Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 19

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Whether you celebrate or not, Happy Holidays! Here’s a bonus Chapter from Yours Truly!

Chapter 19 – Even In a Dream

Image training during class.

So I won’t actually move my body.


「…… I…… I should have been in class, right? 」

「That’s right. But with the magic you recently contracted, you now reside in the spiritual world that your mind has created. 」

An empty world of pure white that goes on infinitely.

The differences from reality are supposed to be obvious, yet for some reason I feel that my consciousness is clear.

「The magic that you attained a while ago… Fantasy Magic, 【Vier】, tis magic that invites the target person into the desired dream. At times I dream when I sleep, but I am capable of intentionally conjuring the dream I want. 」

「Dream intentionally… 」

「But, as you have only learned this magic, this is as much as you can do. However, upon improving your skills, you will be able to dream of whatever you desire. 」

I learned it during the break after the first hour at the academy.

The magic contract was implemented as Tre’ainar had instructed in the back of the school building.

Just like the Automatic Calculation Magic, 【Exail】, I drew the magic circle and performed a chant according to his instructions.

And when I cast the spell at the start of the next class, it came to this.

「Then, when I go to bed next time, if I cast 【Vier】 at the same time as ‘that hella long-looking ancient language chant’, will I be able to see ‘any kind of dream’? 」

「Tis so. A dream of conquering the world…. To be surrounded by women…. anything. 」

「Oh… Ooooh… 」

Can you have any dream you want? T-Then, even if it’s a dream, it’s delicious…. I wanna try a lotta stuff right away. 1

「However, this magic requires a degree of sophistication and imagination. Even if you dream of conquering the world, if the level you can imagine is low and lacks palpability, you can only reproduce half-hearted images. 」

「…… About that…… For example, no, really, just an example, but I don’t have any intention of using it for such a thing. E-Even if I dream of doing ‘ero’ stuff with Sadiz, I’ve never seen Sadiz naked, so will I produce only low level results there? 」 2

「………… You are not mistaken, but… do not be astonished. Rather, how has he not realized that his mind is wide open? 」

No, there is no problem even if he is shocked. Or rather, have I just been taught some awesome magic?

Right now, when I used this magic, I didn’t think about anything in particular, and it was my first time using it, so it ended up like this. If I could improve the quality of this magic more…… even if it’s a little bit… If I could know more about Sadiz’s body… even though it’s a dream, happiness!

「But you should be cautious. Tis a dream after all, but it can be reproduced as far as the intention of the wielder. Therefore…… it has been known to create addicts that are too engrossed in dreams and become blind to reality. 」

「Huh!? 」

「As such, this magic was prohibited in the demon world. In a certain country, the populace engaged in dreams that were convenient for them, and as a result of escaping from reality, it was a place where they were so abandoned that they perished. 」

「No, you know, you should have told me that kind of heavy story before I signed up for the magic! 」

Dreams become an addiction. Sure, if what Tre’ainar was saying was true, it could have happened.

In the world of this dream, she’s so cute, she’s sweet on me,  she’s chic, and if, for example, I get some bouncy b-boobs of course…

「Tis not this 【Vier】, besides, as a man, just make it happen in the real world. 」

「Oh!? Tre’ainar…… I see… everything I’m thinking is being overheard…. no, before that! 」

 Tre’ainar showed a frightening face that as I understood I could get the delusions in my dream in hand, but wait a minute!

「This is my dream, why are you here!? 」

Yes, I’m currently dreaming this. But why is Tre’ainar?

「You and I have a spiritual connection. In other words, if you dream, you will share it with me. 」

「Say what!? 」

「Well, I  had no means of confirmation, but… it seems that the hypothesis was sound. With this, I can train you efficiently even during the wasteful class! 」

Don’t tell me, even in the dream, we’re stuck together… we’re not into each other that way……… then, anytime I use this magic, he will be right there!

Then, if I get naughty with Sadiz in the dream, will this guy be watching! ?

「…… I am not particularly witnessing the scene, but as I can tell no one, it should be fine. 」

「Don’t go——no! Just don’t go there ——-NO! 」

I’m not daring enough to do that while someone is watching me. 3

Ah, crap… I thought I had learned great magic with great pains, but….

「Anyway. Let us commence the training. Warm-up and martial art such as ladder training and stretching are to be performed in reality. Tis how muscular mass is actually gained. As such, here we shall focus on the forbidden spells. 」

As I hung my head and he pretended not to recognize my mood, the training lesson began.


「No, but is there any point to that? 」

「What do you mean? 」

「Ah. Because this is a dream, isn’t it? Then I can’t make a magic contract, being unable to do so in a dream can’t be helped, right? 」

Yes, after all, this is a dream. It’s not real.

It doesn’t make sense to improve your physical skills and magic in this world, and you can’t learn any new magic.


「You need not worry about that. As I said earlier, this magic confuses reality with dreams. So getting the confidence to be ‘capable’ in this world is definitely useful in the real world. 」

「Is that what you do… 」

「Of course. And the magic you will attempt in this world… Although tis forbidden… you do not require a contract. 」

While reiterating the importance of image training, Tre’ainar said something strange.

Magic that doesn’t require a contract?

That’s, is that magic?

「Well, I share this spiritual world just like you… In other words, in this spiritual world even you are within a spiritual body…… Nmm! 」

「Heh!? 」

「It is also possible to reproduce the old magic with an image! Huhahaha, I had developed this myself, this 【Vier】 is also quite the profound charm! 」

The next moment, there was something wrong with Tre’ainar.

It should not have been possible in the spirit body, light which seems to be magical covers his body, and the light turns into a red steam.

「Th-This is… 」

「Can you do it? 」

「….. N-no」

「This, rather than magic… is something controlled using only magic power…… In other words, tis not ‘magic’ but ‘technique’. 」

Magic control technique.

「If you learn this technique, you will eventually be capable of this. One of my favorite deathblows… 」

「Hi…death? 」

「Dense and sharpened, the magical power that overflows as steam… Focused… Inflates! Hardens! And if you can afford it, give it shape, and if you can afford it, make it spin! 」

「Huh!? 」

H…… Huge?

「Wh-What the hell is that… 」

Anyway, it is big. It’s big as a house or a building.

The magic gathered in Tre’ainar’s right fist overflowed, turning it into a sharp, rotating spiral.

「Great Demon Spiral ·【Devil Spiral Break】! Well, tis impossible with just two months, but eventually you shall be able to do this. 」

Why, every time, this guy is so amazing, but his naming is shit!

The word spiral appears in both parts! Is saying it twice that important!? 4

「Name aside…… Well, tis good to learn step by step. First of all, this power…… I shall beat the image of this magnitude into you. 」

「Hey, w-wait!? Is it, you’re pissed at me right now aren’t you!? 」

「Here it comes! 【Devil Spiral Break】! 」 5

It was worse than Phantom Sparring.

Because it seems in a dream world he can actually attack me.

To the perforated…… No, all the flesh is already shredded and broken down into dust.

No, really, it’s a dream world, but it’s a ridiculous experience.

I don’t know if it hurts anymore, I mean, to receive such a black-hearted attack .

In the first place, is this what he’s going to teach me, such a ridiculous technique?

Is it a good technique for such a person?

Or, before that…

“No ‘Devil Spiral’, it’s already a decent name! ……Tha… That?”


That? …… Classroom……?

The instructor seems angry at the people in the class who looked back in shock.

『The effect of the magic seems to have expired…』

Tre’ainar muttered to me as I did not understand the situation.


“Eh… Devil Spiral. You’ve been slacking lately, haven’t you?”

“… Um, no…”

“Apparently you’re making your own special moves in your dreams…… hmm!”

On that day, I was called the Devil Spiral.

Author’s Note:

Everyone, I am always indebted to you.

I received a review again, and it is a state of breakthrough. Thank you very much.

Thanks to you, the combat power exceeds 20000, and still,

I’m sticking to the first place of the day. (I think it’s going to change tomorrow.)

Since I am in first place, I feel reluctant to change the pace,

I think I’ll still do it as I have done so far.

Thank you for your continued support.

 [S1]イロイロ used here didn’t have meaning in any translator. However says iroiro mean various, different kinds of, a variety of. So I took it a slang to this effect.

 [S2]Oooh! This is why the author didn’t provide a made up chant for the spell. Every teenager is gonna attempt it so they can spend quality time with their Waifus…….. RIGOROUSLY RESEARCHES SPELL!! WITH FOR ME JIBRIL!!!

 [S3]Soooo, how long do you think it’ll take Earth to realize, even if he wins the games and playtime with Sadiz he’ll still be in a similar situation??

 [S4]Tre’anar’s move name has 旋  the Japanese word for spin;spiral as well as スパイラル which is phonetically pronounced Spiral. The original translation is ‘it has both spiral and spiral’ referring to both words meaning the same thing.

 [S5]Yeah! I think he’s basically using Gurren Lagann’s Giga Drill Break here. The author did admit he’s a fan!!

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