Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 – Differences

Morning. The daily journey to the academy feels rather awkward today.

Because my muscle pain is just terrible.

“Ah, my legs are heavy…”

『Hmm. After all child, we never got to the forbidden spell lesson yesterday.』

In the end, after phantom sparring yesterday, I was exhausted and mentally drained, and I couldn’t do anything, so my special training with Tre’ainar only went that far.

However, today after school, in addition to the same regimen, magic training will be imposed.

This is also for the boobs. But before that, will I be able to manage the academy?

『Why not just forgo it? Tis a waste of time. Seeing to your training all day would be more effective.』

“Well, that’s what I’d like to do as well, but… The other day, I just skipped the afternoon class, so I’m sure Sadiz will be upset next time.”

Honestly, I’d like to skip it too, but Sadiz would get angry and my father will be shocked if such a thing reaches his ears.

“Although, I might fall asleep in most of the classes… probably.”

『That will truly be a waste of time… As such, tis training in class.』

“Huh? What can I do!”

『You are up to task. All you have to do is meditate quietly. That way, you can utilize your time effectively without distressing the class.』

No way! I didn’t think he’d bring a training session even during class.

I mean, I’m almost always training except when I’m sleeping….

“Eh, practice with meditation… what? Are you deluded?”

『Tis image training. Are you making light of image training? Unlike with shadows, there is no need to move the body.』

“Seems easy enough…”

『But, I have devised something excellent. There is magic that may prove more effective than image training. As soon as you arrive at the Academy, sign a Magical Contract.』

“Huh!? Ah, I’m going to sign a contract at the Academy!?”

Tre’ainar showed a motivated expression after suddenly thinking up some good training.

Is he really going to train me in class?

How in the world…

“Hey, what are you talking about in the morning… Earth”


Gah, that was close. Who asked me that?


“Oh, Princess… Phianse…… , Good Morning.”

“Ah. Good morning.”

No way, I didn’t think the princess of the empire would be standing alone in the morning on the busy street of the city.

Well, I guess the escort Knights are watching over from a distance, but…

“What’s going on? You always—“


”…… What’s going on? You usually go to the academy in a carriage…”

Yes, the other party is a princess. Of course, every day they are sent to and fro in their carriages escorted by the Imperial Warriors.

But today is not the case, walking?

“It’s this.”

Then the princess showed me a glass of juice. It is fresh juice from a recently opened fruit shop in the capital.

“My classmates recently said this juice was very delicious, so I was curious to try it.”


“Well, that’s why, don’t get the wrong idea, it’s not like I was waiting to ambush someone or anything, also we met here just by chance! We’re heading to the same destination and the classes anyway, so let’s go to school together!” 1

“Well…… I don’t mind.”

“Um Um it looks like it’s. Unhun. There’s no reason to refuse.”

I’m still amazed she can talk so fast, but I understood that we would go to the academy together for the time being.

There was no reason to refuse, so when I agreed, the princess ran up and stood next to me.

“Fufu… But this is the first time I’ve been to the Academy with you. We were in the same class for three years… By the way, I didn’t have to talk to the principal directly and force us into the same class for three years, so it’s really a coincidence.” 2

“Well, Phianse takes a carriage every day.”

“That’s true, too, but… you could pick me up in a carriage, right?”

“You should walk for your health… that’s what Sadiz says.”

Sadiz is also a childhood friend of the princess.

Father and His Majesty are best friends and companions from the time they were kids, and in the same ‘Seven Heroes’ party.

Because of that, this princess and I often met when we were little, and we used to play.

Sadiz, who was still small, was there to look after me.

“Muh… Sadiz… Hmm.”

However, although they played together, they were not good friends.

Due to our fathers, the Princess and I were forced to play together with Sadiz looking over us. I don’t know why the princess has a bad relationship with Sadiz, but I was stuck in the middle of it.

And I’d rather be with Sadiz, so even if the princess said, ‘I’m going home now!’, I’d just going home and play with Sadiz…. so, because it looked like I acted rudely towards the princess, I would end up eating a fist from father afterwards.

“Earth… then…… when you go home, you study and train with Sadiz… just the two of you… do you?”

“No, not as much lately… I just solve a collection of her math problems, and we eat our meals together.”

“Oh, yes. Well, it’s not something special… It isn’t, is it?” 3

Something special… I think I’m making progress.

In that sense, for ‘now’ there has been no progress.

However, it is only ‘now’ that is.

It all depends on the outcome in two months.

”…… Hey, Earth.”


“That… you…… the discussion about after graduation, have you heard anything from your father?”

“Eh… From father? …… Not in particular…… I haven’t seen much of him lately.”

“Oh… Well then, the future… what do you think of it?”

“Especially, until then…”

What’s this all of a sudden? She looks a little serious, it’s hard to say. Does the talk have anything to do with her unfortunate relation with Sadiz?

“I’m thinking. Thinking about everything…… Trying to get it right. Graduation…… No, with the victory in our match, I will show our fathers, the people of Imperial Capital, and people from other countries. Everything.”

”….. Victory…”

“Oh, Earth. I’ve fought with you many times, and I’ve been with you since I was little. Besides, you’re not as smart as I am, but you’re smart. So…… you’re my… you know what my feelings and wishes are!”

The princess’s feelings and wishes. I know that.

This person continued to make efforts to be strict and superior to anyone else, even though she was royalty, and became recognized not only by the Academy but also by many people.

It’s all for the big one, which I can’t even imagine.

“Oh… Somehow…… But.”

“Huh!? …… Oh I see…… you noticed after all…”

For the Empire. For the world. For mankind. For the future. We will continue to protect the present peaceful world.

Perhaps she continues to have such lofty feelings.

“I’ve never lost to you… That’s why I won’t lose at the games. And when I win the championship… I get everything! Everything… That’s it.”

The princess made her declaration to me with a serious expression while her face blushes slightly as though she is a little embarrassed to state her goal.

It made me feel her strong will.

It’s a real, unwavering will.


“Oh, yes.”

Compared to that, the reason why I fight… If I win the championship, Sadiz’s Boobs… I can’t say that.

If I utter such a shameless thing, I’ll very likely get beat up.

But still… That’s my motivation, so I can’t help it.

And that’s not all.

“I’m not sure I’m thinking that deeply about the future compared to you.”


“But… I’m serious about this tournament, too. No, I’m going to take it seriously.”

“Wha… What?”

When the time comes, I hope to look back at my father’s surprised face, and most of all, Sadiz’s.

I also want to be cool in front of the woman I fell in love with.

The Boobs are a chance, and I might be able move to forward with the flow.

More, be in a relationship that has progressed……

“I’m the one who wins the championship!”


“As a man… I’ll be cool. And I’ll get what I want.”

Get it. I’ll feel them, grab them, lick them, and pinch them, and… them all over myself.

It is not for the empire, it is not for the world, it is not for humanity, nor for the future.

“It’s just… for me, it’s just for me, but… even so, I’m getting motivated, so I can’t help it.”


“I’m going to win the championship!”

Have I ever said words like “to be at the top”, “win”, or “absolutely win”?

When I was a kid, I felt like I was screaming at things like that and working hard, but recently I thought I couldn’t beat the princess or my father.

But not now.

I also wanted to return the declaration of war.

Then the princess began to be upset by my attitude.

“T-This is, is, is it that? That…… c-confession, th-that I wanted from the man.”

“Heh?! This is…”

“B-B-Because, it’s that sort of thing, right?”

Damn, have I been found out!? No, well, my feelings have been exposed since I was a kid.

“Tha-That’s right… you are yourself… But…”

When the princess heard my proclamation, she doesn’t get angry or retort, but she seems to be upset about something. However……

“Hmm. But I’m the one who wins the championship. Otherwise, even if you get it… I can’t just lay on my rear, I mean, I can’t lead.

“Ha, you want to win the championship and gain recognition and pull from everyone? But still, I won’t lose.”

“Th-That’s right… Yeah…”

She gradually calmed down, and on the contrary, the princess suddenly smiled at me.

A bright smile that I’ve never seen before.

“Then, win or lose, no complaints. We’ll settle it in two months!”

Certainly, no more words were needed.

The reasons are different from each other, but there is no choice but to fight and decide.


I understood it, too, and nodded.


『She said that, didn’t she? Child…… you are intelligent, so you should understand the princess’s feelings.』4

Tre’ainar, who had been silent by my side, opened his mouth…

『I must say. This child is surprisingly naïve, he lacks the faculty to understand anything. And as such, the situation is likely to become so unscrupulous it will provide much hilarity. Tis interesting enough, hence I shall remain silent on the matter.』

I’m not sure…. Is he trying to say I’m still immature?

However, Tre’ainar said nothing more, as Phianse and I went to the academy side by side.

 [S1] (。▽皿▽) The Tsun is strong with this one!!!

 [S2] (¬_¬) Is it? Is it really??

 [S3]Fishing for a rival it seems. At least she’s aware of the competition.

 [S4]He doesn’t! I’m keeping the ‘Dense Protagonist’ Tag!!

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    Man, dense protagonist at it finest alright. Thanks for fast update btw!


    1. To be fair, you need to remember that Earth is already in love with someone, so obviously he wouldn’t really take notice of something like that. Sure, he didn’t notice, but in the end, he only considers her a childhood friend and that’s the end. The power of the friendzone.

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