Forbidden Master – Part 1/Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – The Wall of Genius

The Imperial Warrior Academy.

Three years had already passed since I entered the academy, and the results for end-of year written exam were posted.

My name is easy to spot.

– 1st place: Phianse Depaltia, 1 2nd place: Earth Lagann

Yes, it’s the second from the front. So it’s easy to find.

For the past three years, my grades have always fallen within the top 10, so it’s no surprise to me.

However, I have never been in first place.

And, it wasn’t just the written tests but in practical exams as well.


“Naive… I see through everything you do, Earth.”

My abilities are better than that of most people. However, it’s not as big a margin as anyone’s.

“Thunder Spell 【Kilo Thunder!】”

“The power of the spell is much better than last week. You seem to have put a lot of effort in a short period of time, but… it’s within my expectations.”

“What the?!”

I realized that there was a real genius in my vicinity who far surpassed me.

A genius I can’t beat, even if I studied enough to break my pen or swung my weapon around till I’m out of breath.

“See, you’re about to lose your footing.”

“Whoa, whoa, damn, whoa, who aarrrgh”

“With this… it’s my win.

Today, I faced her head on, but ended up down on the ground.

“Mock battle over. Winner, Phianse!”

Then, as I lay on my back on the ground, I look up to the sky again right as the cheers started.

“Oooooh, it’s great. An overwhelming victory for Princess Phianse!”

“Three years and still undefeated… will the streak stand until graduation?”

“Lady Phianse… so lovely.”

“Beautiful and Intelligent as well… truly she is a child prodigy in whose body flows the blood of His Majesty, Emperor Solja, who was said to be the strongest spearman of the Seven Heroes.

“Yeah. Earth is not weak, but he hasn’t beaten Phianse once.”

Outdoor on the exercise field! I sighed to the sound of my classmates in the open air.

In the end, I’m only hearing the same comments as usual.

“Are you alright, Earth?”


“Your magic power and sword skills have improved in such a short time. I recognize the effort. But you have yet to master it as a 【Magic Sword】 art.”

And, it sounded like something said by the winner looking down on the loser, even though it is usually taken as praise for a worthy opponent after a good match.

“As you are now, won’t you be a disappointment to your father, the hero. Earth?”

“I, I lack, the dignity, princess…”

A woman with beautiful long golden hair that has a slight roll. With dignified expression and eyes, and pure white hands and feet that seem to have never touched dirt.

She has a tall and slender figure. Yet so curvaceous you could feel her motherhood.

She is dressed in white short-sleeves and half-pants like everyone else, but her divine aura and presence make her feel different.

“Hey, at the academy we’re all equal. We are even childhood friends. Call me Phianse. No honorifics, it’s a nuisance!”

”Ha, yeah….”

And thus the scolding commences. However, even if she says to treat her normally, it is impossible. Because, this person is the princess of this country.

“It’s shameful. I never thought you’d be unable to win even once. With this, won’t the next champion in the [Graduation Commemorative Match] be me.”

“Ha ha ha, I guess ”

“Is that funny? When you graduate, you will be a fine warrior, serve the Royal Palace, and will be a key figure in the protection the Imperial Capital beside your father. It would be a pitiful thing that you are weaker than me, the princess.”

How many times have I heard this sermon?

If the other party wasn’t a princess, I would scream, [SHUT THE F!@# UP WOMAN]

If she wasn’t a childhood friend, I might have hit her.

“As the son of the hero who saved the world, isn’t it embarrassing?”

In addition to me, this school has children of nobles and other offspring of the heroes who defeated the Great Demon King.

However, none could beat Princess Phianse, either in academic or in combat.

Yet I’m the only one she preaches to every time. It’s quite annoying.

And it’s not just the sermons that get to me.

“But… the princess is a really impressive, but…… Earth is pretty strong, too.”

“Yes, he’s a little withdrawn, but looks a bit wild and cool.”

“His household is wealthy, too.”

Here they come! The girls in my class are blushing and praising me.

This makes me happy and embarrassed.

I can’t beat the Princess, but I’m second place in my grade, so I’m an honor student.

Moreover, because my family is good, the girls usually don’t care.


“…… Hey, you there!”

Oh, I’m done! The princess approaches the girls who were in the spectator seat by fast walking, and the face is put out with a jerk.

“There seems to be a little misunderstanding. Certainly, he is talented, his face may not be bad, and he comes from a wealthy family. But, he also has a twisted side too. His character is considerably demonic, and tends to be disobedient at times. Also, more than anything, when I was a child, he rudely peeked at my underwear, and he still hides smutty books in his room. The other day, I heard from his maid that he had hidden a double-bottomed drawer and even set up a magic trap to hide them. No, that isn’t good for the boys of his age, but he’s hiding something obscene. His appearance itself isn’t bad, but the eyes are pretty bad, no, I don’t think it’s wild and masculine, it’s just bad. His family is also wealthy, and his parents are two respectable heroes. However, his upbringing is too lenient, and he was spoiled growing up. You don’t want that, do you? No, but it’s not that he’s not working hard. He studies and trains very hard just so he can beat me. While he seems to not care about losing, I have witnessed his figure working hard in shadows without anyone noticing, still, th-that is, yes. He has no delicacy towards girls. Yes, that’s why you should definitely stop aiming for him.” 2

She blew all that abuse towards me at the girls endlessly. How is it even possible to speak so fast?

And the girls who heard it smiled.

“Ufufufu, oh we understand, princess”

“Among us… No, I don’t think any girl in the Imperial city is aiming to be Earth’s girlfriend.”


Damn, you’re making a fool of me?

Yes, if I think about it normally, there’s no way I can be that popular.

However, in the last three years I have never been able to get a girlfriend. So, of course, I’ve never… I don’t have any experience with women!

It’s all because of that damn princess who keeps tarnishing my image to the girls! Maybe she hates me!

Hmm, but it doesn’t matter. For me… generally, there’s someone I’ve already set my mind on!

 [S1]The name written as  actually sound like the English word Fiancée. You may notice similar naming conventions from the author in this book. Watch out!

 [S2]Wow! Quite the rant! I smell a Tsundere in denial. I took a lot of liberties with this part but I believe the spirit of the scene is intact. 艶本 (tsuyabon) literally translates as “gloss book” and took me to some “cultural” sites so I’m assuming she referring to his porn stash!

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  1. Normally the princess will be see as the “cute tsundere heroine” but yeah, seen it form his point of view, certainly you can say that she’s annoying and i kinda agree

    Thanks for the chapter

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    1. For now

      Yeah, im not a fan of tsundere girls
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  2. A character once said that anyone who finds tsundere characters is an idiot that is either touched in the head, a closet masochist, or someone that needs to be dragged out and shot.
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    1. May I ask who is this character and from what story? … I seem to have also remember hearing/reading that line … but with my small brain.. I can’t seem to remember where


    2. Whoever find tag for Tsundere & NTR
      They really a full masochist without redemption that one thing can save them is DROP DEAD


  3. Oh nice.. make him look bad to make girls disinterested in him, though i think the girls seen through what the Princess intention are, the rumors spreading and his self-confidence being low wouldn’t be a surprise here.

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