Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 – A Conversation between Two People

Two of the seven heroes who saved the world.

Father and mother, who is also a hero of mankind, were sitting side by side with the maid, Sadiz.

“I’m sorry about this, Sadiz. I’ll give this idiot a good talking to.”

“To think he’s such a fool… If he was trying to do this without our knowledge… I’m sorry, Sadiz.”

Sadiz is not just a maid to my father and mother.

She’s like a sister, like a daughter, and she’s family to all of us.

My order to show me panties towards such a family member was so bitter to both of them, and after beating me senseless, I single-mindedly apologized to Sadiz.

“Nfufufufu ~ It’s fine ~ Master and Madam. Little man is at that age, being interested in a female body wearing panties isn’t weird ~”

On the other hand, Sadiz did not seem hurt at all, and had her grinning smile.

No matter how you look at it, Sadiz is teasing me, you can tell by looking at that face…

“Good grief, Earth. Will you reflect on this?”

Saying that, my father poked at my forehead again.


“That’s right, for goodness sake. I’ve heard you’re hiding smut, though you’ll soon be an adult, just so you know I’ll be asking Sadiz about things!”

Saying that, pulling my ear, no matter how you look at it, is a teenager. Or rather, she looks about the same age as Sadiz.

A woman who looks more like a girl, ties her long redhead to the left and right, is dressed in a white party dress, and has sharp, dazzling eyes.

However, her age is actually thr-

“Uraaaah, are you listening?”


What’s more, she has poor-

“Here’s another shot, for some reason!”

“Gohg!?” 1

As one of the seven heroes, she helped defeat the Great Demon King Tre’ainar.

『Hmm… she is as loud as ever. Mamu… Even this loathsome person evokes nostalgia.』

Yes, my mother, Mamu Lagaan.

“Tch, I thought both Father and mother were at work…”

“We heard you were lying unconscious and suffering, so we came during our break!”

“However, as we came back, trying to get Sadiz to show you panties, what were you thinking!”

I was hit by two people one shot at a time.

Damn, I wasn’t even aware of their presence, so I was focused on Sadiz’s panties …

“Ah, I did wrong, sorry. Anyway, I’m all better now. So you can both go to work n-“

“What the hell are you saying? Let me get this, we get back to work, so you can do what exactly?”

“Sadiz, are you sure you’re okay? I haven’t been home at all recently, but he isn’t doing anything indecent, is he?”

“Yes, I’ve been asked about boobs… Oops, this was a secret, ♪.”


And again, I was beat up. Damn, hey! We had a deal…  2


I glared at Sadiz as I thought so, but she was putting on tepid a face.


“Then, since it’s been so long why don’t Master and Madam have dinner before they return? Together with Lil’ Earth.”

Wh… W-Wha?

“Ah…Yeah, that’s also true. I’m hungry, too.”

“Well, I’ve got a little time before the evening meeting. That’s true.”

At that time, I was speechless again.

And when I look at Sadiz’s face again, she had a smile that says, ‘Please do your best’.

“All right, it’s been awhile since I’ve had Sadiz’s homemade cooking!”

“Hey, Sadiz. I’ll help you, let’s make it together for the first time in a while♪”

“Yeah, I’d be glad.”

No, nothing is wrong with having a meal with my family.

Or, it is a matter of course.

However, it is a rare case for my house.

Both my father and mother were busy, and there was almost no chance to eat together.

I didn’t feel lonely, I was used to it, and it was quite natural.

Therefore, when it comes to having a meal with the whole family on the contrary, I felt a little bit on guard.

“Hiro! Earth! Wait in the living room.”

“Well then, Little man, I’ll be here♪.”

What’s more, my mother went to the kitchen with Sadiz, and as a result, father and I waited alone.

It’s kind of awkward, it felt weird.

“Well, it’s a lot of fun to eat together, isn’t it?”

“Uh… I forget.”

“I see…”

It’s really awkward.

“”……………… Um…… “”


“Yes father…”

“No, you’re saying…”

“No, it’s nothing.

“”………… “”

『Are you two just meeting each other?』 3

Tre’ainar plays the straight man at our awkward state. 4

He seemed amused for a moment.

“How’s the Academy?”

“Well…… not bad…”

“T-That so…”


“Oh, which reminds me, Fu and Rebal are back. Seems they’ve gotten stronger.”

“Oh… It looks like that.”

“I’m going to attend the next game, both your mother and I. Show me your hard work.”

Hard work…… Seriously, my training pushes me between life or death. I doubt that’s the kind of thing you’d think about.

“C-Come to think of it, you’re going to do something about a girlfriend soon, right?”

“…… Hah? What? All of a sudden.”

“No, it’s about time, I wonder if…”

“I-I’m not…”

“Is that right? You were doing something strange to Sadiz…. How about the princess? Did you do something rude?”

“Of course not. Well, the princess doesn’t even like me, does she?”

“…… Wha? What are you talking about? The princess… doesn’t like you?”

“If you see it, you’ll get it.”

“…… No, you… Well, that’s what you feel….this, happens a lot…”


Nnh, so hazy. Why do I have to discuss my love life with my father?

Oh, well, that’s not it.

Now that I’m talking with my father like this, there are a lot of questions I’ve been thinking of.

“…… Hey, dad…”


“Father… Why did you become a warrior… Did you want to be an 【Imperial Knight】?”

What I really wanted to hear was… not this. Probably.

No, I haven’t been able to sort out what I want to ask my father in the first place.

However, Tre’ainar said I should have some interest in my father. But to inquire about my father, I didn’t know what to ask, and I was listening to his rambling.

“Why… Oh, you’re about to submit your [Volunteer Warrior’s Notice].”

“Well…… at first…”

“What? You’re probably wondering if you’re going to be an 【Imperial Knight】, right?”

“…… rather than being lost, I’m not sure why I should be an 【Imperial Knight】.”

I’m worried about going to the 【Imperial Knight】.

When I began to talk about it, his father began to panic.

After all, it seemed for certain that I would join the 【Imperial Knights】 even to my father.

“Um, certainly with your grades you’re entitled to it… It was really hard but your dad became an 【Imperial Knight】.

“I’ve heard that it was easier in the past, but even so it was difficult for my father…”


Yes, my father was an inferior student. My overall ranking is second in the grade, so I’m much better than he was.

But there is no one who says I’m above my father.

But I had not been conscious of that.

“Why did you want to be an 【Imperial Knight】?”

Why did my father, who was an inferior student, want to be an 【Imperial Knight】, worked hard and was able to defeat the Great Demon King.

Why was that?

“…… Your dad… Let’s see…… There were times when I wanted to protect my friends and those I cared about, but… In the end, I fought for the sake of humanity and the world. But…… originally…”

There was what he wanted to protect.

After he came to be called a hero, he began to fight for mankind and the world from the bottom of his heart.

But that wasn’t the case from the beginning.

“I… I wanted to be on the side of justice.”

That’s the first time I’m hearing this from my father.

“When I was a kid, my father and mother were still living in a rural village… I was saved from a monster attack by an ally of justice.”

I knew only the ‘achievement’ of my father as a hero. I heard that…

“I also… I wanted to be someone who can be there to help in that way. It all started there.”

The beginning of the father. That is, the origin.

“That person… Was it an 【Imperial Knight】?”

“Well… He helped us, and left without leaving a name as it is. However, to the person it seems natural to help. I thought it was cool. I admired that.”

My father talks to me with eyes shining like a kid somewhere in a shy way.

“I’m simple. When we were to be on the side of justice in our time, we felt like an 【Imperial Knight】. So I wanted to be an 【Imperial Knight】 and be on the side of justice… or so I thought.” 5

And now he has fulfilled that dream and he is still saving and protecting many people.

“…… I see.”

I listened to my father seriously for the first time, and I thought he was dazzling.

That’s why I’m more worried.

I don’t have that feeling.

So what do I want to do?

 [S1]Okay! She’s psychic. Confirmed!!

 [S2]With how often he gets beat up by heroes, Earth might actually end up being a Demon King!!

 [S3]The original statement here, 貴様ら、お見合いか??, Tre’ainar is asking whether they were on a Matchmaking date, cause they’re so awkward it seems like their first time meeting each other.

 [S4]The phrase used here is Tsukkomi. It’s from a traditional style double act comedy where there’s a boke (funny man) who provides the material (gags, misunderstandings, slapstick) and tsukkomi (straight man) who butts in and reacts with logic and verbal takedowns towards the boke’s antics.

 [S5]I’ve always thought this series had a resemblance with Boruto. This kinda confirms it. Earth and Hiro even have similar character dynamics with Boruto and Naruto.

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9 thoughts on “Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 26

    1. MC not annoying at all
      The one who annoy me is all the character except MC & Demon king
      They’re trashing MC quite literally even his father and now all of a sudden he talk to MC like good people after trashing him in front of other???


  1. Damn, my likability of Sadist just dropped from 70% to 40%, At this point, I’m not even sure if I love her to be the main heroine. I literally read through the chapter with my blood boiling. I know it’s her purpose and she’s made that way, therefore named as ‘Sadist’, but still… I’m not good with a women like that, they can’t be trusted. If only the story isn’t one of the rare ‘Original’ plots, I would have dropped this already and throw it to my shitty list.

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    1. I agree…even though they’re heroes, she’s so fuckin bitchy to MC as well as his parents who have saved her too…like seriously wtf


    2. Ye .. I feel you …. im barely also hanging on to “liking” Sadiz … its just … more insults you know?… but oh well hope she’s change … or not cuz of her name


    3. To me, my liking want drop to 10% but then 30% cuz thats her plan so MC can talk with his father
      But don’t forget he got beaten by 2 heroes with sword skill
      Normal people would go insane and turn to evil side and go adventure alone to seek power and defeat all heroes so the world can see him as his own, not as a son of heroes

      I really wanted this story to turn dark like MC adventuring alone all of a sudden, change his name and become famous adventure/new demon king and then 5 years later they find out he was a son of heroes who discard his past


  2. mc is boruto but not as annoying. dad is like naruto both had simmilar goals as a child and is busy and dont really have the time to spend with their child and both lost their parents at a young age. trainer is like sasuke he fought the mc dad and is now training him just like how sasuke is training boruto.


  3. I wanted him to say something like ” Mother, if you do not like the person I am, perhaps you should have been around a bit more and taught me things…? Irresponsible parent, aren’t you?” Just to vent, you know? If the parent is never there, then even if they provide the best environment, then I wouldn’t call them good parents, not ever. Good PROVIDERS perhaps, but htey would have no right being angry at their child if they weren’t even a part of the making of that person. Except for the actual physical creation ofc, that is naturally important. Still though, Sadist is 10x more a parent to him with all the right to get angry, they don’t as much


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