Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – Declaration of War

“Hey, Earth!”

“There you are…”

While I was talking to Tre’ainar, Fu and Rebal seemed to notice me and came over.

“Yeah, it’s been a long time.”

“It’s been too long Earth! Well, you haven’t changed much, have you?”

“I guess I’ve grown a little, right?”

I know he doesn’t mean much with the sarcasm, but starting our chat with ‘I haven’t changed much’, it felt like he was saying ‘I’m not growing’, still I just laughed and let it go.

“Hey, even after all this time they’re still noisy.”

“Eh, is that so? Oh right, we’ll give out souvenirs afterward, be sure to take it home.”

“Hmm, darn.”

Fu tends to snuggle up to people with such a childish smile like a little kid, while Rebal won’t even approach unless he deems it necessary.

Well, Fu aside, Rebal has always been like this. He’s not a bad guy, but he’s always cold.

“So, how was studying abroad?”

“Yes, it was a great learning experience! I was exposed to various magic, learned about those and about myself… It wasn’t easy, though. I also experienced an actual battle a little earlier.”

“It certainly was a hassle. Suddenly, a flock of wild fire dragons attacked where they were studying abroad, and we fought as temporary warriors.”

Somehow, I feel like they’re a little bit more boastful.

Sure enough, the people gathered around us and saying, “I want to hear, I want to hear!” The voice is raised.

“Well, that’s right. But I didn’t think you would be back at this time. I thought you guys would return closer to the graduation ceremony.”

I was hoping to change the topic because I would just end up miserable if I listened to their bragging story, but Fu and Rebal turned to me with eyes glaring at my question.

“I’m going to play in the games.”

“I as well, to prove my strength…”


“Earth’s going to come out, too, right? But maybe we’re already… I might as good if not better than Earth or the princess.”

“I’m sorry, but be prepared. We’ve gone through a real battle and we’re already leagues ahead of you.”

You’ll be in the match. I thought it would be decided by whether or not I beat the princess.

But these guys, too…?

“It’s amazing! Then, Fu and Rebal are participating.”

“The next match is a battle of the Seven Heroes!”

“Wow, I’ve been fired up!”

“The Imperial Capital, no, the world will be shocked when four children of the Heroes clash!”

Both of them will participate in the [Graduation Commemorative Match]. The classmates are excited about it.

And, the level of confidence that oozes out of them.

There’s an aura about them which convinced everyone ‘there’s no way they’re going to lose’.


“Oh ho, Fu. Come on, show us the power you’ve acquired in studying abroad! “

“Yes, I wanna see, wanna seeee!”

If you have this much confidence, naturally you have something worthy.

Then, the classmates get anxious to see it.

“Eh, here? Hmm, eh, so embarrassing.”

Though Fu says ‘embarrassing’ with his mouth, he doesn’t seem to be against it.

That was a little annoying to me, but…

“Well, then… Yeah, you wanna see? 【Bit Fire】! “

Saying that, Fu, who is trying to show power to everyone in some way, sets fire to a tree at the edge of the exercise field.

Bit Fire. It is elementary magic of the beginner level.

Among the magic ranks of Bit, Kilo and Mega, it is the weakest.

Showing such magic now…


At that moment, the entire training ground was engulfed in flames. It seemed as if it had all gone ablaze for a flash.



The blaze of fire is a non-standard flame comparable to the Mega-class magic that instructors and others have shown in demonstrations before.

I was trembling at the scale and power.

“Uh… That? Sorry…… It wasn’t too big a deal, so I guess it was disappointing? “

With a bewildered expression on his face, is this guy saying that was a mere trick!? The nerves on him!

Oh, not good.      

It’s the first time I’ve ever been furious enough at Fu to want to hit him.

“”””I’m so surprised!! “””””

To release the highest level magic with the basic class spells.

How much has he grown in the past year?

Well, if he did that using Mega class… This guy…

“…… I’m surprised.”


“That’s about it, I’m so surprised…. Then again, this is surprising…..”

These guys, they intentionally act unaware as I get the feeling like I’m being looked down on, so irritating!!!! 1

“Earth. In the past year, both Fu and I have returned with absolute power.”

“… Rebal…”

“We’re on our next stage. You can’t beat us now.”

Rebal asserts that by my side who is at a loss for words.

I don’t have anything to say back.

“I’ll win the championship this time. And the victory…I’ll dedicate it to that person.”

And, the victory declaration.

To be clear, this is the first time that cool guy has said anything hot.

That’s all I’m confident about.

“Fu! And it’s Rebal! You were back! “

Then, the princess appeared in such a thrilling exercise field.

Fu and Rebal ran to the princess as if they had been surprised, and on one knee bowed their heads.

“It’s been a long time, Princess.”

“Well, you look good and all. Also this is a reunion of childhood friends, call me Phianse like you used to.”

Yes, even to the princess, they were childhood friends. So she smiled happily and put her hand on their shoulders.


“Lady Phianse… No, Phianse.”

“Oh, Rebal. You’re as handsome as ever. We both have heard rumors. You took the initiative to confront the fire dragon that struck the Kingdom of Chicava, got hailed as heroes, and even got the title of Dragon Slayer. I’m proud as a citizen of the Empire.”

Fu shows a smile at the princess’s mention of their labor. On the other hand, Rebal has a stiff expression, but as if he had decided to do something….

“Phianse. I’ll win the next match. Fu and…. you and…. Earth as well, I won’t lose you.”


“When I win, I will announce my candidacy as a prospect for your hand in marriage.” 2


Oh, oh…… This guy has really changed in the past year.

I mean, with all the girls heads over heels for the guy, far from confessing his feelings to someone, is he actually declaring it in front of everyone first?

And then, the girls who like him….

“”””””””Kyaaaaaaaa, amazing!! Rebal to the princess!? Lovely! “””””””

…… I thought they would be shocked, they’re really making a lot of noise, these girls… Well, that’s fine, but… Now, how will the princess respond?

“…… Are you serious?”

“I’m serious.”

Serious feelings. Then, the princess also shows a serious face.

“…… Rebal… You are a childhood friend, a friend you can trust and respect. And you who make an effort with a desire to improve –“

“If I win, I swear to love you more than anyone else in the world, and I pledge we will continue to protect the peace of the Empire together!” 3


“I know how you feel, Phianse. But I wish for a chance to be seen as a man.”

Rebal conveys his feelings straight to the other party strongly, regardless of whether there are any people around him.

“…… Rebal… I…… I….umm..”

And, the princess also seems to be puzzled after being hit with such a strong feeling.

But I don’t think I need to worry about it.

They seem to suit the blood of the heroes, and everyone would agree.

Well, I wish you happiness.


『Pathetic, this one… to proclaim victory….. Huh? 』

「…… Hey, hey. 」

Tre’ainar, who was watching the whole scene, spoke to me with a smile.

It’s as if Rebal saying, “I will win” was a slight against him.

「Hey, don’t say it so easily. You saw Fu’s magic earlier, didn’t you? That was awesome… Even Rebal will have power of that level. 」

『Irrelevant. After all, both are still at a level that can be achieved. Genius? In comparison, after all, it might as well be child’s play. In two months, they will be overwhelmed. 』

「Hey! I can do that? 」

『Tis possible. One year of study abroad? Yet all he did was beat a wild dragon? It seems the privilege being able to receive my guidance for two months is comparable to a hundred years worth of training. Once, I undoubtedly defeated the dragon king of the demon world. 』

「I-it’s not reliable when you say it… 」

『And then, that little one. Are you unaware he is merely pretending to use bit class magic to create a mega class output? Were I alive, Giga class… No, I would demonstrate power on the Tera class. 』

「No, wait a minute. What’s Giga or Tera? That’s what I heard, right? 」

After understanding the extent of Fu and Rebal’s power, Tre’ainar asserts that “I am the winner”.

『Believe in me. Whose disciple do you think you are? 』

Strangely, I felt the power in those words, and I felt my depression soothing immediately as my spirit was rising.


『Anyway, tis you who will win the championship. However, in order to do that, you will also take on some risks. 』

「Risk? 」

Risk. Is there a side effect or something? Certainly, if you beat that level in two months, it’ll be physical or to my life-span.

『From now on, you must make your own declaration. 』

「What? Declaration? Eh, what’s the risk…… What’s that? 」

『Are you sure? Well—–』

The risk involved isn’t physical or to my life-span…

“Rebal, I’m happy and proud of your feelings. But I’m going to participate in the next match… and circumstances with him…. “

“I know. That’s why I’m back! Before that declaration is made! “

While Tre’ainar and I were talking, I felt a scene unfolding like a love story between a swordsman and a princess, but there I…

“Wait, Rebal.”

“… Earth…”

“Eh, E-E-Earth…”

Even though I knew I was in their way, I opened my mouth and carried out what Tre’ainar said.

Words with no basis now.

However, I was convinced by Tre’ainar’s words that the risk was necessary.

It’s about pushing yourself.

So, I agree, and declare it quite embarrassingly.

“I know you guys are strong, but… I’m the one who will win! There’s something I can’t give up either! “


“…… Heh? E-Earth? “

This declaration of mine would be one that ignores the current mood.

Compared to Rebal’s reason for fighting, I just want Sadiz’s boobs and to show off my cool side.

However, since we decided to win the championship, Tre’ainar said that we should not back down here.

After such big talk, it’ll be humiliating if I lose. It was Tre’ainar’s idea to bear that level of risk.

And then……

“…… Oh I see…  Earth. That’s how you feel. Is that what you’re talking about? “

“Ah. I guess I may not be able to compete with you now, but… but I have a reason to win the championship.”

Rebal came in front of me are we stared at each other.

And then……

“””””Kyaaa! Th-Th-This is it! Kyaaa!”””””

“A-Amazing! So that’s what it’s all about, that Earth… I don’t want Rebal to win the championship.”

“What, that’s what it was… Earth. Umm, which one do I cheer for?”

Hmm? That? What? I thought I’d be criticized, but suddenly the girls were making a lot of noise, and the men were excited?

“Eh, uh, wow, wow, Earth… that Earth declared victory…. Oh, so much about me…. I’m not going to give it to you. “

What’s more, the princess who is in the way of the confession is saying something, but….

『Fuhahawaha is getting interesting. Verily. 』

Tre’ainar is my master, and while he made me declare it, he seemed very amused.

 [S1]Here Earth uses some cutesy/muffled speech which the MTLs couldn’t translate. Thanks to bobsburgerbuns over at reddit for helping me out.

 [S2]And the Love triangle become a square!

 [S3]Well she finally got the confession she wanted, just not from the guy she wanted….

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  1. You know, with so many people saying Earth is dense, isn’t it actually everyone else that’s dense? Everyone seems aware of the princess’ feelings, but no one seems to have a clue that he loves someone else (except Sadiz, who knows he has a crush on her and may not be completely unwilling). Even though in the three years in the academy, he seems to have shown zero interest in her. Instead, whenever he does something that may align with what they want to see, they take it as confirmation. “The princess has a crush on him, therefore he must have a crush on her and all evidence to the contrary will be ignored”.

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    1. I agree. How could he think that she loves him?
      When she talks to him, she just gives him sermons and talks about how he has expectations he needs to fulfill, the very thing he hates the most.
      When other people show interest in him, she ruins that immage they had of him.

      She never genuinely shows affection for him. Always just roundabout ways of showing affection. She’s dense for the fact that she can’t tell that he doesn’t love her, thinking he does.

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    2. I know this reverse dense
      But people already Fed up cuz dense protag is everywhere so they don’t give a shit and talk about this MC being dense without thinking too much on MC side


  2. And me thinking that I wouldn’t see a chapter that soon. Sigh.. again with these misunderstandings. Please let me know if you will continue.


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