Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 – Early Morning

That night, for the first time since I learned 【Vier】, I went to bed without using the spell.

Until now, every night till the morning, I had been sparring and studying Forbidden spells in my dreams, but I rested on the day before the games without thinking about it.

From here on out, I followed Tre’ainar’s statement, that resting the mind is also a part of training.

However, the habits that I have acquired do not change so easily.

Even without using magic, if I repeatedly do image training in my head, I would soundly go to sleep as it is and it’ll be morning.

『…… How do you fare? 』

I woke up, but I didn’t feel like I stayed up late.

Rather, the body is light as the mind is so clear.

“…… I’m good.”

When I got up, I stood in front of the mirror as is my habit after sleeping, and did some light shadow sparring before washing my face.

Thus, I can better understand my physical condition.

“…… a certain sharpness… all five senses are clear… also…”

Next, I calm myself and close my eyes. Revive that sensation.

The magic holes that I pried open while enduring severe pain almost everyday for several days.

Release magic from the magic holes of the entire body and keep it on the surface.

Stable, smooth.

“…… the sixth sense.”

『Or so it appears. For the time being, the first gateway for the breakthrough affords plenty of flexibility.』

Tre’ainar nodded in reply and smiled.

『To bring the best condition at the time of battle… That is one of the trials in a sense, but it seems all is well.』


『What about the heart then?』

Five senses, sixth sense, all clear. Then, the mental side is next.

Today is the day to show off the results of all we’ve done so far.

The day I change myself, from being considered insufficient when compared to father so far.

Today is an event for the Imperial Capital, and also parents and emperors to witness.

For such an event, the day I continue to maintain my motivation with the goal of winning.

The pressure on me was…

“Now… I want to try it. I’m not my father or mother…. I’m showing myself… I’ll knock everyone down and beat them all!”

『Hmm. Precisely, tis fine. You have a moderate sense of tension and the fortitude to face the challenge while enjoying it… This state of mind seems to be the best, as well.』

At this moment I think there is nothing more reassuring than Tre’ainar’s endorsement.

I can do it.

Because it makes me believe so even more.

『Well then, depart for the venue immediately and calm yourself in moderation. Also, the bandages.』


『Tis properly rolled up, is it not? ‘Magical Vantage’!』

All I have to do is prepare this body and the bandages.

This bandage seems to play a role of protecting others by warping the fist with it, but it certainly makes it easier to hit with when it is attached.

Tre’ainar called it ‘Magical Vantage’.

And every time I wind this up, I think, ‘I fight with my fist’.

“Little man… Good morning. But to wake up so early…”

“Hey, Sadiz. I had some preparations so I thought I better get to it.”

After changing clothes, putting the bandage in my pocket and leaving the room, I ran into Sadiz in the hallway.

It’s unusual from Sadiz, who always wakes me up, and she seems a little surprised.

“…… Oh, were you so nervous you couldn’t sleep? Well, it’s true, if you can’t win the championship, you won’t get the knockers. Also the princesses, Rebal, and Fu seem like very strong opponents.”

But soon Sadiz is teasing me with her grin.

Yes, she thinks the only reason I’m up so early in the morning is because I was nervous.

Certainly, if I had been as before, I might have thought that way or have been unmotivated, saying ‘I’m going to disappoint everyone’.

But I am different now.

“Heh, that’s right.”

I’m up early because I was able to sleep deeply.

That’s why I also gave Sadiz a smile.

“……Little man?”

” If I survive such a fierce battle and really win, I guess boobs might not be enough.”

“…… Huh?”

“I’ll ask you to allow sexual harassment, as well as boobs, for a whole day… maybe I’ll have you up the stakes.”

“Eh, Li-Little man!?”

Perhaps because my reaction was so unexpected, Sadiz opens her eyes looking puzzled.

However, she immediately tried to regain the advantage by manipulating the situation so I show some dismay…

“… Oh, that’s right. Even though he’s already 15, he’s still a lonely virgin with no girlfriend. Little man can’t cross the line with a woman.”

Sadiz dares to provoke me with that fiendish smile.

But what will?

It seems I am quite relaxed now.

“Well, if I get to cross that line with Sadiz, I’ll win the championship for sure.”

“Li-  wha!?”

“And Sadiz… won’t you accept me?”


That Sadiz could do it in such a magnificent way.

“Hmm. It seems his masculinity has become considerably strong…”

Today, I might as well have confidence in myself.

That’s why I say it to Sadiz, who blushed a little and started to panic again.

“Well, please watch me. in a little while,  I’ll show a scene that Sadiz can be proud of.”


It’s not just for Sadiz. Today, I’ll show everything to the people who look at me.

“…… Ha, Li-Little man! Please wait! Don’t forget your sword! Weren’t you breaking the blade in for the match?”

“…… Sword?”

“Ufufufu, apparently Lil’ Earth seems to be nervous while also claiming a great deal of strength. I’m concerned about what I’ll see today. You won’t get tits if it’s a pity party, but I’ll comfort you.”

Oh, I forgot. I was still supposed to be a magic swordsman.

And while I had forgotten, Sadiz says, ‘Have you seen it?’ again and again.

Well, I can’t help it, so I’m not making excuses here and I’ll just take the sword.

“Hehe, maybe so. But talking to Sadiz, relaxed my nerves a little.”

“I-Is that so…”

“Ah. Sadiz…… I’m thankful… Always always.”


While saying so and making it look like a mistake, I receive the sword and leave.

And Sadiz, who looked flabbergasted, returned to her room…

“Little man…”

She body dived onto the bed!

“Oooooooh,  Little man, so cooooool!!!!”

I didn’t know that, and I headed to the arena in the Imperial City, which is also the venue where the game will be held.

And this was the real beginning for me.

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