Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 – Declaration of War Response

“Well, are you ready, young lions? I Lingaun, the Imperial Knight, shall be the judge today.”

As I was secretly thinking about my plan, a warrior who would be the referee of the match finally appeared.

He is a big man with strong features, very famous as an Advanced Warrior who survived the past war.

“Today, you represent all the Academy students to show off to His Majesty and the people the birth of a new warrior. Don’t fight just for yourselves. Put your heart out and look at the faces of every person gathered here today. Those are the people you are to protect in the future.”

Lingaun gathers us with powerful words.

With those words, others who were nervous had a change in their eyes that said, ‘I’ll do it’.


“Eh, ladies and gentlemen! Thank you very much for attending the Imperial Warrior Academy [Graduation Commemorative Match]! !”

At last, the host of the event started the ceremony.

As expected, I, the princess, Rebal, and Fu braced ourselves.

“With this, I would like to commence the match with 16 selected Academy students! Please watch to the end!”


Thousands? No, ten thousand? The cheers so loud you feel such vigor like the roar of subterranean tremor.

“First, we will have a lottery by the selected students! Selected students, enter!”


“Princess Phianseeeeee!!”

“Mr. Rival! Kyaah! Aah, He’s cool~.”

“Fuey~, Fu, do your best!”

Following Lingaun, we also step into the Arena.

The spread was a spacious square surrounded by walls on all sides.

Every seat on the wall was filled.

Furthermore, at the guest seats ….

“Well, here they are. The Next Generation”

The Emperor watches over us with a gentle smile on his face. Next to him is the Empress, the princess’s mother.

And beside them……

“Oh, Earth, looking good.”

“Ku~,  I really wanted to loudly cheer for Earth with Sadiz in the audience~.”

Standing close to the emperor and empress as escorts, father and mother.


Go Go Little man, Go! Lil’ Earth! Go!


Looking at the audience seats, I was surprised.

There, Sadiz, wearing a short skirt with blue sleeveless top, waved a ball-like tool called ‘Ponpon’ in both hands, and cheered for me with legs and hands raised up.

Not good…… Erotic-cute… 1

“Ah, Miss Sadiz~, same as ever.”

“Huh… As usual, overprotective of Earth…”

“Mmm, h-hey, Earth. Stop staring so hard at Sadiz’s legs and skirt!”

The figure of Sadiz, who is also familiar to Fu and Rebal, made both of them blush slightly.

Only the princess is showing a disgusted expression, but…

“Now, 16 selected students gathered here will demonstrate their strength in front of you today. The duels allow use of weapons and magic according to the rules. And from now on, each and every one of them will draw lots and decide on the matchups.”

With the host’s words, Lingaun presents a square box to us.

“Now, pull the lottery one at a time and read the number aloud.”

A blank tournament table was prepared further above the audience seat on a giant billboard.

Are they going to read each person’s number and write it over there?

We could have drawn lots beforehand, but it’s more exciting to do it in front of everyone, so this is how it is.

“Then, I’ll have you draw lots in order. First, Phianse Depaltia!”


Starting with the princess. She put her hand in the box that Lingaun holds and takes out a round ball from inside.

There was a number No. 10 written on it.

“Phianse Depaltia, number 10! The first round of the fifth match.”

“Next! Gellipy Yuli!”

“Ah! …… Yes! Number 15!”

Places on the tournament table get filled one after another.

“Next, Fu Meday!”

“Yes! …… Oh, yes, yes! It’s number 12.”

“Next!” Coman Paiper!”

“U, yes… Well, that… It’s number 6.”

And thus, things progressed as it us.

“Next! Rebal Janyne!”

“”””””Kitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Mr. Rebal!””””

“Rebal, the most likely champion and the leading hero candidate of the next generation!”

“He’s not a rookie anymore!”

“There’s already talk of the advanced warrior class. No doubt, the strongest man of the generation!”

As expected, Rebal is very popular.

Having been away from the empire for a year, everyone is excited to quickly see his growth.

“Rebal… I see. Seems confident he’ll run for Phianse’s candidate.”

“Oh… good attitude.”

“Yes. Maybe he’s not entirely at the academy level anymore.”

Of course, the emperor, father, and mother have an eye-opening impression.

And then Rebal draws a lottery…

“Yes… Number two.”

“Rebal Janyne, Number 2! It will be the first match of the first round!”

“”””So sudden! Rebal Kitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!””””

Rebal drew the No.02 ball and got the first match.

Well, Rebal is the first match of the first round.

“Next, Earth Lagann!!”

Then I……

“Oh, the second generation of the Great Hero, Hiro has come!”

“He might be inferior to his father and mother, but he’s also talented.”

“Ah. Will he be the dark horse this time?”

“Little man!”

My name is called, but far from cheers Rebal received.

No wonder. My talent and so on, has been known in the Imperial city for a long time! Right now they don’t expect much from me.

Rather, it elevates the genius of the Princess, Rebal, and Fu.

But I……


“Hmm? Oh, h-hey!”

From now on, I’ll change all of that evaluation.

With that determination, I will carry out what I had planned with Tre’ainar in advance.

I take the box of the lottery box from the Lingaun, turn it over, and scatter the raffle balls on the ground.

“Heh!? Li-ttle ma!?”


“Eh, Earth?”

“What are you doing, hey!?”

“He tossed the lottery!?”

As expected, my sudden actions startled everyone, including the audience.

But I don’t care, I pick a number up from the raffles that fell to the ground.

That is……

“Uh… that was. Wo wo wo, Earth Lagann! …… Number one! First round match, against Rebal!”


I sent my declaration of war to Rebal and to all of them.

“Th… That idiot…”

“…… th-the ball… I’m getting lightheaded…”

“…… Little man…”

Everyone is out of their minds over what I’ve done. Sadiz has her mouth wide open, so do my father and mother.

It’s the first time I’ve seen these three people react like that, and I feel somewhat fresh.

And after a while of silence……

“””””What is he doiiiiiiing!!!??? “””””

Everyone shouted the same words all at once.

“Hey, he turned over the lottery and picked up the number!”

“Th-That’s what it is!? That’s not fair! As the son of a great hero, what is he thinking?”

“No, b-but… So, does that mean he chose Rebal as his opponent?”

“No way! That Rebal…”

“But is that a sudden confrontation between children of the heroes in the first round?”

“No, no, they can’t allow this!”

Disapproval. Bewilderment. And, the reactions to the confrontation between the children of the heroes suddenly being set in the first match of the first round arise all at once.

Although I have no idea what’s about to happen, but for now, I showed Rebal that this was my response.

“Heh… Earth…… you…”

“Hehe… This is my answer, Rebal.”

“…… What?”

“I’m here to prove myself, too.”

Rebal seems quite surprised, but on the other hand, as the situation became clear he seemed fired up with blazing passion.

“…… Okay! I accept your challenge!”

Rebal is motivated.

“Earth… Wh-What…. you shouldn’t have…… ♡”

“Wow, Earth… Wha-, princess?! You got heart eyes…. Eh, princess-like manner, that’s the reason, isn’t it?”

For some reason, the princess and Fu are making noise, but it doesn’t matter now.

“Oooooooh, Rebal accepted!”

“Then, suddenly from the first round!?”

“Well, I’m seeing things in a new light, Earth!”

And the crowd also cheers in response to Rebal’s acceptance.

“Hey, y-you boys, you don’t have permission! This is a lottery…. Yes, that is how….”

However, a violation of the rules is a violation of the rules.

Of course, Lingaun also tries to get us to start over. But……

“Rebal Janyne!”


At that moment, the Emperor who was in the guest seat stood up.

As the emperor began to speak, the audience who were still noisy calmed down all at once.

And as the air swells in an instant, the emperor asks Rebal with a stern expression.

“This is a clear violation of the rules. But you said, ‘I accept’. You don’t mind that, do you?”

To the emperor’s question, Rebal got on one knee and bows.

“Your Majesty. I will win this tournament. Meaning I won’t lose no matter who is in it. Therefore, having matchups by lottery is meaningless! I will fight with anyone!”

A powerful declaration. The emperor raises his hand and yells out ‘if he says so’.

“Then, the first match of the first round sees Earth Lagann and Rebal Janyne. These two will face each other!”


It was the direct decision of the emperor.

If that happens, the rules are irrelevant. No one can overturn it.

At that moment, the most excited cheers of today were raised.

Meanwhile, father, mother, and Sadiz, being totally speechless, simply laughed half-heartedly.

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