Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 – Homeroom

“Well, I’ll be handing out the [Volunteer Warrior’s Notice] paper before everyone goes home.”

During the lesson, I spent my life training, and my mental energy rather than my body was greatly diminished.

I lay down exhausted on the desk, but there was a piece of paper from the instructor in the class.

It confirms the will of the Academy students in terms of their career path after graduation.

『Huh, path… 』

“Oh. And this is delivered to the destination, and the organization of choice will send you notifications of interviews and the examinations.”

There are columns from No. 1 to No. 3 in the application form. If there is no employment up to the third level, it becomes a consultation again.

“You all know that it’s not an exaggeration to say that this will decide your future life. So seriously think of your choice before I submit it.”

Yes, aspiring warriors decide our course.

“By the way, the number one in popularity for aspiring warriors will naturally be 【Imperial Knights】, but last year’s pass rate was 20 times. Please think about that and decide. Well, I doubt the top five students will have to think about it.”

That’s right, the 【Imperial Knight】 is truly a warrior’s flower. Higher salary than hunters and magicians.

In addition, it is possible to rise to the ministerial class such as the aide of the king if promoted.

To be honest, it’s no exaggeration to say that most of the academy’s students are aiming to be Imperial Knights.

『Well, tis quite a high acceptance rate. But…… However elite the lineage, you are but a soldier? Why is it so strict?』

「No, that’s right… The war ended ten years ago and the world is peaceful. Because there are enough soldiers.”

『Huh, I see… Not only the level decline, but also the sever disarmament… Tis the price of peace. 』

Yes, in the days of war like in the past, the country’s budget was put into the military, and the Imperial Knights were being adopted more and more.

But that’s not the times now.

If peace comes, we will be able to focus on reconstruction and development, and the hiring of high-income imperial knights has become a narrow gate.

Well, it doesn’t matter to me.


『By the way, what about the top five students earlier mentioned by the teacher’s man? 』

「The top five members of the Academy are 【Imperial Knights】 almost unconditionally, without any recruitment exams, only interviews in the form of recommendations. Moreover, the assignment to the Career Group in the Imperial capital………… In other words, it means riding on the main line in the middle of the career path.”

『Hou… 』

Right. The top five applicants will be prepared for the success course unconditionally.

Of course, as second place I can ride the course.

『And…What path will you go?』

「Hah? …… What to do….」

I was puzzled by Tre’ainar’s obvious question.

Whatever course…

「So I’m second in my grade. Even if I don’t do anything, I’m still in a career group. 」

Yes, I was able to go on the road of success of the 【Imperial Knights】 as it is.

『What? You want to get ahead in life?』

「Eh…? 」

『Assigned to Imperial capital… In other words, you seem rebellious with your father, but do you mean to end up drinking sweet juice in your father’s prestigious environment after all? 』

「Eh…. Wh-What? 」

Eyes as if they were making a fool of me.

The moment I saw his eyes, my heart roared.

「Wh-What are you saying… 」

『No…Now that I mention it, I have yet to hear that kind of story. 』

「Ah? 」

『What do you want to be an 【Imperial Knight】 for? 』

For what?

『From you, ‘I will protect this Imperial Capital and the peace’… never have I heard of anything fishy,  like protecting the Emperor…. Tis why I assumed that the purpose was simply to succeed in life… Unless… Is there something else you want to be for any reason? 』

「It’s… 」

『You repel your father, if as an 【Imperial Knight】 the annoying public assessment you gained would continue to follow…. If sweet juice and success are not the purpose…… Why become an Imperial Knight? Are your intentions truly there? 』

Why did I want to be an 【Imperial Knight】 in the first place?

However, I was brought up in an environment where I had to be. No, do I have to? Wrong.

Because my father, my mother, and Sadiz have never told me to be an Imperial Knight.

In the past, I wanted to be an 【Imperial Knight】 like my father.

But what about me now?

“Oh, what are you going to do?”

“The Imperial Knights, of course! I’m going to take the exams and interview preparation, and I’ll protect the Empire!”

“I’m applying to the Magic Institute. I want to study more.”

“I’m… Well… After all, I can’t give up. We have to try!”

My classmates are also talking about the volunteer warrior report handed to them.

Each of them is thinking a lot about the future. It’s a dream, it’s a goal.

Well, it’s natural at this time of year.

“Hey, what’s the matter?”

“Eh, oh…… Phianse…”

In front of me, there was a Phianse looking down with her arms folded.

“No… Nothing in particular…… out of the blue,…”

“Is that right? Somehow, I’m worried that you’ve been neglecting your classes lately.”

“No, no, it’s okay…”

“I hope so. Anyway, you need to be firm.”

“Firm… I don’t…”

Saying that, Phianse just started talking to me.

“That’s right. I think you know, I was in the Academy as part of my education, but I’m not going to be an Imperial Knight, Instead I’m going to study politics under my father.”

“Well, that’s right…”

“Then, you’ll be at the top of the class. Do not be ashamed as our representative, I hope you will do well even in the capital.”

As soon as I thought, ‘Why am I going to be an Imperial Knight?’, I couldn’t immediately respond to the princess, who had no doubt that I would become an imperial knight.

Yes, Phianse is the princess of the Empire. Although she is the academy’s top student, she will never become a warrior.

After graduation, she will certainly go on her way as a member of the royal family.

There’s politics, and there’s a lot more to it, like marrying someone somewhere and securing a succession.

In fact, the current emperor married in his teens, and that will not be far in the future.

That’s why as next in the class when we graduate, I’ll rank first in the class among the candidates for the Imperial Knights.

“In the capital… huh…”

“Yes, make a solid achievement in the capital, and eventually you will become Warrior Prime after your father.”

That is, naturally what I appear to think, even those around me would think so, my life.

“Yes. I-if that’s the case, everyone would agree… w-with me about it.”

“I don’t know. Even if I became a warrior…. In the end, I’m not as good compared to my father…. If I leave any achievement, as expected, he is the son of the hero ‘Hiro’, that’s it…. That’s my life.”

”…… Huh? What’s wrong… Earth?”

I’m still talking to Phianse, and I started to think a little bit, and gradually I felt like I could understand what Tre’ainar felt as he looked at me like that.

It’s boring.

When I think about my life from now on, I felt that way.

Sure, I haven’t thought about my life or the future, but every time I did, I was under the impression that ‘I had no choice’.

But for some reason, now I don’t think so.

The more I think about it, the more I can’t think of a reason why I want to be an Imperial Knight, and I can’t think of what I want to do.

The only thing that comes to mind is that I want to repulse what Tre’ainar said to me, the life of ‘drinking sweet juice in my father’s prestigious environment’.

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  1. It’ll be interesting if he chooses something like Adventurer as his first choice. I hope that the author gives everyone a surprise. No imperial knight please. Even magic academy would be alright.


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