Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – The Argument

『By the way, child… the graduation game the princess mentioned earlier, what is it exactly? 』

Finally, the supplementary lesson is over and I was on my way home. As he walked down the streets of the commercial district, the Demon King asked me.

“Hmm? The [Graduation Commemorative Match]?”

『Indeed. By the name, it appears graduates will compete in front of high-ranking nobles and royalty…』

“Well, that understanding is not a problem. It means that a few of the top graduates can show off the results of three years study in front of the Emperor. It’s what the tournament is for.”

『Hoh~… When will this take place? 』

“Roughly, two months from now.”

Yes, this is a showcase of the young candidates before graduation who aim to become warriors, and the top class men can appeal their power to the emperors, aristocrats, and even the heads of each warrior organization, and even to other countries. It is not an exaggeration to say that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. And depending on the outcome, it will have a big impact on one’s livelihood.

Well, lately I don’t really care about that.

『Hmm… Tis such an event? So? 』


『From your exchange with the princess earlier, you will participate as well, will you not? As you said, it will commence in two months, yet you are quite languid. Are you not motivated? 』

The Great Demon King pointed that out as if he could see through my inner feelings.

Yes, I’m not that motivated about it anymore.

In two months, that princess will win… it’s frustrating, but no matter how hard I try…

”…… For the time being, I’m preparing myself for the humiliation.”

『I see… 』

That’s one of the reasons.

However, the biggest reason for not showing any motivation is…

『Fu… mostly…… tis because of their biased view that only sees you as the son of Hiro…. and, tis unlikely you will live up to that expectation. That is what you mean. 』


『Tis quite reprehensible… for a brat…. as you still are. You hate feeling crestfallen as you are lesser than your father, do you not? 』

At that moment, the Great Demon King, with a grinning smile, went straight to the heart of the matter.

“Oh, that’s not the case… Rather, even if that happens, it’s my father who will be humiliated. If my father can even feel humiliation, that is….”

Not true. It’s an act. I’ve no such feelings.

But, my bluff is meaningless.

『Hoh~… feeling rebellious are we? But in your heart… you want to get back at your father. You want to get back at the world. Is that not so? But I also understand that you lack the talent to do so. 』


Involuntarily, I raised my voice while glaring back at him.

“D-Don’t mess around. What do you know about me to be fit to say something like that?”

『Oh my, to not refute that I’ve hit the mark… comprehending you is no difficult task. 』


『All has fallen within expectations. To achieve the unexpected even through stupidity, I believe that is where you cannot surpass your father. 』

“Y-You’re wrong…”

『Resign yourself, you will sulk, and then be dispirited. The talent in the well that gave up on going out once he realized his weakness… is this any different? 』

No matter what I say, it’s useless, and the Demon King sees right through me.

It was just enough to make me understand, and I clenched my fists in anger and shame.

“S-Shut up! The ghost who lost and died shouldn’t be so smug to look down on others!”

『…… What was that? 』

“In general, if I gave up, sulked and became dispirited, what about you? You’re a pathetic guy who’s making excuses for losing!”

『Mmm!? 』

At the time, I proclaimed that while smugly looked down on the Great Demon King, which made his brows twitch.

『Child, when did I make excuses for my defeat? 』

“Oh, back then, you did say that my father and the others were unfair.”

『Tis no excuse but fact… one-on-one, undoubtedly the victor would have been me! 』

“It’s kind of funny… now you can say that as much as you want.”

『Nu!? 』

“You actually weren’t that strong, were you?”

If my foe talks to me so pompously, I will talk back. If you don’t fight back, they’ll relentlessly provoke you as much as they want.

Then, the Great Demon King drew near me with a fiendish expression….

『Do not speak to me as you please, you wretch! Are you calling me a liar?』

…… It shouldn’t exist, such great pressure would be terrifying by any standard. It’s about to transform into something else.

『Fine! At that time, with but a fraction of my power, I proved that individually I was superior to any of the Heroes.』

And, while approaching me with such powerful aura worthy of his title, the Great Demon King made a certain proposal.

He was defeated in the past, but would have won if my father did not use cowardly methods and was able to read the mood.

…to prove that he was definitely more powerful than my father.


”…… You can’t do it, can you? Such a thing. You’re a ghost.”

Yes, it is impossible for the Great Demon King, who as a ghost can’t see or hear anything except through me, and can’t interfere with reality.

But the Great Demon King……

『…… You shall act as proof, wretch!』


『You shall take my place, wielding the power of the Great Demon King! And thus, be witness to my greatness as you blossom! 』

…… Now…… What did he say? The Great Demon King…… wants to train me?

『To begin with, in Two Months Time! In just two months, I shall raise you to such a level that your Princess would offer little challenge! 』

It was a situation that began with the hurling of insults to one another.

I was pressured as it was by the words of the Demon King who was furiously groaning.

『Right, prepare to begin training without delay! Therefore, purchase all items I tell you to! 』

“Huh, a, are you serious? Um, what am I buying?”

『When I speak your every response shall be ‘Osu!’. Now say iiiiiiiiiit! 』1


And so, at least this event will have a huge impact on our strange relationships and the path I’m going take.

『And thus, I’ll make a decent Demon King out of you!』

“No, give me a break!”

Yeah….. Huge……

Author’s Note:

I was in sixth place for the day.

I received the spirit from a lot of spiral friends.

Thank you very much.

When we get to this point, we’d like to break through the upper barrier and push forward.

How far are you going? Forever!

Thank you continues!

 [S1] While I endeavor to be faithful to the setting over any Japanese influence, I decided to keep this one as is. Osu seems to have garnered some mainstream usage especially in MMA and I feel it will really showcase the Student/Master relationship between the characters. But if they are any alternative suggestions do let me know.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
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  2. Aaand it begins!the training arc! I’ll bet there will come a lot of misunderstandings with the maid and the father because of itxD


  3. Looks like my prediction from the last chapter is slightly off. He’ll win rather one-sidedly and then reject her.


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