Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – The Demon King’s Class Visit

“Ah, it’s not like this or this, but if you do it like this, if you don’t know what to do next…….. In a word, this is the case. Now, open the next page.”

Academic classes as usual. The lessons progress quickly with the teacher speaking at a faster rate.

Those who don’t understand are left behind and screened out.

Well, it doesn’t matter if you do a proper preparation review like me, but…

『Ludicrous. The lessons are so inefficient, they miss the point. Is that person truly a teacher? Is he willing to make you understand? Also, do all your lessons differ from historical facts? 』

The Demon King, who was invisible to everyone besides me, has been exhaling sighs from the start of the lesson.

『Also, some of the students remain baffled, yet the teacher explains nothing and moves on? Why not ask questions? Tuition has been given, has it not? 』

Academy teachers comprises of talented people who are qualified to be of the intermediate level or higher of the【Imperial Warriors】.

『Dear me, this is the institution that fosters the elite of mankind…? Absolutely horrid.』

He completely disapproves.

『The Thousand swings performed in the previous exercise are of no use. A typical example of gaining pride for merely accomplishing the feat. 』

Eeh? Really? …… Then, why does Sadiz make me do 5,000 reps every day?

『Tis pointless.』1


At that moment, the inner thoughts I was having in my mind got a reply from the Demon King like normal.

「…… H, hey, you… could it be that…… even if I just talk in my mind… 」

『Hmm? Ooh!…… seems we can have our conversations in this manner. 』

Weird. If so, by internalizing my speech we can communicate without speaking out in public, I won’t be treated as a lunatic who is talking to himself?

Well, now about that topic….

「M, More importantly, I’m a little concerned, but… practice-swings are useless? 」

『I do not mean to say the act makes no sense at all. You will improve in mental aptitude and physical strength. However, the manner you and the other students employ makes little sense of it. 』

「…… eh… no way…」

『The swing is to solidify the mold and form. Through repetition, you will naturally be able to move in the correct form. However if you increase the frequency to such pointless degree, you shall lose your form due to fatigue and adopt the wrong form numerous times. 』

「…… re, really… 」

『In general, you are simply swinging without a thought. In actual battle… do you swing at your opponent’s image? When exhausted, you need to at least be able to adopt a basic form, should you not?』

It was at that moment my years of hard work were completely denied.

No, I was quite simply subdued by the shock, but….

『In that sense…yet, while still conscious of that, being able to perform a thousand swings effectively… there is one person in this class.』

「Eh? 」

『Not you? The girl in front, diagonally from you.』

Shockingly, besides me, there was a person The Demon King admitted he recognized.

What kind of amazing person is it to be recognized by that demon king for a moment? I thought, then immediately realized that there was only one such person.

『That blonde girl… who is she? 』

A princess with beautiful long golden hair.

「Ah. Princess Phianse. 」


「Oh. Of this empire… His Majesty the Emperor… to you, better known as Solja of the Seven Heroes? 」

『Eh!? Hoh~…… Solja… that effeminate Magic Spear Knight…. he was the prince at the time, but has taken the role of Emperor now… reasonable… 』

It was the bloodline of the person well known by the Demon King, deep down I was emotionally moved as I nodded.

『I see… tis true that she is of good pedigree. The sword swings were also splendid, and the amount of intrinsic magic power is remarkable at that age… to fully comprehend the contents of this low-level teacher’s class… remarkable… a genius.』

And, it came with a complete high praise.

In short, the princess is so amazing she is praised to that extent by the Great Demon King.

『Although the child is truly talented… at the moment that girl is superior.』

「Ugh?! 」

What’s more, same as everyone else… this bastard…


At that time, the chalk from the instructor flew to my forehead, and I was not able to avoid it as I was off my guard.

“Hey, why so absent-minded, Earth? Your hands haven’t moved at all for a while, and you’ve been staring intensely at Phianse.”

”…… eh!?”



The chalk attack stopped the fast-paced high-speed lesson, and caused some teasing.

To this, every eye in the class is turned to me all at once, and they laughed.

And, the leading princess herself does not look back to me, but her face is red with anger, and she is trembling.

What’s this? You don’t like me, but you get upset when I am made fun of….

“Seriously, okay? Earth. It doesn’t matter if you’re the son of a hero. As long as you’re in this classroom, the hero’s son and the empire’s princess are just students. Just Earth and Phianse. So let me tell you this?”

Saying that, the instructor walks up to me with a serious look while the class is suspended.

“Soon, the final career award submission and the selection of the matches for the graduation anniversary will be announced. If you have good results in your three years, you’re sure to get your desired career path…. Well, there is no doubt that the Imperial Knights will be selected for the match. Graduating from the academy and getting the job you want isn’t your goal, it’s a start. Now you’re just doing a pre-start preparation exercise. It’s up to you to get to the starting line, how you run from there and what kind of goal you want to achieve after you graduate. So you don’t have to listen because you already know the content of the class perfectly, but you still listen. A guy who neglects the preparation exercise can lead to failure. Do you understand?”

The instructor pokes my head while he was preaching and returned to the platform again, laughing.

Geez, so hot-blooded…

『Hoh~… 』

Then, the Demon King, who listened to the sermon from the instructor to me, nodded as if impressed…

『The class is deplorable, but he does have some decent things to say, that teacher.』

So, now he’s praising the instructor he called horrid a while ago.

Well, I understand what I was told, and I agree to a point.

Or rather, when the Great Demon King gives recognition to a human being, I should recognize them too.

“So, Earth. Answer this history question about the demon army I’m going to issue now. If you can’t answer… It’s supplementary lesson after school for you!”


『What!? Such inconvenience… I was promised to visit the city afterwards. Do not take supplementary lessons.』

A sudden question. If I can’t answer, I’ll have to make up for it…. Not good, I was talking to the Demon King, and wasn’t paying attention to the lesson.

“The 【Three Major Magic Eyes】 that exist in the world of humanity and the demons. Name these three, further name the Magic Eye that the Great Demon King Tre’ainar was said to have and its abilities… Answer it all.”

“A, all the abilities!?”

“What’s wrong? If you listened to the class, you should know.”

The question about the Three Major Magic Eyes. In that case, I can manage. I mean, it is a question about the Great Demon King.

“Gu-…… Eh, yes. The 【Three Major Magic Eyes】are【Heraldic Eye】, 【Moonlight Eye】, and【Lucent Eye】. Among them, the magic eye that the Great Demon King Tre’ainar is said to have been in possession of…”

I’m sure it was Heraldic Eyes. I know that much.

However, there were a lot of abilities related to Heraldic Eyes. Answer everything correctly …

“The Heral—“

『Child! This is question is a ruse! Do not be fooled! 』

「…… huh? 」

Suddenly, I was stopped by the voice of the Great Demon King, the perpetrator himself.

But what does he mean by a ruse?

『I never, the question is about me… however, I set a trap for my opponents.』

「Wh, what do you mean? 」

『Huh, my magic eye… it was during wartime, when I divulged to possessing Heraldic Eyes, but in fact it was misinformation.』

「Eh? 」

『Humanity was the enemy… so I spread the fabrication to deceive your father.』

Seriously? I didn’t know that. Because, the Demon King’s Heraldic Eyes were pretty well known.

『The eyes I posses… are the eyes that further evolved from the Heraldic Eye. Tis called the 【Six-Gate Eye(Rikudou gan)】.』2

「Si, Six-Gate? It is the first time I’m hearing this, but… 」

『Huh, tis the eye that is believed to be the root of all Magic Eyes. In the first place, tis said that the three Major Magic Eyes were branched out in the midst of their long history as the 【Six-Gate Eye】 was passed down to the descendants. 』

「What, eh, no way… really? 」

『Yes, in short, that is the answer when it comes to the question of the three Major Magic Eyes, as a matter of fact, my eyes are not among the three Major Magic Eyes, they are of a class above them. 』

So it was, had the originator himself not informed me,  I would have been made to take the supplementary lesson without a doubt.

In that case, he should naturally know the answers about his abilities.

I was lucky it was a question about the Great Demon King.

“Hey, Earth. Answer quickly. What are the eyes of the Great Demon King?”

“The eyes… The eyes of the beginning of all, not among the three great magic eyes. 【Six-Gate Eye】!”

That’s why I answered the instructor in full confidence with a smile.

“…… What was that?”


『…… What? 』

The instructor made a dumbfounded face as he tilted his head.

The rest of my classmates started buzzing about my answer, and…

“Hey, Earth.”

“Y-Yes sir?”

”…..Don’t make up magic eyes just because you don’t know the answer!”


“That’s enough, go stand in the hallway!”

Eh!? Th-The answer was wrong?

「Uooooooh, Great Demon Kiiiiiiiiing!? 」

『N- No! Tis no lie, truly! This teacher’s lessons are inaccurate! My eyes are of the six-gates! 』

「Damn you, you taught me Bullshit! 」

『Believe me! Tis no falsehood! This teacher ignorant of historical facts! Consult with your father and mother! Tis not a lie! Did I not reveal it during the final battle? There is no doubt that the Emperor of this country is aware! 』

Thus, I ended up being punished for the lie the Great Demon King told me. However, it seems the answer I gave would come to have unforeseen consequences.

[S1] I know a certain Dropout Swordsman that would say otherwise. Cool series, check it out.

[S2] Seemed a lot like Naruto’s Rinnegan and the Sage of Six paths. Six Gates seemed more original to me.

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  1. The answer he gave had unforeseen consequences? I’m guessing that this clues people in that Earth is somehow getting information that should have been confidential.


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