Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Intermission (The Maid)

The worst day of my life, and at the same time the beginning of my new life goes back over ten years ago.

‘I can’t leave this girl … at the institute. I’ll take her in!!’

The heroine, who was called the War Maiden, hugged me tight as she said so.

I was still a young, fresh-thinking child, and I was terrified when the Demon King’s Army destroyed my village, my parents were killed in front of me, and that I would soon be dead.

However, just as I was about to be killed, someone saved me at the last minute.

One of the seven heroes. Mamu, the War Maiden.

The one who saved me, hugged me and cried saying, ‘Sorry, I’m sorry I didn’t make it’.

She’s not to blame for anything. She’s my lifesaver. Rather, I should thank you.

However, I couldn’t accept the death of my parents, who I loved, and I just kept crying.

I was saved. But my family is no longer here. The moment I knew that, I felt I was alone in this world, and I trembled at my solitude.

At that time, she said, ‘Let’s stay together’ without handing me over, where war orphans were originally left in the care of the Empire or some orphanage.

‘I will be Sadiz’s family. So let’s stay together.’

I shed tears then and jumped into her chest. I’m not alone yet.

We were not related by blood, but this entity that seemed like an elder sister or a mother, saved me.

She didn’t let me go even after the war. She lived with me as if it was only natural to live together.


‘I won’t get married until Sadiz is of age. If you can’t wait until then, I can’t marry Hiro. Marry someone else.’

Everyone wanted to marry Mamu, the War Maiden, and Hiro, the Great Hero.

They were still two teenagers, a young couple, but with no one opposed to their marriage, everyone approved at the time, yet she gave priority to me who was still young.

It made me glad, but I felt guilty, and I wanted her to be happy. I don’t want you to put your happiness on hold for my sake anymore.

With that in mind, and I consulted with Sir Hiro, and as a result, it was decided that I would continue living with them as the adopted child of two married people.

I was reluctant to live with two newlyweds who didn’t share blood, but she…

‘Huh? Don’t be silly! You’re our family! You live with me! That is the decision! Otherwise, I’ll drop the marriage!’

I shed tears again.

That’s where our lives began.

However, life with only three people ended unexpectedly early.

That is……

‘Hey, Sadiz. You want to hold him? He’s… our new family?’

A new budding life.

Small, soft, delicate enough to break, but when you hold it up, it’s heavy, warm, and…

‘Uh, he cried when I he was in my arms, but when Sadiz held him, he stopped crying!’

That life squeezed the fingers that I held out……

‘Egu, Ee… Ni~’

‘Huh!? ‘

The baby had a broad smile on its face and was laughing… I loved it unconditionally from the bottom of my heart.

I’ll protect this child.

It’s mine.

It’s my family.

I’m not going to give it to anyone.

As a young child, I felt it was my mission to continue to protect this child for the rest of my life, not to give back.

Ever since then, me and the baby were firmly attached.

‘Hey~, Sadiz~, let me hold Earth too~.’

‘No. Master is clumsy. Sadiz is best for the little man.’

‘Uh-oh, just a bit, just a little, just a little bit~.’

‘No good. I’ll not hand over Little man. Master will not be forgiven for making Little man cry.’

It was more a monopoly rather than attachment.

‘Gah, once you mess up with Sadiz, it’s over. I’m also concerned about Earth’s future. Earth seems to love Sadiz, too.’

‘Little man~, nuzzle-nuzzle~’

‘Kya, Kyao’

‘See, Earth also loves Sadiz.’

‘Mufufu~, Little man, it’s my boob naughty. Yes, you are~.’


‘Excuse me! You can’t just leave yet!’

I’m happy every day that I get to raise and love my Little man.

And Little man, who was so thoughtful, was so cute, and grew up with a lot of vim and vigor…

‘Thaddith, you know, you know, i’ll be Thadis, Be Bride.’

‘Little man. If you say that, you’ll be my honorable wife. But, that’s how we’ll do it then~.’

‘U~, na-na-, Sadith- is my bride~!’

‘Oh, you’re a crybaby, aren’t you~? I don’t want anyone to be a crybaby’s bride~’

Little man also really loves me…

‘Sadiz… you got into the academy…’


‘Then… anymore, means you can’t play….. not much..’

Little man seems lonely and a bit sour… So cute!

And that day…

‘Sadiz… Umm…… Congratulations on your graduation from the Academy…’

‘Well, Little man. Thank you very much. Nice bouquet…… I’m so happy.’


‘Oh, what’s going on? Why so down… are you feeling well?’

‘…… Umm…… Sadiz graduated and became a warrior and became a grownup… Sadiz…… Are you leaving?’

On the day of my Academy Graduation Ceremony, he gave me a bouquet of flowers bought with his pocket money. He was only 11 years old.

He had a lonely face as he asked about my circumstances.

Yes, until I’m a full-fledged adult…… That’s how I thought my path would go… However, when I looked into Little man’s teary eyes, I made up my mind.

‘No, I’m not going anywhere, am I? I’ll always be with Lil’ Earth.’

‘Really! All right!’

At that moment, I had a nosebleed… Well not, yes, anyway, instead of becoming an 【Imperial Knight】, I became Little man’s exclusive maid while retaining only the qualification.

Really, Little man back then…… so unfair!


‘Sadiz~, let’s pla… eh.’

‘Oh, just a minute, Little man. I’m changing right now…’

One day, he happened to see me changing clothes.

I’m in my underwear and I’m blushing… he’s awkwardly looking as I flutter… That’s right, the moment of sexual awakening for Little man! Drooling…

‘Flickering… Ah…. Sadiz…… sorry.’

‘No. Rather, if you’re apologizing, don’t look at me, okay? This topic is still too early for Little man.’

Little man. My cute boy.

Since then, I’ve found that the Little man gradually became interested in ‘things like that’ and became a boy.

I’m tactless.

I occasionally think I’m just a troublesome woman that I get sick of it at times.

I don’t know how to respond to the cute, loving little boy’s feelings towards me.

That’s why, I play moderately mean tricks on him.

For example……

‘Kya, pervy breeze-, my~ skirt~ will get turned up~ (Little man)’

‘Heh, Sadiz! …… That?’

‘Ufu Ufufufufufufu, aw~, that was dangerous. Under the skirt… If wore panties… instead of these shorts, you could have seen them. It was in full view.’


‘Ooh? Hey, hey, heeey~! What’s wrong~ Little man~? Was that arousing? Hey, hey, hey. I must report this to the Madam. Naughty~ Little man~’’

‘Damnit, Sadiz you dummy!’

A sullen face.  A tearful face. No matter what your emotions, they will hit me with the true feelings of the boy.

Every time I feel it, I can’t be there.

Oh, I’m special to him.

I have to be here.

‘Fufufu, sorry, Little man.’

I am a happy person.

Immediately after I realized, I certainly was unhappy.

I lost my beloved parents in front of me.

But I’ve already forgotten that tragic past—–

——-[Continental Collapse Magic] is it… The absurdity of the magical city to envision the fall of the demon world with such excessive force.


——-The work you reside over can no longer be pardoned… As such, I shall destroy you myself.

Ah, what did I… I looked too far back into the past. I want to seal it deep in my memory. Until the past I want to erase…

The only worry is that, when you reminisce on your happy days, you may also bring back the trauma of the past, which is naturally bitter and painful.

—Great Demon Spiral. Devil Spiral–

Memories of my childhood.

Suddenly, a huge tornado-like swirl hit my hometown as the Demon Army invaded.

Most humans were engulfed in the swirl, their whole bodies were cut into pieces, and thousands of pieces of human flesh and blood rain fell across the country.

I remember.



The moment when they were hoisted and torn apart in the sky is still vivid!!

“I’m home.”

“Heh!? Li… tle man? 」

“Hmm? What’s up, Sadiz. With a scary face…”

“Oh, no. It’s nothing.”

What I did. I still have a long way to go. I didn’t even realize that Little man was back.

And I was saved.

Just remembering that day darkens my mind and makes me feel overwhelming fear.

The doctor said that it was post-traumatic stress disorder, but I haven’t yet been able to overcome it after more than a decade.

“Even so, Little man… you bought a lot of books…. Even if it’s a camouflage to mislead an ero-book…”

“Don’t mess around”

“Oh my, really….hm?”

“…… What is it?”

At that time, I felt something strange in Little man’s eyes when he came back, like ‘He has sharp eyes’ or ‘his eyes are tired or twitchy’.

He may have come back from reading a novel somewhere, but it’s obvious that his eyes are clearly tired from reading a book?

What the heck…

“Li… Oh!?”


It was then. A sudden wind blew without any forerunner.

It had the exquisite force to sweep up the dust and fallen leaves that were being cleaned, and to fly my scarf which had loosened its knot but is not harmful to the human body, and to roll up the skirt.

Girl’s called this wind, the so-called pervy breeze.

That’s exactly the time.

Don’t! I’m also washing my clothes, so today I’m only wearing cheap, childish kitty panties…


Inside out, the content of my skirt that has turned up is out in the open.

There is no way that Little man could not immediately see them.

However, as I thought that Little man would be looking at my kitty panties, or such a thing, he jumped and  caught my scarf that was about to be blown away by the wind.

“Hehe, good catch. Here, Sadiz.”

“eh, ah, umm, th-thank you very much…”

And, Little man hands the scarf to me with a proud face.

I was puzzled by that figure.

Idiot… Even if they were childish cheap panties, did Little man not notice?

In the past, he would have ‘ignored anything else around me’ and ‘only had eyes for my panties’.

Why then?

“Well, I… I’ll be reading a book in my room before dinner.”

“Y-yes. I understand.”

Saying so, Little man returned to his room.

On that back, for a moment I felt a Gentleman.

Since he started declaring victory in the [Graduation Commemorative Match], has something changed with Little man?

“The results of Magical Speed Reading… It was brief, but it’s scary. I also got a sudden photo opportunity…. The amount of dust and leaves scattered…. also putting the scarf that flew into perspective…. Permanently stored in the brain! The navel, the legs, …those, and a slightly embarrassed face all at once…. I can use this for the rest of my life.”

Even so, recently, Little man has been talking to himself a bit more often.

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