Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 – Intermission (The Princess)

Phianse Depaltia, the Imperial Princess and a child of a hero, was dreaming.

As a child who was yet to enter the academy.

She was studying with a tutor in the royal palace.

However, Phianse at that time could not concentrate on her studies much.

“Princess… It’s time to study. I don’t want you staring out the window too much.”

“U-uh… it’s because…”

The tutor reprimands Phianse for trying to peek outside from the desk.

However, Phianse pouts like a hag and shows no sign of remorse for her circumstance.

On the contrary, she is clearly distracted and only cared about the window.


“Heey, Phianse!”

“Eh! They came!”

The moment she heard the voice, Phianse reacted immediately and stood up.

“Hey! Phianse! We’re going to play hero, you come too!”

“OK! Comiiiing!”

Phianse opens the window with a smile like a blooming flower at the young voice heard from outside the window.

Then, there were three childhood friends on the lawn in the garden of the royal palace which spread out outside.

“Yo! How long have you been cramming for, come on!”

“Hmm… I’m not a child, I’m a make-believe hero…”

“Rebal~, we’re still children, right~?”

A boy with an unyielding fiendish smile.

A little cool boy.

The smallest boy of the three, with a girl-like face.

It was the trio that Phianse always played with and a source of trouble for the tutor.

“…… Ha~a…… Again, Mr. Earth. The princess is studying at the moment, isn’t she? Aren’t you going to make your father mad as well?”

The tutor tried to give the boy at the lead a stern warning, but he had no fear, and young Earth replied to him.

“This is also a great study! Phianse is a member of our neo-heroes! This is a study to become a hero! Isn’t that right?”

Arms folded, the tutor went ‘ahem’ with his head held up and chest out towards Earth, but Phianse using that chance, put her feet outside and jumped out the window even though she had a dress on.

“Yes! The Study of the hero is important, so I’ll do it!”

“Ah, tch, princess!”

When Phianse jumped to the outside and reached out, Earth took her hand with a smile.

The children held hands tightly. Phianse smiled happily.

“Ah~, princess! Mr. Earth! You can play, after your studies are over! Today, I have to ask the princess to do the work properly!”

However, the tutor does not easily let go either.

He puts his foot on the window as if to follow Phianse.

And then……

“It came, the Great Demon King Katekyoshi! Neo Heroes, at ready! Protect our friends!”


Boys and girls holding toy swords, long sticks and canes.

They don’t take a step back from the tutor, who started to get a little serious, to protect Phianse.

“Heroes protect their friends no matter what! So, don’t worry, Phianse. Whatever we do, we’ll protect you from the Demon King!”

“Afu~u… un…… Protect meee…”

Earth puts Phianse on his back, leans over as if he was a shield, and sets himself up to face the tutor.

Phianse, leaning close, blushed, feeling Earth’s small back and warmth.

“Who is this Great Demon King! Really, you as well! You can’t be great heroes like your parents, if you just play make-believe, can you?”

“That’s not true! Fu is the best wizard in the world! Rebal is the best swordsman in the world! Phianse is the best spearmaster in the world! And I’m going to be the strongest ultra hero in the world, better than my father!”

A child’s dream. But at that time, she didn’t doubt that they would really end up like that.

The reason is that there was a reliable leader pulling them.

“Hoo~oh, that’s a reliable one~… Then, can the ultra heroes of the future defeat the Great Demon King Katekyoshi and this devil Sadiz?”

“Geh, S-Sadiz!? Why?!”

“Nofufufu~, I came to capture Little man who plays around and skips his homework~

However, leaders also have their weaknesses. There was a devil he couldn’t beat.

“Lil’ Earth. you have to do it properly, or I’ll be mad too~!”

“Eh, tha, uh, uh… that kind of!?”

“Huh… I… uh-oh, drool…… ahem. Well, I’m going home, Little man…”

“U-uh… I, I see… I’m going home…”

In such a case, you should protect yourself, so Phianse prepares to face the devil to defend Earth.

“Earth has fallen! I’ll defeat this devil myself!”

“Eh, Phianse!?”

“Come devil! I won’t let my friend go!”

They stand shoulder to shoulder and sometimes keep their backs together.

Phianse liked their relationship.

“Earth, Fu, Rebal, Neo Heroes to battle!”

She was sure from that time… from before then… it was natural for her to always be with the boy.

The future stayed the same for a long time.

Not once had Phianse even doubted that this future was a definite matter.

“…… Earth at that time…… he was innocent and mischievous…”

After waking up from a nostalgic and happy dream, Phianse rose out of bed feeling refreshed.

Nearly ten years have passed since then.

They no longer got together every day like they did when they were young, but she still believed that their bond has not changed.

“Come to think of it, we’ve been doing it a little since then… Fu’s talent, Rebal’s physical ability…. Everyone is young, but gradually they begin to show a glimpse of talent… Me and Earth… we have something… I started to think so and I got impatient. Little by little, I had less time to play.”

But, on the other hand, Phianse knows that he is not as accessible as he used to be.

She understood that it is inevitable in the process of growth, but it still felt a little lonely.

“Especially… Earth, the leader of our neo-heroes, too… Little by little… started to hold the complex with the name of The Great Hero, Hiro…. I made an effort to change the color of my eyes, but the expectations of the people around me were still heavy and I began to get frustrated…. I began to demean myself… Hmm, when we entered the academy, when he called me ‘Princess’, I almost cried?”

Phianse looked out at the garden as she walked up to the window she once jumped out of.

Until ten years ago, everyone was there with Earth at the top.

But no one had gathered there for years.

“…… But…. soon. Rebal and Fu are back. Earth has started to change a little recently, and he declared he will win the championship…. yes. It’s okay. When we graduate, we’ll all be real warriors. Become Imperial Knights and once again, the neo-heroes will align!”

The childhood friends were gradually becoming estranged, but Phianse believed.

We will surely get together like we used to, and more respectable.

At that time, as real warriors, we will be able to continue to protect this empire and the peace of the world.


“…… Even if… Rebal and Earth are going to fight over me….”

Phianse knew it was necessary to settle things beyond the friendship with her childhood friends.

“I’m proud of Rebal’s feelings, but… But I’m sure Earth… The other day, I found out that Earth likes me too… Even more, I want to win the championship and confess to him… But I wonder if Earth won now…”

Phianse’s heart had already been decided in a sense.

But, you can’t take down an important childhood friend who claims that ‘I want a chance’.

And, annoyingly, Phianse believes that Earth’s victory will be difficult.

She knows Earth’s ability more than anyone in three years of the academy.

On the other hand, Rebal, who boasted simple fighting power, has become much stronger during his study abroad this year.

Phianse also felt that it would be difficult for him to win on his own.

But, if Rebal wins the championship…

“Haa… I’m also a sinful woman… because I’m making important childhood friends fight…”

Originally, she started training herself in preparation for the [Graduation Commemorative Match], but Phianse has not trained for a while because of the love affair between her childhood friends.

“…… And, I can’t brood over this situation forever. Anyway, after the upcoming game… Oh, if you want Earth, you can stay for one night… yes, let’s review his taste with this naughty book of Earth’s I got from that devil maid…”

Unaware of the Earth’s true intentions and the course he is starting to determine….

Finally, the day will come.

Author’s Note

I am always indebted to you.

For some reason, the power of the spiral was sent from you rapidly yesterday,

When I saw the overall in the morning, we were in fourth place.

I don’t think I’ll be back on the cover for a day, so I’m completely naked.

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In any case, it was very helpful. Thank you very much.

I’ll do my best every day this week! Aim for the heavens again!

The wait is almost over. The Graduation Match is just around the corner. Who else is excited! Glad you are all enjoying the story, I know I am. Look forward to seeing more from Earth and the most Bea of Demon Kings. On a side note, I finally released an end on year roundup video on my youtube channel. Hope you give it a look if you got 10 minutes to kill. Some stuff happened and I haven’t done this quite like I’d have wanted for the last couple years. But this year I put in the effort. Not my best, I’ll admit but I’ll never post it if I keep chasing perfection. So please give it a watch then like share and comment. Thanks.

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9 thoughts on “Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 32

  1. Finally getting around to the graduation ceremony. I’m really looking forward to it. I can just imagine the looks of shock on everyone’s faces when Earth beats everybody and declares that he isn’t joining the Imperial Knights. Which begs the question. Will the former heroes recognize the techniques Earth is going to be using in graduation ceremony as those of the Demon King they fought and killed in the past? I also imagine Phianse is going to be extremely upset when she finds out Earth isn’t fighting for her love in the graduation ceremony but is instead fighting for the chance to grope Sadiz’s breasts. Thanks for the chapter.

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    1. I get the feeling that when earth used his power thatvhe got from the demon king, sadiz might recognize that since she herself said that her family was killed by that power

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  2. I actually like her character. You can see she really is in love with Earth and considers him her hero regardless of strength. If things went another way.. if she had confessed sooner instead of letting the chance slip through her fingers.. maybe she would have had a shot.

    …also as an aside the fact that she’s looking at his porn in order to learn (and use) his fetishes makes me like her even more. She has a devious tendency like a certain “devil maid”.

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  3. I prefer the Sadist, but I am the kind of person that kind of wants the idiot princess to get him as well. Do I like her? Well… Idiot tsundere, I have been known to partake in that enjoyment before. Why? I don’t know. I prefer if when it is a older woman, that is defensive as hell, but has a mushy heart. Well, not mushy, I don’t like it when they completely melt and become soft after they get the MC, but I do enjoy the gap


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