Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Exclusive Maid

【Imperial Warrior】

Not only is it a title in this country, but also a qualification.

The qualification that the selected elites earn when they graduate from the Academy, and this will allow them to get a job that only Imperial Warriors can serve.

The 【Hunter】 can freely cross world borders, and sometimes undertakes quests from the people, such as the extermination of demonic beasts and the development of unexplored lands.

The 【Imperial Knight】 is a gathering of senior military candidates under direct orders from the Emperor.  They work to maintain the security of the Empire, and sometimes undertake national-scale work.

The 【Imperial Mage】 devotes his life to the research and development of magic.

There are many others, but if one isn’t qualified as an 【Imperial Warrior】, they can’t get work at any of these organizations.

My father, despite earning terrible grades in his academy years, still stood among the top elites and became an Imperial Knight, and now he is the head of all the Imperial Warriors, the 【Prime Imperial Warrior】.

Originally a commoner born of a fallen noble, he worked hard, became stronger, and sometimes saved the country, and eventually saved the world.

He defeated the Great Demon King, the god of the demons who tried to conquer the world.

The story of my father, who rose from commoner to hero, is praised, appreciated, and revered by the masses all over the world, and he is now called the 【Hero】.

However, it is ultimately my father’s story, and has nothing to do with me, his son.

In fact, I have not inherited anything from my father other than his blood.

Even though the war with the Great Demon King ended and the world became peaceful, as an aide of the Emperor my father’s duties are enormous, hence he can’t make time for his son.

That’s why I’ve never been taught anything by my father.

And yet, I’m expected to produce results that will prove I am my father’s son.

And, as a result, I am superior to my father when he was my age, and yet, such a worthless dilemma.

Really…… I don’t get it.

“I’m home…”

In the end, I was in a bad mood and went back to my house even though it was still early afternoon.

In front of the mansion just past the large garden, there was a maid tending to the garden.

The maid noticed me and opened her eyes for a moment, but soon showed a sharp smile like a crescent moon.

“Welcome back, little man. But the academy should still be in session, so please turn around and go right back.” 1

As a Young Master, that’s not the proper way of speaking to me, but it is the normal mode of this maid.

“Don’t worry, ‘Sadiz’. I left early because of a headache.” 2

“Oh my, the mentality of a slime as usual. I believe today should be a mock battle as well as the announcement of the written test results… did you lose to the princess?”


“As expected, you’re too boring, Lil’ Earth!”

Sadiz, a maid with a nasty smile and an unrelenting venomous tongue.

It seems she was a war orphan, and was in this mansion before I was born, we were brought up as siblings, and now she is my exclusive maid.

Her beautiful silver hair is tied together behind her head, and the skirt of her maid outfit, which should be neat and tidy, is short, reaching just above her knees for some reason, and her breasts and voluptuous body is very stimulating to me.

She is young at only 19 years old, and to me she is more like a mean elder sister than a maid.

Well, she is also my first love, and I’m sure she’s the one I want to end up with someday.

She’s not my fiancée. But I intend to make her my future wife.

“It’s okay. The exams are over, and all that’s left is the graduation match. No matter what kind of grades I get now, my evaluation will not drop.”

“Certainly, as the second-seat, you are free to choose your career path after graduation. So, if Lil’ Earth says he’ll advance to the Imperial Knight, it seems to be a definite matter.”

“Right? Then no one would complain, and isn’t that what everyone expects? My father is the Hero.”

“Oh, someone’s crankier than usual today. Well, not only did he lose to the princess. Did the master meet you and tell you something?”


“That’s another mark… you’re so easy to read, such thin skin, Little man.”

Did she see me?! How does she know!? Or, skin…… I don’t get how she would know that! No, it’s only natural, she washes my body in the bath sometimes!

“Damnit. Always .the son of a hero.,…… Hero this hero that. In the first place, the Great Demon King is dead, the demons are gone, and in an age when there is no war with other countries, warriors are stagnant. If I was to become first place, and was the son of a hero, is there a place to demonstrate it? If not, second place will be enough.”

It is no use complaining about this to Sadiz, who is a maid. But when Sadiz is always quick with her sharp poisonous tongue, I become irritated and lash out emotionally.

And only at times like this, Sadiz had a serious face….

“Lil’ Earth…”


“I understand you feel pressure and annoyance in the selfish expectations and voices of those around you… even if you can’t share such pain with me, a maid. But the people around you and the master… and, me as well…… it’s impossible not to have expectations of Little man.”


“It is well known that the hero, ‘Hiro’, was a failure in his childhood… That’s why, at the moment, how much growth has already been achieved by Little Earth and how much more excellent can he become? It’s gone beyond expectations, and everyone dreams of your future. Your existence means that much…… I really want you to understand that, even though it’s truly selfish of me.”

With gentle and firm words, Sadiz tells me this as she bowed her head down.

This is really cunning.

When should we have our wedding?

“…… But… Once in a while, besides scolding or encouragement…… I want a reward.”

I had no choice but to reply while facing away with embarrassment.

“Reward, is it? You are aware you receive more pocket money than the typical income of an ordinary man? You can buy whatever you want, right?”

“No, that’s not what I meant…”

“Oh, but you can’t buy any ero-books or a harlot. And now… not even A・WO・MANS・HEA・RT ♪.”


“And unfortunately, it is not included in my terms of employment so I can’t educate Little man in romance, even if you ask, I can’t do it~♪!.”

A long time ago, when I was still young, I asked Sadiz to “be my bride” and she refused, but since then she has been aware of my feelings and lustful nature, but this is how I get shut down.

To be honest, I thought that I could marry Sadiz if I became a little more mature, but recently, no matter how hard I tried, the image of Sadiz marrying me was completely nonexistent, and other than my father-related issues, I was a non topic.

Then, when she saw my blatant disappointment, Sadiz sighed and made a proposal.

“That’s right. I don’t know if it’s going to be motivational for Lil’ Earth, but… today, I’m cleaning the sealed pedestal for the first time in a year, so you want to come with me?”

“Sealed? Oh…… Father’s sword…”

“Yeah, that’s right. The legendary sword that destroyed the Great Demon King. Because it is too powerful, it is a sword that the master stuck into the pedestal and sealed. If you look at it, wouldn’t you be a little more motivated?”

“…… Well. It made me happy when I was a kid, but… now, even if I look at my father’s sword… maybe if he gave it to me.”

I wasn’t too keen on Sadiz’ proposal.

The day to release the lock for the sealed room in the mansion comes only once a year.

Father’s sword is sealed there. It’s a sword handed down from a myth, a sword of legend.

“Oh, it’s no use getting any weird ideas. Even if you think you’ll become stronger by taking the sword, the master is the only one who can pull the sword out of the pedestal anyway.”

“I- I know!.”

The sword that I thought I would inherit someday.

However, for me who was fed up with the title of ‘The son of the Hero’, it was a delicate matter when asked whether my mood would improve.

So it was…. until I met ‘him’.

 [S1]Taking more liberties here! She constantly refers to Earth as 坊ちゃま (Bochaman) which means “Male Junior”. Considering her personality it should be a more playful and teasing manner of calling him so I opted for “Little Man” and occasionally Lil’ Earth. “Young man” sounded more authoritative and respectful and that’s not what she’s about.

 [S2]Her name is actually pronounced “Sadisu”. 3 guesses why! Any I went with Sadiz, also considered “Sadith”.

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  1. Hey just started reading this! I really enjoy it a lot.
    But there’s one thing. It might be a bit late, but bocchama or bocchan usually would usually refer to a rich boy. It’s often translated as young master if it’s by a servant.
    Sorry, if this is a bother ^^; I didn’t mean to interfere


    1. I was just starting out then, really had trouble with it at the time. But after getting familiar with Sadiz and how she relates with Earth, I figured, yeah she WOULD call him Little Man instead of something more appropriate, so I just left it as is, kinda my own personal take. I changed it for the manga though but I want this to be particular to MY translation of the novel.

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