Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 – Raising Feelings

After the Declaration of Victory.

I met my childhood friends again and had tea together for the first time in a long time…. Without doing anything at all, being the first to leave, I returned to the mansion and started my special training.

Phantom sparring, I had forgotten how many times he’s killed me, and although the amount of time I resist him gradually increases, I’m still getting killed.

『Hit the left jab then immediately back away and guard. Rather than hitting, be mindful of when to pull back and hold your ground! Your shoulders are too stiff. Loosen your strength. Predict your opponent’s movements by their feet, eyes, and shoulder muscles. If you only react after seeing it, no matter how many lives you have, tis not enough!』


『Even when worn out strike with your fist! Your legs have ceased movement! Always move your feet lightly. Endless stepwork, ultimate footwork that fumbles the opponent…Magical Footwork is meaningless if you cannot pull it out when exhausted!』

“…… Let’s go….”

『Always be aware of the timing, your kicks are still too early! Get in the pocket with a quick step-in, the body, the upper, the hook…… Choose an effective fist depending on your situation!』

Even if I try to stumble Tre’ainar up by repeatedly speeding and slowing my footwork, I can’t because our levels are too different.

But still, I push forward without retreating, I don’t even mind dying, saying to myself, ‘I’ll land even one hit’, ‘I’ll have you eat a shot’, and ‘I’ll survive for longer even if for a second’.

I’m a warrior.

But my head is cool.

As a result, I was getting to be able to step into the last-ditch battle which seemed to wear out my life.

“Heh, heh… I’m beat.”

『Do not just drop all of a sudden. Cool down.』

A short pause after repeated sparring.

In the end, I couldn’t land a blow on him, or change the color of his eyes.

I’m doing it a lot, but I don’t know if I’m really strong.

『Rest assured, you will grow more than you can imagine.』


Tre’ainar’s words were clear, for I had shared my heart entirely.

『Your childhood friend might be a strong man that defeated a dragon, but after all, it was a wild dragon of the terran world. I once battled the Dragon King of Hades, strongest dragon in history and won. There is no doubt about it, because I say so.』

What!? The Dragon King of Hades is real? I thought it was a fantasy creature that appeared in fairy tales….

『But… I think it would be best to adjust the contents of this phantom sparring little by little.』


Unexpected words from Tre’ainar who so far has constantly killed me.

What’s the sudden change in the wind? After all, I’m too weak to train myself….

『At this rate, you will not be able to acquire the image of defeating your opponent. If you only face opponents who are superior, you will only have the image of losing and being killed. Hence you will lack confidence in yourself and flee from attacks on impulse.』

Now I’m in the dark, I’m just confronting him recklessly, but eventually I expect that I won’t be able to do that with his guidance.

『Tis a psychological matter, but troublesome when ingrained in instinct. I cannot make a step in this circumstance, for it may lead to you giving up at the first sign of danger and retreating.』

I’m pretty impressed with the explanation in anticipation of the future.

“…… You…… is this a leader’s experience?”

『No. …… Hmm, what? Am I too much of a good leader that you are surprised? I am different from Hiro, who struggles with raising a child. Not like a hero, what is a hero?』

Tre’ainar sticks his chest out with a pompous face, but as usual I nodded accordingly.

Even if he is omnipotent, it’s only possible to go so far.

And the great thing about this guy is not just his knowledge and theory. That is……

“Then, if I want to build up the image of defeating my opponent, I’ll have some sturdy guy at the Academy as an opponent in a mock battle.”

『No, you will not!』

“…… What? Why?”

『My dear fellow, you are very dull. Is that all right? Until the last minute…. or dare I say, until you fight the children of the heroes, keep hidden that you have come to use martial arts.』

“What? Why…? Perhaps I can prepare countermeasures by any chance….”

『That is not the case! Is that all right? Imagine this situation.』

With that said, Tre’ainar explains a scenario to me.

-Alright, next is a confrontation between the children of the heroes! Earth, the son of hero Hiro. And I’m sorry to have kept you waiting! The swordsman that is already hailed as a hero, the leading hero candidate to lead the next generation! It is the appearance of ‘Sword Saint Successor’ Rebal!

-Kyaaah, Mr. Rebal, good luck!

– Um, then only Rebal can be my fiancé!

-Well, I’m sure you can’t do anything about it, Little man.

-After all, I wish our son was as good as Rebal.

-Earth, you can’t beat me. Prepare to die.

『It will develop as such』

“Hey, it’s pretty messed up!?”


-Oops, Earth doesn’t have any weapons, does he? Is this an indication of surrender?

– Sloppy. Hey, Rebal, bury that 2nd place failure quickly so you and I can flirt!

-If only I were to serve Mr. Rebal rather than Little Man.

– Tsk, idiot dunce son of mine

-No Mercy, Earth. Now watch as me and the princess flirt. As for Sadiz, I’ll get her as my concubine!

“Oh, no, no, Hell no! Oh, Rebal, you bastard, no, I’ll end the whole world!”

『Be quiet and listen! So, here it is! You present your biggest grin.』

– Grin…… Phew…… Everything seems to stop.

– What? Earth, what’s with those movements! Oh, my sword won’t hit!?

– I’ll make that handsome face look like an orc’s! Demon Cork Screw Blow!

– Buheeeee!?

“…… Hah…”

『And the entire venue is stunned… After a short moment, the Empire is astonished!』


『So, how is it? To forgo the path of a magic swordsman, to aspire for power unrelated with his father or mother, and to show the battle and power, not as the Child of the Hero, but as ‘Earth Lagann’. Is this not ideal?』

Yes, this is it. The great thing about this is not only knowledge and theory, but also how much he can raise my feelings!

“Hey! Tre’ainar! I’m excited…”


I can’t stop trembling. I’ll show them all, the ones who have been disappointed with me so far.

I couldn’t stop my elation from overflowing as I laughed at Tre’ainar’s smile, ‘How is it?’

『So, your sparring partner will be created by my “imagining”. Using 【Vier】. After Phantom Sparring, tis ‘Dream Sparring’ in a dream world. I will prepare goblins and beasts!』

“Ah. Come on and on! To beat that bastard!”

I’ll do it. I’ll show it to everyone! My power! That I exist!

To that end, both lady-killer Rebal and the shitty princess will face death!

『No, the previous example was a little exaggerated… No, I care not. Seems he has acquired the bloodlust he needs for the struggle.』

I got it! I’ll kill you!

『Then, seeing as sparring will have numerous variations in the future, today we shall skip to the next training… on to Forbidden Spells』

“O-oh… That’s from the other day…”

『Tis so. The magic technique I demonstrated during 【Vier】. You should be up to task for it. This will be quite painful, but…』

“Oh, pain? As if, bring it on!”

『Such spirit. Well then…』

I want to win. No, I will win. In that case, what’s a little pain….

『There was an acupuncture set among the items I had you purchase on the first day, right? Prepare that. I shall stab them in your body later.』

“…………… Huh?”

N-No pain… No gain…… No….. pain… Even if…

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  1. No pain, No gain
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  3. Can he manipulate stuff though? I was sure he would use them on himself. Also, is this going my direction? Firsts ( and kicks ofc duh) and magic, no weapons!!!?


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