceful father and all the heroes, show them.』


I will prove myself.


I finally reached out for the first time.

“””” Earth’s attack has reached Rebal!?””””

The left, like punching through Rebal’s face diagonally from below. It’s a series of hits.

“Buha, Gu, Na, Gu!?”

【Great Demon Flicker Jab】!

Use a snap and swing out from below.

That’s not all.

The moment Rebal tried to advance, the moment his posture became slightly lower by stepping forward, I lowered my hips and struck out like a counter from below.

As a result, with a fist that has not yet been strengthened by breakthrough, I punched out Rebal’s nose and jaw, scattering fresh blood.

“Oh noooo! Rebal’s face is ah ah!?”

“Oh, so fast!? What, that punch!”

“Why can Earth use such an attack?”

“Rebal has a sword, why can you punch him so easily?”

Normally, you don’t fight bare-handed against someone with a weapon.

In the unlikely event that you do, you set up a super close-quarters battle to kill your opponent between pauses.

But now, this distance on the left is good enough for me…. So I strike!

“Guh… Fast…… Ga Guh….. can’t react!? Gu… Guh…! “

However, it is not a one-shot technique.

Rebal receives my fist, but if he can’t avoid it, he’ll try to forcibly launch an attack while ferociously enduring and venturing forward.

“Imperial sword… Bu, ha, gah”

However, the moment he tries to use his techniques, I interrupt it with a series of hits.

Rebal’s jaw, then nose, bash the ear and at the moment he flinches hit the jaw again.

『Kuku, fuhahahahaha, unable to even activate your skills? The initial motions of the Sword Saint’s Successor are too obvious to the child today.』

Yes, I won’t allow the opponent to even activate their skills.

In other words, I crush the initial motions.

With my current eyesight, I picked up on all of Rebal’s initial motions for his techniques and understood them.

On the other hand, I rock my shoulders and feet in small increments, and by swinging my left like a pendulum, I try not to telegraph the initial motions and shoot the left in the movement.

A technique for throwing a punch, not increasing the power of the punch.

『Yes, the biggest weapon in a fight is… the left jab, delivered when the left side of the body is facing forward. A weapon that is closest to your opponent and can strike at their head in the shortest possible time. In addition, the flicker’s trajectory, which lowers at the left, seems like a whip and flies diagonally from below, is invisible to him.』

Imperial style also has martial arts. However, that mold was discarded completely by the spars with Tre’ainar.

『Even if you learn impractical kicks and exaggerated punches, it makes no sense if you lack the process necessary to land the hit. In that respect, the left jab is effective in the assembly of attacks, in principle, in all aspects. Also…… by continuously hitting with the left, it becomes….. a weapon sufficiently capable of killing.』

Rebal’s torso wavers as the activation of his technique is suppressed.

The opening is too enticing, I jump in without patience.

『And now, on the left, destroy your opponent, strike with the accumulated cannon! 』

A quick step-in, right fist towards Rebal. No…… Wait.


Is Rebal about to snap? He’s going to open up the part of himself he’s hidden within.

I understood that in advance.

“Ku, Gah….. tch tch, St…… Stay awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!”

“…… Oh.”

As expected, I can’t end it with just one left.

I suppose it’s not always so easy.

But still, the right is cocked and waiting.

“Oh, Rival roared!”

“Amazing, it’s like he’s blowing away the surroundings… such Fighting Spirit!?”

“He forced Earth to back away from his range…. No way…”

Before I was blown off, I took a quick backstep away by myself.

As a result, I took no damage.

“Haa, ha… Earth…… you…”

“Yo. That’s a pretty good look, isn’t it?”

And, there was a pause in the offensive and defensive battle that began, and there was Rebal, violently short breath and swollen face with blood and bruises, and me who was unscathed.

At this point, the cheers and the startled voices no longer rise.

Everyone is quiet, at a loss for words as if they were looking at something unusual.

『Fufu… Alright…… How is this? Hiro. Gradually, your son is tainted. Well, you and I never fought in this fashion, so you would not be aware of my shadow…. But what do you think of this child who shows not even a glimpse of your talent, or Mamu’s? Huh-ha-ha! 』

And, perhaps he was in a good mood after what I’ve done so far, Tre’ainar was laughing as he looked up at my parents.

Yes, no matter how you look at it, it’s a ‘pause’. It’s like an interval.

But what do you do when your opponent is still upset?

“So… is it break time already? Rebal!”

“Gu, Earth!”

I kick the ground hard, and this time I jump with one step and got into the space in front of Rebal.

But, I didn’t use steps that would confuse the opponent, I flew in a straight line.

“From the front… Don’t take me lightly, Earth! It’s certainly hard to catch your left punch and your footwork, but….”

Of course, Rebal reacts.

“Here! I got you!”

He tries to intercept me flying straight at him with a counter, and swings his sword down from the front toward my head.

At that moment, I chuckled inward and made a sudden stop.

One of the steps trained with the ladder.



If you’re about to launch an unavoidable attack, a guy like Rebal won’t choose to ‘retreat’.

He’ll try to thwart my frontal attack with his sword.

So, I’ll bait him.

Rebal reacts, his head is wide open as he instinctively commences the attack, his sword is lured in.

Rebal totally fell for it.

“Damn it!? My sword…. is swung!?”

Yes, I made him swing his sword at my timing.

What if you know in advance when and where your opponent swings their sword?

In a state where he swung his sword and missed, Rebal’s face was full of openings… Well, this strategy was taught by Tre’ainar…. And this fist, too…

“Pierce through the limits!”


The long-awaited right. A punch that uses the shoulder, elbow, and wrist to push forward like a drill.

【Great Demon CorkScrew Blow】.

All this makes me excited.

Well, his naming sense is unacceptable, so I’ll have to shout the new name of this skill.

Yes, this is my deadly…

“Special Move, 【Fang of Heavenly Light • Meteor Flash Spir- uh… Uh, uh… Do iiiiiiiiittt!”


Darn! I did it, I fumbled the technique name aaaaaaaaaahh!

Gahd Dammiiiiiiiittt!

The long awaited, debut of my 【Fang of Heavenly Light • Meteor Flash Screwattack】! 1[S1] 

『…… Hey…… cur, how dare you even consider this motion? The extent of such pathetic naming sense…… Did you conceive the moniker knowing you will regret ever uttering it in a year or two? Light? Flash? You basically used the same thing twice? Is it that important? 』

Like that, Tre’ainar whispers out to me in a very cold, rather unusual way.

No, no matter how you think about it, I have a better naming sense, right?

Oh, for now, I punched Rebal through the temple and he rolled down to the ground.

Author’s Note

Well, it’s not going to be a knockout, Rebal is here to show his true self. But now I’d be more ashamed of having eaten such a deathblow!

Oh, the overall rating exceeds 40,000 points . . I wonder, it’s a bad thing when the author mentions the point, right? I hear that you disliked it, so I will start over.

Oh, the overall rating has exceeded 40,000 drills! Thank you for your spiral power. Or, after all, I was completely naked all week. When I saw it just now, the ranking of the day was also one digit, and I was grateful. Activate the quick attack magic ‘Post’!

We’re one step closer to our goal of one million drills.

Thank you in the future.

 [S1]Oh my God! It’s Spreading!!!

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  1. Lmfao 40,000 Drills. I sure do love this author. And the techinque name as well. Those 2 can make a million Light Novel Titles now.


  2. Flicker Jab
    “Who rules with the Ring with his Left, rules the World”
    Corkscrew Blow
    These are moves and a saying from the Boxing Manga “Hajime no Ippo”


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