Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – Intermission (Father and Emperor)

In a certain room, the Emperor and the Prime Imperial Warrior, who are considered the pinnacle of all the warriors of the Empire, were having tea.

Normally, the relationship is as between a Lord and his subordinate.

However, there was no such mood between them, as the air was filled with the laughter of old friends.

“Yeah so, the other day… Earth got pissed at me…. it’s kinda tough…. at that age.”

Talking about issues that could be found in any common family, is the man who stands at the head of the imperial warriors and holds the title of Hero.

Hiro Lagann.

He was one of the seven Heroes of the world, and the man that dealt the final blow to defeat the Great Demon King.

“Goodness sake, to think you became the Warrior Prime, you’ve ways to go… is what I’d like to say, but I’m the same. In both good and bad ways, there are difficulties when it comes to Phianse.

Giving Hiro his answer with a wry smile is the Emperor who reigns over the empire.

Solja Depaltia.

He is also one of the world’s proud ‘Seven Heroes’, and was at Hiro’s side when they stood up to the Great Demon King.

If Hiro is a young figure that looks like a man in his twenties even though he is in his thirties, this man is in his thirties, but he looks so good one would assume he’s in his late teens.

With long shiny golden hair bundled at the back of his head, and androgynous yet handsome features caught halfway between a little boy and a young man who still retains a little innocence.

“But young Phianse is naturally full of talent. In that respect, Earth isn’t as good, I wish he would breakthrough that wall already.”

“Earth is not as stupid as you are… his situation would be hard to get through I suppose. However, in the future, such qualities might be beneficial.”

“Is that so? Me, I’m like a jack of all trades, but… he can do much better… am I an overly doting parent for thinking so?”

“Of course not. With me… and…… I strong think that way about Phianse.”

“That’s right, but… when compared to Miss Phianse, and even ‘Rebal’ and ‘Fu’ who are studying abroad….”1

The Emperor and the Chief of Imperial Warriors. However, when not in a public place, the conversation between these two would be of parents concerned about the growth of their children.

“And so, what about that story? That…… ah… after Miss Phianse and Earth’s graduation from the Academy… that…”

“Earth… as Phianse’s fiancé…… you mean that?”

“Ah. You see…… Long ago, we were drunk and made a joke…. Phianse happened to be listening and took it seriously, but at the time, I passed it off as the fancy dreams of a cute kid.”

Then, with a little embarrassment, Hiro talked to Solja about the future of their children.

In response to the question, Solja smiled bitterly.

“Haha, Phianse is serious even after turning fifteen… I mean, with the graduation approaching and coming to check with me many times, she wants to announce it in upcoming games.”

“Seriously…? How are you~. Earth hasn’t been told yet, but… you fine with this?”

“It’s okay. Rather, I would be happy if it would be so. Our children bound together, and everyone being in the family…. I believe it would be wonderful…. After that, their love for one another… It would be so moving to everyone around.”

“Dahahaha, but if you say so, I’d be thrilled, but… it’s just, the guy… to be honest, he’s fallen for Sadiz.”

“What about Sadiz?”

”…… that girl, [If Little man becomes aware of the princess’s feelings and seriously considers it, yet still chooses me… we may runaway together ♡] she said…. with that vicious smile of hers.”

“T-That’s a problem…”

“Well, to be honest, I don’t know how serious Sadiz is…. also, she’s pretty twisted.”

Such was the discussion among adults that Earth himself was unaware of.

It was a scene of two men who talked about a peaceful and happy future while holding their heads in worry.

Then, at that moment.

“Excuse me. Oh… Your Majesty…… Warrior Prime. I say. I’m surprised you came all the way to the Academy.”


To the person who suddenly entered the room, the two called out, not with the expressions of parents worried about raising their children, but with child-like smiles.

“Please stop, instructor. If a teacher calls me ‘Warrior Prime’, it might drive me mad.”

“We are the only ones here now, so please don’t call me ‘Your Majesty’.”

“Haha, this is all just~, well, if it’s not in public, it’s still… So, after this are you two…?”

“Yes. The principal and I are discussing the establishment of a new school building to become a sister institute.”

“This project will also strengthen our connection with other countries, so I would like to cooperate fully.”

“That’s right. Those two… really, they’ve become amazing people.”

That person was their teacher when they were students at the Academy, and…

“So, sir. Are you teaching our children in one of the subjects now?”

“How’s it going? Our kids.”

“Oh, we just finished a lecture in our classroom. And…… it’s about those two…”

Now he teaches their two children, Earth, and Phianse.

The man who became the instructor for two generations of parents and children has a serious look on his face towards the parents.

“First of all, Phianse seems to resemble the old Solja. She is worthy of the moniker “godchild”, and puts in the effort without being arrogant about her blessed talent. She garners a lot of trust from her classmates, and will definitely lead the empire well in the future. However, it’s unfortunate that there are times when she’s a little confused and doesn’t regard her surroundings, also sometimes she’s pretty stubborn.”

“Is that so…”

“And Earth is also excellent. There is no doubt about it. His efforts are decent. But everyone, including me, builds up the hero, Hiro to him. It’s become a burden, and I’m concerned that lately I’ve been seeing a little bit of rebellious behavior.”


Being told the current situation of the two, Solja and Hiro nodded their head in response to the matter.

It was the exact impression that they had recently felt of their own children.

Having heard from a third party about their issues and concerns, they both came to think that they had to do something about it.

“But, ultimately Phianse is fine. Well, the recent problem is Earth.”


“Main point, Earth tried to answer my question by saying something cheeky. That’s why I made him take supplementary lessons afterwards!”

“Oh yeah, hahaha. I was made to take a lot supplementary lessons by my teacher. Good times…”

“That it is. Well, it’ll be time soon. I’ll see you two later.”

The instructor lightly grumbles about the errands he has after this.

And as he was leaving the room, he suddenly remembered…

“Oh yes, Earth did say something peculiar.”


About the previous class.

“[What was the magic eye of the Great Demon King Tre’ainar?] to that question his response was ‘Six-Gate Eyes’ or something. Seriously, that boy…”


“Anyway, I’ll be going now. If you’re free, do give a little encouragement to the other students.”

“”Ah, s-sure, sir!””

The instructor took his leave after their discussion, but the content was too shocking, thus both Hiro and Solja were petrified and could not move for a while.

Then, after a few seconds of silence, they open their mouths, their lips trembling as they look at each other.

“….. H-Hey… Hiro… N, now…… what did the instructor just say? What was Earth’s answer?”

“Si…… Six-Gate eye……was it?”

“….. D-Did you tell him?”

“Dumbass! I don’t need to be reminded! But only we Seven Heroes know about it. Why…… does Earth know?”

“….. It’s better to conceal the existence of such horrible eyes. That’s why we agreed, just us who were there to keep it a secret.”

“…… Who was it? Who revealed something weird to Earth? Oh no…… did I say it while wasted?”

Because the father and the child never took the time to face each other … the fact that he has not seen his son often enough … The path that the father wants his son to follow is gradually shifting.

Author’s Note:

Everyone, I am always indebted to you.

It’s been a few days since I posted this work, but it was 10th place overall for today’s ranking.

Thank you very much for your support.

The spiral force delivered by everyone is amplified, and I feel energetic.

I don’t know yet if this story will pierce the heavens, but I’d like to drill through it.

For that purpose, I made the main character’s full name to be Earth [Lagann[S2] ] because w 2

Please continue to support and read.

 [S1] Again with this. The name here is literally ‘Rival’. So I’m guessing this will be the MCs foil. Wasn’t sure how to edit it but a Google search of names relating to rival came up with ‘Rebal’, so I’m going with it. Fu I think is fine as is.

[S2] As in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, one of the greatest anime series ever.

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  1. I honestly wish this story would subvert expectation and get his revenge for all the assholes around him. . Fck yhe princess and his dad. .

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      1. It’s cause you are looking at it in the perspective of a reader who see’s the story as a whole, when you see it from the Mc’s point of view, everyone is an asshole. .

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      2. Tf did you just say?
        If you read story, you should put yourself on MC view, not the reader
        Cuz that’s how you taste the real feeling of the MC, not the real life feeling

        Everyone is an asshole, actually even that Sadiz(but author is BIG M so MC like her)
        What we can tell the friendly & good character from MC POV is Demon king and some girls classmate who cheers for MC
        Everything else is trashing MC(adult, MC father, Sadiz & slut princess


      3. Actually the dad *is* pretty bad. The guy never actually compliments his son to his face. Every time he only mocks him. Yeah it might be in jest but, at the same time they never actually TALK to each other. The dad never sits down and just asks what’s up with his son and never has time for him. That makes him a terrible parent. You don’t pile on a ton of expectations and then just ignore them when they ask for help. The princess on the other hand is more or less a good girl but really awkward. It’s not entirely her fault but at the same time his inferiority complex is blinding him to te fact that her “bad mouthing” is tsundere. Mainly because she keeps leaving out the Dere part.
        In the case of the Maid she will honestly show concern from time to time before spitting out her venomous barbs. So he’s gotten used to her “hot and cold” personality. But the princess doesn’t show the tender side of her emotions so he’s got no idea how to identify it.

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  2. Let me just go ahead and put on my prediction glasses, one second.

    Ok here’s what i see happening.
    “Audience with the king where princess is out of view but within earshot and the subject of engagement is brought up.”
    “Violent rejection followed by rational argument as to why no way in hell”
    “Princess shows herself storms off crying”
    “Mc arrives home after long awkward carriage ride with dad.”
    “Sadiz rips him a new one”
    “Mc decides you know what? Fuck all of this everyone of you included the journey begins”
    Or she brings it up herself after beating mc again which results in the same thing i already said but now in public.

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  3. “Listen up, Simon. Don’t believe in yourself. Believe in me! Believe in the Kamina who believes in you!”
    Fucking amazing anime


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